Claire Danes in a bikini

July 17th, 2008 // 236 Comments

Here’s something you don’t see everyday: Claire Danes wearing a bikini. She’s vacationing in Italy with boyfriend Hugh Dancy, and it looks like she’s having a relaxing time tanning, taking pictures and reading a book spread eagle which would be hot if I didn’t just spend the past hour looking for her breasts with a magnifying glass. Are they under the beach chair? I don’t get it.


  1. I love when people start playing the semantics game… I’ll give it try …

    “She not fat, she plus-sized.”

    “She’s not a heaving, gooey sweatball, she’s just healthy”

    [ I always like when they say "healthy" ]

    “She’s not fat, she’s just big-boned”

    “C’mon man, she’s not fat, she’s voluptuous.”

    [ "Voluptuous" is another one they looooooove to misuse. Monica Belucci is voluptuous. Sorry, Mo'Nique is not.]

    ” ‘curves’ are technically fat” …

    Uh, yeah. But when you have 60 to 200 pounds *more* fat than needed, you’re not curvy or curvaceous, you’re Fatty McFatty all good and flabby with your double/triple chin, and your belly folds, and your back rolls…

    I mean, when your belly sticks out further than your tits, that’s called having a tire(s), not having curves…

    BTW, fat-asses are, um technically women … just not attractive ones – at least to me.

    “I can do anything you can.”

    Yeah, they allllllllllllllways say that until they tear an ACL just by walking down the stairs, or have a coronary after they walk UP the stairs, or they rupture a disk as they get out the car, or they pass out on their walking tour in Yosemite…

  2. hallie

    for a skinny chick she looks good. meaning she’s toned & has good posture. i think she has a dancers body- isn’t her man a dancer?
    still it wouldn’t hurt for her to gain a few pounds.
    i mean, if she got a stomach flu or something- she could be dangerously underweight & have serious health complications.
    by the way- what’s up with hating on overweight people?! obviously, people who are overweight should be encouraged to get healthy (it’s costing us tax payers enough) but don’t tell people they suck because they have a slow metabolism or are emotional eaters. you’ll only make it worst!

  3. mytwocents

    gorgeous …men always say girls never say nice things…where here you go She looks hot, very thin but muscular in the back shot. Go girl and don’t give into society and get fake boobs cuz everyone just says to..good for you

  4. Jen

    133 – Fat Chicks Suck – Based on your earlier rants, I really think you DON’T believe it’s about more than just being overweight. You’ve made sweeping generalizations that ALL fat people are lazy slobs, and you’re disgusted by fat women. That means you’re disgusted by me, a woman who is fat. Because if you saw me on the street randomly, you’d judge me. You’d just assume that I sit on my ass and stuff my face all day, because I’m not thin. You’d assume that I’m bitter and jealous of any skinny woman I see.

    I guess my long-winded point is, don’t paint all fat people with the same brush. You don’t know their medical history or the struggles they’ve had.

    Also, not all skinny people are healthy. Or fit.

  5. Average Guy

    Ladies, here is the deal. Writing as a straight maie, let me say that she looks GREAT.

    Sure, her breasts are smaller than average, but she still has a great body, and that is for someone who must be about 30 by now.

    She should NOT get breast implants. They are NEVER a good idea. Ms. Danes has a thin waste and nice wide hips. It is the “waist-hip” ratio that will REALLY attract men, and Danes has a great ratio, especially in that photo of her climbing up, facing the camera. with her hands on the rails.

    The bottom line is that BREAST IMPLANTS SHOULD NEVER BE DONE. Don’t do it, ladies!

  6. #146 piggy-o

    Damn fattisha. You were on this post 5 1/2 hours ago typing away your nonsense! I got out and did a half marathon, washed my car, and grocery shopped and here you are…still…wasting your day away. Didn’t I tell you to go do some drills on the interstate or something? You know you won’t loose none of that lard off your stomach if these shenanigans continue.

  7. Laura

    Fat chicks suck:

    What do you think of overweight people who work out, have a low heart rate, great cholesterol, and are generally happy with the way they look?

    And do you think – maybe – that women who are overweight and bitter are perhaps more bitter than their male counterparts because men (like you, and others on this site) put so much pressure on them to BE thin? Men are accepted at all sizes, while women are deemed worthless if they’re overweight?

    AND – before you accuse me of being fat, I run marathons. I’m no stick, but I’m very strong and fit and happy (and no, the above description is not of me). I’m just enjoy being privy to these conversations and am in no way attempting to covertly demonstrate my bitterness, jealousy, or malcontent.

    And – just out of plain curiosity – can you tell us how old you are?

  8. "Fact chicks suck" is stupid

    @76 ya I agree being fat is horrible but how the hell can you look at her and think she looks great. You clearly must be a health freak. She is wayyyyyyyyyyy to thin. There is a point where should would look nice but it is obvious she has passed that point. It wouldn’t hurt her to gain 5 pounds.

  9. #154

    bravo and well said.

  10. Maybe #159 and #154 should go out for some frozen yoghurt together

  11. #58 is stupid?

    honey, it’s called “healthy”. 50 years ago that was the norm. These days all the slovenly glutonous fatties (15-25ibs heavier than ideal weight) try to delute the fact that they are unattractive by calling a nice framed girl anorexic. 5 pounds is gained and lost throughout a womans week based on her menstrual cycle and water weight….genious.

  12. #156-

    I do more physical strenuous work in a day than i bet you do before 9am.
    Here is some info-i’ve read this site for years and rarely, rarely ever posted-however i definitely reserve the right to do so to call bullshit on whomever i think has it coming. and now it’s your turn: i have 4 kids including an infant with a birth defect. i’ve been in the hospital for the baby 6 times in the last 4 months staying with him for countless surgeries.

    do you really, really think i’ve had a lot of celebratory dinners lately? lots of nights out with my friends to have wine and relax?

    respond flippantly if you’d like. chances are it’ll be weeks if not months before i have another day of semi leisure that i can peruse the internet. perhaps it just felt good today to call bullshit on people whose worlds are so small they feel joy in belittling others. and i’ll bet this-you, your mom, your girlfriend, your wife, your sisters, etc-someone has or will have a weight problem and i hope you see their faces when a sniveling shit like you calls them a fat-ass as you’ve called me (wrongly) at least 5 times-or basically deems them worthy of playing Frogger on a highway. enjoy the rest of your superficial life, -.

  13. dude_on

    Claire may not be excessively beautiful, or have big tits, or a supple padded ass with curvy hips, but she did spread like a whore in public, and I for one find that refreshing. Can’t we just abstain from the venom of anger, and the hate associated with labels and simply applaud this woman for being a total slut in public?

  14. dudette

    No. She’s still a stick who only appeals to homos. Sorry.

  15. masochist

    Please please PLEASE: spend the entire night posting dissertations about size, weight, shape, health, and self-esteem. It never gets old, thread after thread, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year…

  16. Heeeee

    Claire looks good to me :) She’s slim but doesn’t look skinny or emaciated, has musculature visible, and the always enviable perfect hip-to-waist ratio on a long torso. He good habits will stand her well for life.

    Plus I like reading all the comments from people who have ‘figured out’ the obesity crisis without a thought for the global economics behind it. There’s more to it than just the obvious.

  17. piggy-o

    “I do more physical strenuous work in a day than i bet you do before 9am.”

    I think you meant to say I do more physical strenuous work before 9am than i bet you do in a day.

    Anyone that would pick the name Peggy-o is a LARD ASS that has no clue how to be sexy, let alone intersesting. No guy thinks a peggy-o is hot…or cute…or whatever other image you were trying to get across. If you knew this you would not use it as your moniker. I’m convinced you have no clue as to anything that has any flavor or an edge…based on your title and your ho hum retort.

    By the way…if you’re dealing with a sick child the last place you should be is wasting your time on a site such as this one.

  18. #167

    WHY would i pick a name to sound sexy or hot for the superficial? were you being excessively witty picking – as a name?
    who thinks about being hot before posting? i’ll work on that next time.

    and as for a very rare day of leisure, why shouldn’t i enjoy reading the superficial? i think the appropriate place for me to be is in the home with my children. interesting that now another thing about me bothers you so much.

    oh, now i get it, i should leave my kids and go to the gym since as you put it-

    You know you won’t loose none of that lard off your stomach if these shenanigans continue.

    btw, don’t correct my grammar given your misspellings. i will try to loose my lard now.

  19. @Frank – Thank you!

    I’m a voracious reader, and when I see someone reading, I always want to know what it is.

  20. wow, this really turned into a lame thread.

  21. krispy

    I find it really immature that people make such harsh comments about the size of a woman’s breasts. Tits are made up of fat, therefore, most thin women have smaller breasts. That’s the way they were made. Amen to girls who don’t feel the need to go fuck with what nature gave them.
    Claire Danes looks great.

    I have small tits, but I have a great fucking golf swing.
    And no matter what anyone says, I can take comfort in knowing they will be perky forever and will never sag, fold, stretch down to my waist…

  22. Apes

    This girl is HOT. She is like completely ripped, but not in a manish may. And all you bitches are lying if you say you wouldn’t job on this and hit it AGAIN and AGAIN. She is hotter than 99% of the women walking the street.

    And I like how she could afford a nose job and a boob job, but she doesn’t. That says a lot about her confidence level. I love that!

  23. Dorito Man

    Two comments-

    Ms Danes is very attractive looking. Cute as a button

    “Fat chicks suck” and his comments here are boring. And Ghey.. When men complain about small details stuff like breast details and crotch hair on a woman, it’s because they are vegemite drillers. :yawn:

  24. Poon Tang

    She is in wonderful shape but not EVERY guy is going to be attracted to that hard, muscular body type on a woman. That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re chubby chasers because they don’t prefer that body type. Some just prefer more womanly figures, there’s nothing wrong with someone NOT being attracted to a stick figure.

  25. Gary

    I think she is lovely.

  26. get FU@ked

    There are actually 16 pics of this set that I know of. But since your all petty spiteful cunts, I’m not going too post a link….. find it yourselves, haters.

  27. Randal

    I make Goatse look like a virgin.

  28. fkitty

    She looks sexy. I love her. I saw her profile on m’illionaire d’ating s’ite “”"”"M e e t i n g W e a l t h y.c o m”"”"” last week. Is she single now? Just curious!
    <><><><><><><><><><> <><><><><><><><><>

  29. she is beautiful simply gorgeous

  30. Looks Great!

    She looks GREAT. OMG an actress with REAL breasts and the Superficial has to criticize. Why am I not surprised? I know the same author probably doesn’t write all the pieces to this site so, this comment is directed to him (or her). You suck. No, seriously, you do.

  31. nope

    @ 173 Dorito Man
    No when “men” complain about minor details like that on a website it’s usually WOMEN pretending to be men to get more people to listen to them. Seriously, who listens when catty women try to cover up their own insecurities?

  32. Bonedar lug Zonna.
    Very much face time me, between those thighs.

    A nice plate of yummy and a side order of yes mam, dessert is surved…

  33. But her TITS already went for a swim!!

  34. Pat

    Wow, if you get aroused by these pictures, turn yourself into the FBI (pedo division).

  35. Sandy

    Some guys just aren’t comfortable with a woman’s body. They get intimidated. So a girl like this – no tits, no ass, no nothing – is what they like. They’ll go on and on about how she has a flat stomach (anorexia is very good for that type of thing), etc., but what they really like is not what she has, but what she doesn’t have – a womanly body so different from a man’s. There’s a lot of defensive anger behind their “preferences” so I’m not surprised a few guys have been all over this thread, trying to refute any other opinion on this very skinny prepubescent-looking girl. I feel so sorry for them.

  36. Fat people should pay double fare, anorexics should ride in the luggage department. Debate over.

  37. Captain Jack Sparrow

    It is so refreshing to have tubs of ass providing explanations as to what the fellas like and why they like it.
    It is evident that a good portion of the chics here that post on bikini shots have a real problem with what they see in the mirror.
    This is sad and I feel sorry for them.

  38. Jim

    I think she’s the HOTTEST girl posted on this site in months! But then again, I totally take it in the ass, so consider my comment in that context.

  39. spookyben

    I heard she was an animal rights advocate. Why is she shooting that beaver?

  40. MassGrrl

    She looks really healthy. You can tell she does not starve herself to be that size/shape. She has good muscle tone and her skin looks healthy.

    And, yes, I’m a bit chubby (BMI = 26, but slowly going down), but I don’t think women who are very fit and healthy look like 12yo boys. Would she look better with a gut, jiggly thighs and A-cups? @@

    For the record, I enjoy having sex with women on occasion, and I prefer a curvier woman. But that’s just me. And there’s nothing wrong with how she looks.

  41. Chupacabra

    Hey, I think she lost weight.

  42. The Name Says It All

    This is The most Superficial conversation I’ve ever seen.

    I’m only saying so because I know you’re mostly smart people who could have an impact on the world (and maybe you are!). Use your powers for good not stupid.

  43. Andrea

    She’s great for guys with a secret pedo fantasy (so, almost all of them), because they can jerk off to these pictures without fear of arrest. Otherwise – what’s to see? It’s like looking at farmland during a drought.

  44. y0k

    i always thought that different people had different tastes, and some even don’t care that much about weight and breast sizes.
    thank god i stand corrected by posters like Sandy #185, now i know all men who like skinny chicks are either pedo, gay or afraid of women.

  45. Harvey Fierstein

    I agree, she’s hot! And just my type! Stop criticizing her – she just wants to be loved, is that so wrooooooooong?

  46. Dr. Phil

    “now i know all men who like skinny chicks are either pedo, gay or afraid of women.”

    Actually the correct answer in this instance is “all of the above”.

  47. Poozy

    I think she is beautiful. Very attractive, slim, with no need to use plastic surgery to enhance her figure. And she reads………………….

  48. Tom

    I’d fuck her.

    Why do people assume that every guy who wants Claire doesn’t also want more voluptuous chicks? I’d like both, myself.

  49. Dr. Phil

    Yes, Tom, that’s usually referred to as “bisexuality.”

  50. Mink

    185- Since when is a flat stomach anorexic or manly? Are you suggesting that having a gut is more feminine? There are plenty of women who have Claire’s build naturally (although obviously she is physically active)

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