Claire Danes in a bikini

July 17th, 2008 // 236 Comments

Here’s something you don’t see everyday: Claire Danes wearing a bikini. She’s vacationing in Italy with boyfriend Hugh Dancy, and it looks like she’s having a relaxing time tanning, taking pictures and reading a book spread eagle which would be hot if I didn’t just spend the past hour looking for her breasts with a magnifying glass. Are they under the beach chair? I don’t get it.


  1. britney's weave

    she has got to be kidding with that top.

  2. Maybe she’s trying to “air it out” with that pose while reading…

  3. Oh… that one certain photo is a big mistake.

  4. An Exception to the Rule

    She’s the first I’ve seen who’s cursed with a flat chest but not blessed with a round ass.

  5. Jen

    I think she looks great nice and toned

  6. required

    She looks great. I think she was trying to tan her inner thighs in the spread eagle pic. I’ve seen worse butts (like mine).

  7. Crazy Old Bitch

    This is what happens when you let Tom Cruise design your boob job.

  8. britney's weave

    … and who doesn’t love a tanned vulva?

  9. Ramona

    Remember, according to the news a few years back, this is the homewrecker who broke up the decade plus long relationship of Mary Louise Parker and Billy Crudup while MLP was pregnant with their child. That’s disgusting and telling about the character of this wench. To break up a family and deprive a child of its family – karma’s a bitch CD.

  10. Chauncey Gardner

    I literally bumped into Claire Danes as she was walking out of the cemetery at Trinity Church in Manhattan in 2005. Wicked, wicked hot in person – when fully clothed.

  11. ph7

    Well, it’s pretty clear she does not have huge beef curtains, which is always a plus.

  12. Hey Kate Hudson! You’re like a DD compared to this pencil with nipples…

  13. JPRichardson

    What’s with the veins? Too thin in my opinioin. Toned, yes, but lacks some muscle. Eat a sandwich or two. And close your legs.

  14. combustion8

    manface, great body tho.

  15. chris

    FAP FAp fap fap fap fap

    SHES HOT!!!!



  17. rm

    Scary thin :(

  18. stizz

    You know you’re too skinny when you can see your spine through your torso. Jeeezuz woman.

  19. Chelsea

    Holy crap she has crazy good posture. Damn.

  20. xxx

    She’s taking a picture of herself?

  21. Ted from LA

    She’d look better with her ankles next to her ears.

  22. Paul

    Man, she looks nice! great body, great abs, sexy! she has a better body than women younger than her too. I never would have guessed it. Hot!

  23. Nic

    too skinny-makes her torso look all the more out of proportion.

  24. nancy

    i will always love claire danes. she’s a brilliant actress.

  25. Mmm

    Very thin true, but very sweet. Claire Danes can read in front of me any time…

  26. Em

    She has got THE longest torso I’ve ever seen. It’s sorta spooky…

  27. Ishi-san

    hey, she has the same bikini as Eva Longoria

  28. A

    I am a Claire Danes fan but damn that woman really needs to eat a cheeseburger or something. She is grotesquely thin! And yea where the hell are her boobs?

  29. winston

    Yet another of these toothpicks witha backside that looks like that of a 70 year old woman.

  30. sharpeidude

    You mean she made more than one movie? I thought she disappeared after Terminator 3.

  31. p911gt10c

    shit, she’s always been hot. So she’s thin? So what? She’s always been small and clearly takes care of herself, unlike 98% of the women in Hollywood.
    Plus, she’s actually respected, a HUGE plus in her business.

    That being said, I’m pretty sure she’s waxed. Which makes me incredibly happy.

  32. veggi

    It’s too bad that mosquito got her twice.

  33. B

    Gross! She has the body of a twelve-year old boy!

  34. roop

    She was always boob-deficient but what happened to her money maker? Eat a butter sandwich dammit!

  35. Stomache

    @B What 12 year old boys are you looking at… She is a boob job away from a kick ass body her stomach is awesome..

  36. Fat chicks suck

    #33 – NICE! There it was. I was wondering when some typical idiot would say she looked like a 12-year-old boy. So has has small tits – big deal. It’s not her fault and at least she keeps herself in shape. I’d much rather have small tits than fake ones.

  37. GinaRae

    Uhhh hey Superfical dude and men in general? That is what a real unaltered woman looks like who is that skinny. Maybe you seem to have forgotten what non-plastic girls really look like. She doesn’t have melon implants and you have the audacitiy to talk about her like she’s a freak?

    You’ve totally bought into hollywood. Good luck with that.

  38. Jim

    So this is what a woman looks like with all the erotic zones removed. Wonderful.

  39. Beth

    If you’re afraid of female anatomy, I’m sure this girl seems very attractive to you.

  40. “Claire Danes has an overinflated sense of her own acting ability and she stole Billy Crudup from Mary-Loiuse Parker when Parker was eight months pregnant, so it’s no surprise that God struck her with whatever disease this is that makes her look like this in a bikini.”

    from a site with a writer who has better taste and talent.

  41. Artimus

    I thought it said Claire DAMES. Shucks.

  42. Fat chicks suck

    She would definitely look better if she had some larger natural breasts to go with that body…but unfortunately she wasn’t blessed with that body type. She could pack on weight and be fat and disgusting…but it isn’t going to make her breasts look any better proportionally. It’s possible to be skinny and have large, natural breasts and it’s possible to be fat and have (proportionally) small breasts. Regardless of your body-type everyone looks better and is healthier thin and fit.

    Although I prefer skinny women with larger breasts that she has…I’d take her with no tits any day over some overweight lazy whore with fat saggy tits. Rolls of fat disgust me. Sometimes this country makes me sick.

  43. Andy

    What’s with all the criticism? This girl is gonna be HOT when she hits puberty.

  44. Venicio

    “her stomach is awesome”

    …for a boy on the high school swim team.


  46. Jen

    Eva Longoria’s swimsuit. Look at the “So Freakin Hot” column on the right side of this page. Who looks better? I think they’re both way hot. What does everybody think.

  47. Potlanch

    Nice ass! Jerking now.

  48. JG

    Ummm, she isn’t too thin, she just works out, and from these pictures, I’m guessing she works out like a maniac. I think she looks fantastic. So she’s lacking in the chest department, big f******* deal, just less droopy parts when she gets old.

  49. Fat chicks suck

    #45 – her stomach is damn nice. Trust me – nobody likes your disgusting gut. Regardless of what you may believe…guts signify poor health and are repulsive. Anyone that tells you they like it is lying. You are lying to yourself as well. Go run on a treadmill or something.

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