Claire Danes MTV Canada nipple slip

July 26th, 2007 // 171 Comments

Claire Danes was at MTV Canada yesterday and accidentally flashed her nipple when she bent over while promoting her new movie Stardust. It’s not even just her nipple, her entire breast is basically exposed. Well, assuming you consider that thing a breast. She’s pretty and all, but I’ve owned rulers with more curves than her.

Click the image for the uncensored NSFW version.


  1. They’re rich, they’re famous, but they can’t afford bras. The world is an odd place.

  2. Davy from the Navy

    Underdeveloped brests. She has the body of a 12 year old. She looks like a stick. What ever happen to all the vulpouse big brested women. This thing looks like a little boy. You can have her.

  3. #51 Well……when you have tits that small, you don’t really NEED a bra, but as a courtesy, if you are wearing a low neck loose shirt, you should perhaps at least consider it….
    But then, how would that be news? “oh look!!! Claire Danes’ bra is showing!!! Holy hell!!!”

  4. This is another obvious ploy by MTV and the Democrats to get our children to stop being pure!! I am firmly against shirts that show the nipular area, unless they are used to visually excite my husband or to teach infants to talk!


  5. Joel S.

    She looks young, very, very young.

  6. MR.M

    He’s a crazy gay scientologist who forced a young virgin to marry him and have the frozen daemon spawn of L. Ron Hubbard impregnate her.

    ….oh wait that’s the other Tom.

    Bah of course there are exceptions. Or perhaps the scandal is that there is no scandal. It’s highly suspicious. In interviews Hanks has a major ego (he’s considered one of the best actors in the world but still ego’s are hideous) Also he damned near cried when he didn’t win a second Oscar for Cast Away . I mean come on guy, give someone else a chance. I always thought you should only be aloud to win one Oscar so that others can have their moment too. I hate seeing that people have won 3 Oscars and then others have been nominated many times but never won one.

    But then again I also hate the Oscars and think it’s pathetic that kids grow up seeing millionaire’s, with OFTEN seedy lives, win awards and be worshipped because what; they played a hero in some movie. What about the real heroes. I wish that that’s what was on TV; annual awards shows for America’s biggest unsung heroes, fire fighters and health care workers and so many everyday people who’ve done and do incredible things. It would be so much better for society and so much more inspiring than watching the worshipping of highly unattainable fame and wealth in the form of plastic drugged up losers. Celebretards lives are usually far from exemplary. If these douchbags were just regarded as any other workers it would be so much better for us and better for them. I bet there would be a lot less of this Lindsay kind of bullshit too. But these attention whores would have to start living with a little more dignity and maybe not make millions in a world full of under funded charities and poverty and a lot of people would have to start seeing them clearly and stop worshipping them. Celebrities lives are so out of control, there jobs are in no way deserving of the acclaim and financial gain they receive. I think the whole Hollywood bullshit and all the effects it has is one of the major problems in society today. That’s why I love to let my anger out here.

  7. MR.M

    Sorry FRIST that got a little long.

  8. TC

    My So-Called Breast

  9. That’s cool…I totally agree anyway!!! Where’s my fucking award at? Huh????
    I’m a single mom who works her goddamn ass off every day and still can barely pay the bills and YET I haven’t resorted to selling drugs, or worse, my body, and I want a fuckin award!!!

    Sorry Mr. M that went a little long too

  10. Kerouwhack

    Did anyone else notice what looks like a big scar down her sternum? WTF? did she have open heart surgery or sumthin?

  11. I just want to know how she can be unaware her nipples are in the wind. Wouldn’t she get cold? It LOOKs like it’s cold in there.

  12. Stop making a mountain out of a molehill.

  13. thsuerpficialisstupid

    Seriously. Women come in all different shapes and sizes. Curves or no curves are both fine, as long as the woman is healthy.

  14. sakura

    Davy, maybe you should go back to the Navy and stop trying to impress all the dude-bros here with your tit-snobbery.

    Her chest is perfectly fine. Boobs come in all shapes and sizes. She probably should have worn a bra with that particular top (or at least avoided that angle) but meh, one of the advantages of being small is that you can get away without one.

  15. primero!!!!

  16. any chance I get to zee boobz….I’m looking….
    women R zo beautiful…….

  17. justtheobvious

    Say what you want, I’d do her. Tits like hers will be there forever, no gravity is good when she turns 40

  18. Just One Question


    So MR. M,

    Why exactly do you go this site?

  19. Lon Chaney

    You guys can rip on me all you want, but she’s totally fuckable. When she was in Romeo+Juliet, I had such a hard-on for her. This was the highlight of my day. Seriously. This is probably why I really need to find a new job.

  20. Dura

    Man I would eat the corn from her…… I… umm…
    Hot boob.

  21. 1MILFhunter

    #3 – there’s not a lens wide enough to capture Kardassian’s entire ass unless it’s taken from 30 ‘ away. Claire’s jug may not be a monster, but It’s proportional.

  22. Nothing

    I read these exact comments at

    Claire Danes was at MTV Canada yesterday and accidentally flashed her nipple when she bent by while promoting her new movie Stardust. It’s not even just her nipple, her entire breast is basically exposed. Well, assuming you consider that thing a breast. I’ve owned rulers with more curves than her….

    Not only for this pic but for others on this site. WTF?

  23. Doesn't She Deserve A Fat Rant?

    Unless I missed it, how come no one said she’s anorexic or that she has a flat ass yet? She’s definitely not curvy as in Kelly Clarkson’s curvy. Or is it because men don’t think she’s a sex symbol?

  24. MR.M

    #68 So I can practice my typing skills?
    Look! No typos!

  25. nagger please

    I like her tits..

  26. @72, I think it’s a conspiracy!!!! Exact posts being copied and pasted to other sites…I noticed that as well!!!

  27. Conky

    Claire Dane does nothing for me.


  28. Mr.M

    #59. FRIST, I was raised by a really hardworking incredible single Mom so already I have more respect for you than anyone famous. So many people deserve awards for their admirable lives and deserve to be paid a proper amount so that they can live in comfort and take care of their loved ones. But there is only so much to go around and then these assholes and many like them make millions a year and have several mansions and just throw money away. It honestly disgusts me. I don’t know one of them who lives in a normal sized house in modesty and contributes the rest. So until that happens they get no respect from me. We struggle to pay our bills too due to expensive medical problems so I feel what your sayin’.

    P.S. You’ll get your award someday. Working so hard for your kids the good will come back to you!

    #68. Read the last line of my comment.
    To reitterate i get my anger out at our filthy celeb loving society by trashing them here.

  29. Mr.M

    Soree mi troll i makes lotsa spaling misteaks anb i dont car so nop taht is nut wy i wright hear.

    But thanks for playing. Now please get back to searching for online doctors who will be able to perform that complicated sex change operation your in need of.

  30. Thank you Mr.M, I’m lucky I have only the one child, but still it’s hard, I don’t get freaking dental at my work, so yeah!!!!! Shit’s expensive, man!!!!!

  31. I hardly have money at all to pay for my plastic surgeries

  32. Mdiz

    Thems is some sorry flap jack tittays!

  33. gay4girls

    That’s “you’re” – not “your”.

  34. 3Foot Lizard

    Breast? I thought that was a pimple.

    Yay. I was just dying to see another anorexic skank. (roll eyes).

  35. rocker


  36. I thought she might have a little more than that in there, but it is still pretty hot

  37. swan

    Those things would beome 2 hanging dog ears after one kid. At least bigger boobs have some bounce and shape after a kid.

  38. man_phat

    Can people stop telling their boring fucking life stories on this site ie REMYGETSFUCKED “I was brought up by my gay abusive father” or, MR.M “my drunken mother used to sell me for vodka…blah blah”. There are groups for this shit, I’m 18 and couldn’t give a shit so get fucked.

  39. swan

    Having big C boobs, I always felt like a dog in highschool because the whole waif thing was in style. I was never fat and still am small. But I always hated small boob snobs….guys or girls who think small boobs are prettier and cuter. It really depends on the shape and proportion of the body. I never fit in at art school because all the girls had small tits. I think they thought I was too mainstream or something. Same in the fashion industry. I am aware that I am grossly generalizing.
    Someone up top said the rest of the boob is a waste (what can’t fit in the mouth) …But dude, have you ever tit fucked? Big boobs win that game.

  40. pollywollydoodle

    Claire didn’t wear a bra on the Daily Show either, she kept bending over the table and John Stewart kept peeking down and catching the goods.

    she’s either too small to need a bra, too earthy to care about needing one, or her fledging career needs a pick-me-up with some bra-less boobie action.

    worked wonders for anne hathway

  41. nagger please

    Small perky tits are great. Big fat ones sag to women’s knees when they age..

  42. Wonky

    I like those tiny tits – just like my girl Paris. Please baby, let me bust a nut in your wonky eye!

  43. Dystopia

    Her arm looks too fat for her body.

  44. S

    @84 she is not even close to being anorexic..what’s worse than being anorexic? Having huge arms and legs and no boobies..

  45. gay4girls

    @83 Ever try a dynamite enema, you trolling sack of shit?

  46. GG1000

    Nice to see a worked out, natural body and no silicone. And yes, it looks like she sunbathes in a bikini, which is an improvement over those topless skanks trying to show the world their new boob jobs.

  47. ToTellTheTruth

    That bitche’s tit looks like a waffle with no butter. All flat and shit. NEXT…

  48. Italian Stallion

    Ittie Tittie Comittee……………

  49. swan


    This is not always true. And by the time you turn 55-60 everything else on your body has pretty much made a turn for the worse so who gives a shit about the tits?
    Just wait !! You’ll be looking at all kinds of nasty, I’m sure, just like all the rest of us old farts. Even plastic surgery can’t prevent the inevitable. Small tits get wonky with age too.

  50. Oogie

    I don’t know what it is about this chick … but ever since seeing her on My So Called Life, I’ve really wanted to chow her box.

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