Claire Danes in a bikini

July 17th, 2008 // 236 Comments

Here’s something you don’t see everyday: Claire Danes wearing a bikini. She’s vacationing in Italy with boyfriend Hugh Dancy, and it looks like she’s having a relaxing time tanning, taking pictures and reading a book spread eagle which would be hot if I didn’t just spend the past hour looking for her breasts with a magnifying glass. Are they under the beach chair? I don’t get it.


  1. Googlybits

    You people are freaks. Obviously lots of hangups about fat people and their perceived laziness. Sure, bad habits and behaviors are at the root of most cases of being overweight. Especially in the physical activity department. But there are tons of reasons why people do not lose weight and it is not about being a slob!

    As for Danes, some people are too hard on her. But don’t whine about how half of America could suddenly pop into supermodel mode if we just moved our arses and ate carrot sticks. Danes has an ectomorphic bodytype and a small muscular / tall skeletal frame. Very few women could look like her and manage to be healthy. It’s all about genetics.

  2. Dorito Man


    Yep and she reads! She’s brainy, healthy and attractive looking. rawwwwrrrr.

    Definitely the most attractive woman that has been posted on this site in recent memory. Judging by the sheer number of comments she has received compared to the other entries, most here seem to agree.

  3. Fat chicks suck

    What we learned from fat chicks in the past 24 hours:

    If a woman takes care of herself and is physically fit she is manly. To look like a woman you have to have a big gut and also have fat saggy tits. Genes have nothing to do with it – to get great tits you just eat a bunch of fatty foods and be lazy and you’ll be looking good in no time. Toned bodies and a flat stomachs only belong on men. Real women don’t workout – working out is for men only.

    You are a homosexual and/or pedophile if you like thin, healthy women that are in shape. This makes up about 95% of the male population. If you aren’t attracted to overweight and obese women clearly there is something wrong with your sexual orientation. There’s nothing a straight man loves more than taking off a woman’s shirt and having a fat gut plop down over a woman’s waist. There’s something wrong with any man that doesn’t crave rolls of fat.

    Fat and curves are the same thing. Real women are fat. Eating healthy and exercising regularly will make all women look like 12-year-old boys. A real man would never be attracted to a woman that takes care of her body. Anyone attracted to thin women should be locked up.

    If a woman isn’t overweight or obese she is anorexic and unhealthily thin. Even though literally 2/3 of America is overweight or obese…the real problem is women that exercise and eat right and set bad examples for teenage girls.

    It’s impossible for a woman to be physically fit without starving themselves. All thin models and actresses starve themselves. Healthy diets and exercise have nothing to do with it. This has been proven because fat chicks have put it to the test. I know this one fat chick that jogged for almost 10 minutes 2 days in a row and ate healthy for almost an entire day and she was STILL fat. Of course, realizing that it doesn’t work, she just went back to her old habits. No woman is crazy enough to actually work to get in shape. If they are thin they have eating disorders.

    Anything to add? I’m thinking about writing a book so both women and men can learn about what a real woman is. I’m excited to pass on the new knowledge I’ve gained! I discovered that I am a gay pedophile because I’m not attracted to fat women. I’m going to try to get help for that and then go find a real (fat) woman. I disgust myself! I deserve to be in prison. We’re just lucky we live in America where 2/3 of the women are real women. If us men lived in another country where the majority of women take care of their bodies and don’t stuff their faces we’d almost all be gay pedophiles! Not to mention women in America have one of the lowest life expectancies of all civilized countries. Real women die of heart disease! No man wants a woman that stays healthy and grows old – SICK! Clearly there is something wrong with every other country in the world.

  4. jEN

    ‘fat chicks suck’ is so right. The obesity epidemic in america is obviously making thin people appear thinner when in reality it’s the comparison factor to their overweight counterpart which are in the majority population.

    Claire daines looks perfect. She’s toned and healthy. Her BP and heartrate are most likely better than any ‘curvy woman’. My body looks a lot like hers; I can eat a lot and not gain weight. And I wouldn’t trade for an endomorphic body for anything.

  5. lloyd johnson

    fat chicks suck is determined to be the boss of this thread…

  6. ana

    she’s a major racist!!! said some mean things about the philippines…she should be ashamed

  7. Regular, average, decent male

    She looks TERRIFIC. Flat chest and all. That’s right.. She can half small breasts and still look HOT.

    There is NEVER a time where girls need fake balloons. I would go out with Ms. Danes in a SECOND.

    The bottom line? Do NOT get breast implants! They are silly and distracting and will only make you end up with a jerk of a guy. We decent guys do NOT like them!!

  8. Fake Kurt Cobain

    I trust this ends the debate on whether boob jobs are ever necessary.

  9. Fat Chicks! #203 post? Well said.

  10. Davey Handcrank

    Danes has always had very little meat up top, even back in the My-So-Called-Life days when she had a bottom. Losing that “extra” weight on her bottom only accentuates her tiny build and puny frame.

    At least her complexion looks healthy..,if she had eaten nothing but celery for two months, her skin would appear pallid and drawn.

    Grade: crankable, if I focus hard on her nipples

  11. mon ami

    So, Fat Chicks Suck, if Peggy is insulting Claire because she’s jealous, then what is your motivation exactly for insulting Peggy?

  12. mon ami

    I should also add yes, the world would be better if humans were all healthy, whether they were all in healthy weight ranges, didn’t drink or smoke, didn’t fuck without birth control or protection, didn’t drive too fast, didn’t do drugs, didn’t fight wars, didn’t have unnecessary, irrational hate for people of different races, nationalities, sexual preferences, and body types. But alas, no one, and I mean NO ONE is perfect. No one. So what’s the point of fixating on one single thing?

    No one is going to be a clone of Claire Danes (or whatever woman you hold up and regard as the ultimate example of how YOU think a woman should look), no matter how much they work out, hit the gym, or how well they eat. With my bone structure, age, and height taken into account, I am supposed to weigh about 185 pounds according to my doctor. If I add more muscle, I could weigh even more than that. I will never look like Claire Danes. NEVER. Unless I undertook a meth habit. As such, I am quite happy with my body, my husband loves me, and loved me 30 pounds ago as well. He’s not a superficial dickwad. You know, unlike yourself.

  13. Boggled

    My god.

    She doesn’t even look female.

    She looks like an emaciated 9 year old boy from a UNICEF ad.

  14. elspeth

    why cant different body types be attractive?

    Clare Danes has an attractive healthy slender figure just as Rosario Dawson has an attractive more full figured curvier figure- i personally would rather look like Rosario as i like having a butt and breasts but that doesnt mean i cannot accept clare danes is attractive, just a different kind of attractive- some of you people are disgusting- especially the women on this site- sooo jealous and bitter- it must be an anglo american thing- im so grateful im european and capable of appreciating different types of beauty.

  15. Fat chicks suck

    mon ami:

    #211: Because she’s an idiot.

    #212: Well that explains all of your rage – either your doctor lies to you or you’re 7 feet tall with bones like an oak tree. Either way you’re huge! Not that I’m the least bit surprised (I already knew that.) I’m glad your husband still loves you. I’m not glad that you can’t show him some respect by putting some effort into taking care of yourself (unless he’s huge too in which case you don’t owe him anything.) While I have no doubt he still loves you…I have a hard time believing he still finds you physically attractive. I have no way of knowing this for sure, of course. I’m sure that’s good enough for you – who cares about what he wants, right?

  16. klab guys are retarded. Yes, she has no chest but that girl is in TIGHT shape.
    just like most of you have to live with your small willy’s she has to live with no chest but she sure takes care of the rest of her body!!!

  17. Sprmcandy

    Clare is soo fucking Hot ,I am hard as hell.

  18. Your average straight male

    Claire, you look great!

    Don’t change a thing!

  19. Jericho

    Sandy # 185
    Im assuming from your post that you’re probably Fat, oh i mean volumptous, whatever. With a name like sandy how could you not. You obviously have a problem with skinny girls because you’ve probably been trying to lose weight for years to no avail and now have a deep seeded hatred for anyone that is thin.

    Claire danes looks hot. She looks healthy and although she is more wealthy than any of us can hope to be and can afford to change her body she accepts it as it is instead. Her confidence makes her even more attractive.

  20. blah

    how come girls wit nice asses have no tits n vice versa…

  21. Jeniffer

    LoL/ She is really sexy!!! I have ever seen her hot video on the wealthy dating club R I C H L O V I N G.C O M for hot guys and girls to hook up for Hot Love and Sexy Dating. She is really sexy with bikini in that video.

  22. #215-

    ouch! you are certainly, certainly proving your superiority here.

    sorry, i again forgot to pick a ‘hot’ sounding name-you mentioned (along with the fact you trim and shave your pubes and back) how that should be a priority.

  23. Jones

    Pretty sure I saw her on

  24. No, you hang up...

    Who would to see a picture of the “Fat Chicks Suck”? 10 bucks he is fat.

  25. No, you hang up...

    Who would like to see a picture of the “Fat Chicks Suck”? 10 bucks he is fat.

  26. John

    Can we see more photos of hot guys on the beach or something please? I’m a bit over these photos that do nothing but turn into one-sided arguments about how women are fat, don’t take care of themselves etc. etc. Most of these discussions are generally written by balding non-muscular unattractive men anyway right? Let’s give the ladies on this site something to look at other than more puss so they can have a bit of fair play. I’m betting all the other men will immediately call some dude gay.

  27. debisis

    Word to the wiseless:

    Skinny, unappealing, unwomanly women are always–repeat–always praised for thier looks by males who have wenises [wee penises]. Remember the Wenis rational correlates only to skinny women no taller than 5’5.

    Basic Algebra people.

  28. kit

    Something about her body looked funny and I finally figured it out-she’s all torso. She’s got a super long body and super short stubby legs. Freakishly so.

  29. jericho


    And don’t forget their doctors. Im sure skinny girls are praised by their doctors for taking care of themselves and not having their fatasses burden the health care system. Undeciplined, lazy, and over-indulgent people usually tend to be overweight. What man would’nt like that.

  30. hmm

    its official – she is a MAN.

    that being said, i am not suggesting that all women should be fat and so on. i am saying all women should be like jessica beil. toned to perfection…with…gasp! tits and an ass and a waist! this woman has NO tits, a small amount of ass (actually more than i would expect from seeing her from the front) but its a little sagging, and her NO hint of a smaller waist. there is, believe it or not, a blance between feminine and healthy that works! while beil probably eats and works out, this she-man probably only does the second. and beil was blessed with female hormones to develop her female parts, all the while keeping her waist small and bone structure feminine. this womens build is honestly like a man’s AND look at the face! need i say more? that is also seriously masculine.
    i also assure you that if she were to go to a doctor, the doctor would say that she is underwieght and unhealthy.

    while women should not let themselves go…this is not an example of how they should look. AT ALL.

  31. Cecilia

    Good GOD, just look at the long list of LARD ASSES sitting on their computers commenting on someone else’s body. THANK GOD, this woman had the good sense to stick with the body she was given and not tack on some really ridiculous looking silicone. If only the rest of you could be so kind with yourselves.

  32. So many comments!!!

  33. Realist

    Wow. I agree with you, Cecilia. I wonder how many of these posters look like Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie. I think it’s awesome that Danes is not ashamed of her body just the way it is. She’s a hell of a lot more gorgeous AND talented than Pamela Anderson. Get a grip, you losers.

  34. Nichole

    I think that she looks wonderful. She has “no boobs” because she’s healthy and thin and doesn’t have extra meat on her (not that there’s anything wrong with extra meat). Some thin girls just do not have boobs and there’s nothing wrong with that. She’s beautiful, and smart, too, from what I’ve gathered.

  35. I liked My So Called Life a lot. But, honestly she is gross skinny, not womanly at all. You don’t have to be “fat” or “nasty” to have a set of lovely natural and HEALTHY curves, THANK YOU. Not my type…because I’m not a closeted pedophile.

  36. FS

    We cannot help the way we look. However, Claire Danes, not only does she have a flat chest (no boobs, just goat-like nipples), she also has an ugly chest. There are those women who have small boobs but have a nice chest. If I had those boobs and that chest? I would definitely cover them up. Did you see her at the Emmys? I was embarrassed for her. It is one thing to flaunt something elegantly and tastefully, another to flaunt nothing….enough said.

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