Claire Danes MTV Canada nipple slip

July 26th, 2007 // 171 Comments

Claire Danes was at MTV Canada yesterday and accidentally flashed her nipple when she bent over while promoting her new movie Stardust. It’s not even just her nipple, her entire breast is basically exposed. Well, assuming you consider that thing a breast. She’s pretty and all, but I’ve owned rulers with more curves than her.

Click the image for the uncensored NSFW version.


  1. Shallow Val

    That’s all she is….nipple.

  2. jesse


  3. Marcellus

    I love it when a nipple goes free, now just let Kardassians cheeks go free and I’ll be a happy man

  4. gcard


  5. Shallow Val

    Hey, how’d I become….

    FIRST!!! Just kidding.

  6. no1justminda

    Hmm, if you don’t have tits you probably shouldn’t be wearing a shirt like that. With nipples that ginormous, you might want to wear some Low Beams! Yikes.

  7. Victor


  8. Victor

    I’d still fuck her and cum all over those tits?

  9. p0nk

    what? canada doesn’t make potato sacks with more breast support than that?!

  10. As is said more than a mouth full is a waste… so I say yum yum

  11. Turel Darcloak

    Somebody sunbathes in a bikini…

  12. maxxjedi

    Well I opened it at work because my boss said that its barely a nip slip. The janitor here has a bigger and nicer looking chest… I’m told… Anyways Horay for boobies!!!

  13. Warcrackhead

    At least she’s not running off to the nearest plastic surgeon and getting her tits stuffed. Personally I’m turned off more by fake tits than the most flat chested girls. Good for you Claire… be real, I for one love ya for it.

  14. Gerald Tarrant

    I’ve always thought of her as a hot little piece, so I can’t say I’m disappointed.

  15. We-Le-Surrender....

    Viva la boobs…

  16. Chauncey Gardner

    Too bad this shit didn’t happen when I (literally) bumped into Clare walking out of the graveyard at Trinity Church in NYC back in 2005. I don’t know why she was hanging around in there, but she was looking good – a lot better than she has lately.

  17. Pug Fugly


  18. Fan 'o Claire

    #13 YOUR SO RIGHT.

    There’s a girl who started acting young and had some sense. There’s no scandal involved with her. You know why? Because SHE CAN ACT!!!!! She has talent. She doesn’t have to ride on her boobs, or her own self-fascination to garner movie roles. She know’s who she is.

    Classy girl, that Claire is.

  19. crewmancross

    she always looks good…and hurray for boobie!

  20. woodhorse

    Why did Lindsay have so many movie offers and none for Claire? I haven’t seen her in anything in quite awhile and she was really talented. Is she too old at 28?

  21. Shaun Diamonds

    Wow what a story!

  22. Shallow Val

    Probably waiting for the right vehicles. She also went to college for a while and I think she finished. AND, she’s probably done good with her money and invested it. I can see her having her money work for her, unlike Dina having her kids and “welfredo” working for HER.

  23. miss oblivious

    She’s strange looking. She always kind of reminds me of a lion…lioness? She is pretty…and yet manly at the same time. I remember when she was going out w/ that super fugly Ben Lee guy; yipes. Then she pulled a Britney and took some actresses boyfriend (…Billy Cruddup? nice last name) when the women was like 8 months preggo. So she might seem classy, but if she really did that then she’s a homewreckin’ ho. But I suppose she can act.

  24. Bite Me!

    There is nothing better to end the day with than with a nice nipple shot. I am so glad the Fish posted this after the Lohan story.

    Thank you Fish, even though your server sucks donkey balls

  25. woodhorse

    Pretty girl (and I think #22 is right) but she really, really, really needs to stay away from pink of any shade.

  26. justifiable

    #23 Like Billy had nothing to do with it. He is a Crudup, you got that right. So Mary Louise Parker has a great kid and a series on SHO and Billy got…what? Oh, yeah, buried as third lead in MI3. Karma, baby.

  27. Kill Yourself

    That nipple is terrifying.

  28. Bite Me!

    @27 That nipple is just right for my mouth. It might me small, but very suckable

  29. miss oblivious

    #26; never said Billy had nothing to do with it. It takes 2 to tango. But still, have some respect for a pregnant woman, for cripes sake! And yeh, he got his…and probably deserved it.

  30. who the hell want to see BUG BITES?

  31. marsh

    while i enjoy not having to look at the advertisements until i get to the very bottom of the page, i’m not liking this new layout all that much.

  32. Bite Me!

    @30 I am sure your tits are bigger and probably hang to your knees

  33. ali

    these celebs…always slippin their nips when theyre close to losing the spotlight. cept this bitch is like 9 years too late.

  34. @bite me…..go back to that cage that you dwell in! MUTT!

  35. roughdaddy

    hahah good lord thats flat,,,theyre still suckeable though, shes still bigger than that chic from superman kate bosworth…

  36. Bite Me!

    @34 Go fuck yourself you welfare queen

  37. Snips

    That nipple is bigger than the breast around it. Is that even human?? National Geographic offers better boobs.

  38. ziggurat

    Well, not everyone can afford fakies. Gisele B. looked flatter than that before she paid for add-ons. Figures. . .

  39. @biteme…your toothless mother is on Welfare! Tell that bitch to come back, and suck all the men in the neighborhood dicks…like a good german shepard!

  40. Aubree

    She’s beautiful, who gives a crap about her boobs.

    very classy and very pretty

    natural beauty unlike the majority of ladies’ pics on here

  41. Always thought she was very cute. This is actually the second time she’s had a wardrobe malfunction. NICE.

  42. Nunya

    Looks perfectly normal to me

  43. gay4girls

    Does anybody else here really like cheese? I mean really. A lot. Like good cheese?

  44. ana

    she is a good actress and that’s all that matters

  45. #18 wrote:

    “She doesn’t have to ride on her boobs..”

    That’s okay. I’ll take up that task!

  46. MR.M

    #18. Classy? Haha, that’s hilarious. There’s no Claire Danes scandal ??????

    Claire Danes and Billy Crudbutt (Crudup) hooked up (when they were costars in Stage Beauty) while Crudup’s girlfriend of nearly 8 years, Mary Louise Parker, was 7 MONTHS pregnant. Three years later Claire cheated on Crudup with actor Hugh Dancy (one of her costars, how predictable). Hugh and Claire are now a couple. Google this and you’ll find the info EVERYWHERE, Crudbutt has even admitted to it. The pregnant affair was a pretty big scandal, the only reason some didn’t hear about it is cause no one gives a shit about Claire Danes (she’s pretty low on the list of women men spank it to or women who girls want to look like; being one of the plainest most average chicks in Hollywood and we all know the news focussing on the SKANKS, vile as they are) and of course no one gives a rats ass about old Crudbutt or has heard of him.

    Never admire these losers. Not one single actor in Hollywood has led a clean life, they are all PURE FILTH. Almost all public figures are worthless trash and the very desire or accomplishment of fame makes them instantly unworthy of being admired.

    AND I do Agree that small breasts are nice and often so cute and pretty, fake silicone airbags are where the nasty is.

  47. Dan

    I’ve been waiting for this since My So-Called Life.

  48. Rosie's Mustach

    *the media focuses on the SKANKS

  49. #46, but what about Tom Hanks?

  50. lambman

    I’m so embarassed. What will Jordan Catalano think when he sees how flat I am? Ugh life is so unfair, I’m going to go lock myself in my room and listen to The Cranberries and never come out!

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