Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy are engaged

February 7th, 2009 // 47 Comments

A rep for Claire Danes has confirmed that she and her British boyfriend, Hugh Dancy, are engaged. The two have been together since meeting on the set of their 2007 film Evening. And, in other just as exciting news, I was walking down the street today and saw a puppy. And it was brown! Whee!

Photos: WENN

  1. Delgo

    Zombie pose in 3rd

  2. Lain

    She’s gorgeous.

  3. Tony

    I couldn’t care less what that flat chested bitch does.

  4. Tim

    Good for him! These days it’s rare that a guy can marry a girl over the age of 20 who isn’t fat.

  5. wtf

    I remember the days I was in love with her then I didn’t remember she was alive for the next 10 years since her career has gone as well as paris hiltons STD checks

  6. Guest

    Claire Danes is SO HOMELY!!
    EW she’s ugly.
    I can’t believe she ever got to
    kiss Leo DiCaprio :(

  7. authorego

    She’s lucky. So far, no rumors that he prefers to tune the meat flute.

  8. he looks like an elf

  9. Sauron

    Congrats with the engagement! P.S. Did the puppy bite?

  10. Lain

    3: LOL you’re such a fat cunt.

  11. authorego

    Yes, lol, more about the puppy. Did he pee? Was he too close to the street?

  12. Balack Obama Fixin' America, 1 Trillion at a time


  13. Maximus

    She’s incredibly gorgeous. Damn.


  14. I would marry her too… right after I kill the boss on Raiden!

  15. John John

    way to steal a Louis CK line Superficial writer.

  16. Freddo

    Hey writer, if you don’t find this interesting, why the hell did you post it? Twat.

    p.s. Claire Danes is hot as hell.

  17. Dirk Diggler

    What a useless ho

  18. anjhest

    That is by far the longest torso I have ever seen.

  19. YAWN…. She does look hot though.

    Check out this hilarious video I just saw for Larry Flint’s PORNO BAILOUT:

  20. Balls McCoy

    This will surely push Brian Krakow over the edge.

  21. michelle

    what happened to her? she used to look at least decent. wow, i think she’s aging already.

  22. Buddy Love

    She is pretty but needs to grow some tits.


  23. fl

    engaged? to do what? Please be a little more specific, geez.

  24. 11pound

    Same sex marriage?

  25. dew

    I’m guessing if she got implants with being so naturally slender, they’d look like bolt-on Frankenboobs like Posh’s. She doesn’t look anorexic skinny though, and if she put on more than just a few pounds, the extra weight would likely be jiggly and dimpled. Some ladies are just naturally slender; many put on weight after their mid 30s, but not all of them.

    Either she got her nose worked on, or wearing a softer hair style helps her. A tad too much makeup, but not freakishly so.

  26. Fernando Narcos

    So she got paid an incredible amount of money to be some English fop’s beard…

  27. Groucho

    All gay men should be named Hugh Dancy.

  28. Rachell

    I like Claire, she’s a bit too skinny in these pics, but there’s something about her face that I really like :) :) That dark blue looks so beautiful on her too.

  29. v tard

    Claire Danes on a purely superficial level confuses me.

    Sometimes she’s amazingly hot. Other times she’s very homely as someone else put it.

    That said, I have nothing but praise for everything south of her nose. Great lips and natural slender body and a DFC.

  30. rayanne

    Damn. I was always hoping it would Jordan Catalano.

  31. Come-Honor-Face

    I like Claire DaMes work better

  32. We’re expected to laugh now, folks?

  33. ro-ro-jo-jo

    gay couple, everyone! anyone want to place bets?

  34. ray ray

    Home wrecker

  35. ray ray

    Home wrecker

  36. That is awesome!

  37. The Gaborg

    She’s always navigating the thin red line between gorgeous and terrifying.
    Plus, the fact that her legs and butt always manage to get my attention makes me feel like I’m a boy molester.
    I’d chance getting girly-slapped by that guy while trying to to hit that, though…

  38. She is beautiful.

  39. yeah,me

    #20.. LOL!

  40. Randal

    I would like to take the time to congratulate the both of you on your happiness and may it continue through the years ahead. You’re both very beautiful people and thanks for sending your pictures to the FISH.


  41. Pilatunes

    Hey, I remember him! My 14 year old niece beat the shit out of him for taking her chapstick.

  42. scooby

    she aged well. real beautiful. i like her more now than when she was a stupid teenager.

  43. hendero

    “Hugh Dancy” has to be about the gayest name going.

  44. Montana

    Yep, hendero, “Hugh Dancy” is indeed an unfortunate moniker. That is why when they are alone he insists that Claire call him by his nickname: “Biff Hammercock”.

  45. Chauncey Gardner

    I bumped into Claire as she was walking out of the cemetery of Trinity Church in Manhattan in 2005. She was super-mega-hot in person. All I could think about as I walked around the graves was blasting off on her itty-bitties as she lay spread out and fucked on Alexander Hamilton’s tomb.

  46. I like Claire, she is too skinny in these pictures, but there’s something about her face, I really like. Dark blue looks so nice for her.

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