Hugh Hefner’s Son Beat Up A Playmate

February 14th, 2012 // 99 Comments

Apparently Hugh Hefner rents his creations out to his kids along with a generous insurance policy so they don’t have to worry about returning them in perfect condition, because his son Marston just found himself arrested after beating the shit out of 2011 Playmate of the Year Claire Sinclair, according to TMZ:

Sources tell us … Sinclair told cops Marston had punched her, kicked her in the stomach and then refused to let her leave the residence. We’re told Sinclair called family members after the alleged attack … and her family called the cops.
After a brief investigation, Marston was arrested for misdemeanor domestic violence at around 11:15 PM … and hauled to a nearby police station where he was booked.

Since then, Hugh’s spoken out on the situation and you can tell he takes violence against women very seriously. This is, without question, a man who’s deeply troubled by what he’s just heard:

If they care about each other, they’ll patch it up,” the Playboy founder tells PEOPLE.

Okay, so maybe I exaggerated a bit. But seriously, in Hugh Hefner’s defense, he’s insanely old and clearly thinks he’s talking about a flat tire. “Listen, it happens to the best of us, but there’s nothing to worry about. My old pal Henry Ford will come to your house and change it for a nickel, you can quote me on that. What’s that? The boy did what now? — And the police thought that was a crime? Get me Lyndon Johnson on the phone. The Reds are taking over!”

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  1. AteIsEnough

    Wait, wait, wait…that’s Playboy of the year?? Hef’s not only old, but obviously blind and tired. Yikes. Oh yeah, abuse is bad!

    • cc

      No kidding, what pool are they drawing these playmates from? There’s a shopping center close to me where I can find a hotter girl on pretty much any day of the week at any hour of the day.

      Anyway, Hugh Hefner strikes me as being slimy and rather disgusting.

    • Anon

      Agreed She looks like your typical soccer mom not a Playmate of the Year. I wonder who she banged first Hugh or his son?

    • rican

      It’s all about the power of Photoshop

    • BE

      Actually, as the Playboy Corp has fallen on hard times reports are that they’re picking lower on the scale so they don’t have to pay out as much. Or they’re having a harder time attracting the better models because Playboy doesn’t have the cache it once did.

      Probably both. Especially when participation in Hef’s sex parties is mandatory. As this is Hef’s arrangement for his “models” – it’s hardly surprising he’s unmoved by the abuse. No wonder the kid’s a nightmare – what a role model.

      • commander bloop

        stfu ‘crystal’ – you are out of your element

      • Jenni

        You don’t know what you are talking about. They have parties, but sex is not involved. It is a much classier place than it looks like. And yeah she doesn’t look all that cute in that pic, she wasn’t trying to. I think she looks great in her Playboy photos though.

    • crystal

      It is hilarious that you guys think playmates go around looking like playmates all the time.

      Turns out when they’re not covered in make-up and photoshopped to shit they look just like (gasp!) human women.

      • Anonymous

        That’s what you “real women have curves” chicks wish was true. In reality, a size 4 is a strong step towards chunky.

        However, when 90% of women are size 6′s and above– you tell yourselves that’s the way is should be.

      • BE

        You know “Anonymous” – as 99.999% of men don’t have a prayer of looking like George Clooney and most of you have a body that looks like you’ve never seen a gym – might I suggest you look in a mirror once in a while. Even if you are a guy that works out – face it – no one wants to do a centerfold of you EITHER. I’ve got bad news for you – a size 10 isn’t even a strong step “towards” chunky.

        I’m guessing that personality of yours stands in the way of a lot which is why you have no idea of what a women’s size is short of what’s printed on glossy.

        Men rely on women not being shallow – which is good – but bear in mind we can spot an idiot. You’re best bet at having any kind of relationship is to let women think you’re mute.

      • Jenni

        Exactly! They are normal girls so yeah they have to photoshop them because normal girls are not perfect. I know i wouldn’t pose nude if there was no photshop involved.

    • Um, disregarding that’s she’s quite fetching overall, that woman has one of the absolute greatest set of natural tits I’ve ever seen on a woman.

      Seriously, look it up.

  2. EricLr

    Man whatever happened to the standard hooker surcharge for smacking them around? Now they’re calling the COPS?!?

  3. What a pussy. Where’s the line form to kick the shit out of him?

  4. fuckityfuck

    I think shes adorable, shes not your typical fake playmate

    • Bap bap bap

      The whole *run to the cops when you get knocked the fuck out* is a big turn off for me. I just don’t like police.

  5. Claire Sinclair Bruises Moving Out
    Commented on this photo:

    Hey look… two stupid boxes lifting cardboard moving containers from Home Depot.

  6. Bianca

    She looks like Mandy Moore.

  7. Dude of Dudes

    Chris Brown just jizzed his pants upon learning there is an entire house full of bitches to beat on.

  8. Pappa Razi

    Did they get it on video? Let’s see the video!!! You know she’s got a video of it all.

  9. Cameron

    That’s what passes for a playmate these days huh? The age of Photoshop I guess.

    • I did some very extensive research on her looks and I’m spent. First, she just rolled out of bed in these picts. Second, yes they are playboy picts, but I think she’s 100% real. She’s got a smoking body if you like girls with curves.

      • Cameron

        No picture in PB in the past 10+ years has been 100% real. Stop kidding yourself.

      • I didn’t say the PB pictures were real. I said she was. She = natural boobs, curvy, cute face (imo), etc. If a you can’t spot a hot girl in her morning clothes, then you haven’t dated enough girls.

    • Clarence Beeks

      I don’t think Irina whatever or Kate Upton are pretty. There are many models today whose fame I do not understand.

      She is an idiot. She forgives him, and is not pressing charges. He’ll do it again.

      • Well, to be fair, CB, they’re not looking to attract chicks like you. And yes, I so would with Irina and Kate.

      • Bianca

        I think this is the first time I disagree wtih you, Clarence lol ;) I think Irina Shayk is exotically pretty with a smoking body and I think Kate is very girl next door pretty with a more ‘men’s magazine’ type body. I think Agyness Deyn is way overrated. I can’t think of any woman who is truly “supermodel” beautiful these days though.

    • Dee

      Oh jesus, you morons. She looks like a pin up from the 20s and that’s why they picked her. She’s got a classic beauty. Look her damn pictures up. Face palm.

      Men these days. God, I hope not every single one of you are like the people writing these comments…

  10. Claire Sinclair Bruises Moving Out
    Commented on this photo:

    I’d hit that.

  11. it had to be said

    Fun fact: if someone kicks your ass and you can call your family you can call the police instead. Awkward.

    • Ed G.

      But the police will put you on hold, giving the asshole a chance to knock the phone out of her hand and do more damage. And if she used a cell phone to 911, they would not be able to get her exact location.

  12. Claire Sinclair Bruises Moving Out
    Commented on this photo:

    tits or GTFO

  13. Cock Dr

    Why would dumbass punch this pretty puppy eyed girl?
    If he didn’t like her he could just exchange her for another one. Hef’s got a whole masion full of ‘em to pick and choose from.
    Why bruise it up if it’s not what you want?

    • Felonious Monkey

      It’s common for pimps to beat their hos. When a woman allows herself to be thought of as an object, it’s not a far stretch she’ll be treated as one.

    • BE

      Because Marston gets off from hitting her NOT having sex with her. Pretty easy point – across the board – even if you haven’t known any abusive men.

      Let’s face it, being raised at the Playboy mansion (sorry next door – hah) does not qualify as normalcy in any way shape or form – no matter how much counseling the kid’s had since birth.

      Since Hef needs gay porn at his sex parties, Hef’s first son is gay and his mom was a centerfold, my money is on Marston being somewhat more confused and messed up than the average 21 year old. Just a thought.

    • Jenni

      Just because a woman poses nude in a magazine does not make her a ho. It just means she’s body proud and it’s not like the pictures are not tasteful. I think Playboy is still classy.

  14. Claire Sinclair Bruises Moving Out
    Commented on this photo:

    THATS a playmate??

  15. free Wifi

    Who gives a FUCK about this Rumor Willis lookin bitch when Marian Carey just died!?!?

  16. Fist Catcher

    Is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a bitch?

  17. Cher X

    He might have just said:
    If they are about each other, they’ll patch HER up.

    Hefner is gone. Real gone.

    • Jack Ketch

      Totally. I just sold my collection this weekend and had been collecting since age 19. It’s not what it was by far. Hef will turn 86 in April.

  18. V

    That nasty looking motherfucker should be happy daddy is helping him get laid. have you seen his face? Take away the trustfund and dude would be dying a virgin. Also, kicked her in the stomach? Kill yourself, bro.

    And I don’t know what Hefner is so damn optimistic about. That’s who he’s leaving Playboy to – a woman beater. And so the brand begins to die… Probably the biggest Playboy scandal since that Playmate was killed by her husband who then shot himself.

    • Christie Hefner

      His daughter runs the company, dip-shit.

      • Schmidtler

        yeah, and it was his daughter that began the concept of featuring 40+ year old women in the magazine, and watched as sales fell off a cliff. didn’t they boot her out and put somebody else in charge a while back?

      • Bre Ann Ralston

        Actually not anymore, another person is running playboy, christie retired in 2008….the other son Cooper is being groomed to be the next leader. Hes a ton more decent than woman beater Marston.

    • V

      Yeah, and she’s gonna live forever too, dipshit. One day she’ll die, guess who’s the company going to? She’s old. They’re already in training for the company, both of his young sons. Hef wants them to take over soon to bring a new generation.

  19. Ganja Din

    Wow, the old schoolyard punch in the arm. It’s a miracle she even survived.

    • What’s the matter, are you afraid that someone’s going to point out that by kicking a woman in the stomach the bruises won’t be so public, and possibly ruin your only form of recreation?

      • Ganja Din

        Snap, ow! My feelings are hurt. I’m charging you with battery, justifiable.
        Cretins like yourself are SO easily baited.

  20. Claire Sinclair Bruises Moving Out
    Commented on this photo:

    Man, he really messed up her face!

  21. forrest gump

    just one thing: NAIL THE SUCKER!!

  22. Drundel

    Wow she is not that cute. Not to spam, but half of these chicks are way hotter than her.

  23. The Gimp

    Those Playboy photoshoppers are REALLY good… as Marston learned when he came into contact with Claire’s penis.

  24. Pippy Longcockings

    As long as her jizz absorption capabilities haven’t been compromised…

  25. Claire Sinclair Bruises Moving Out
    Commented on this photo:

    Ah the times we live in, you can see a frumpy dressed chick and think ‘wonder what she looks like naked” and then a few clicks and seconds later, you know.

  26. Claire Sinclair Bruises Moving Out
    Commented on this photo:

    That’s a fucking playmate?

  27. Claire Sinclair Bruises Moving Out
    Poster Boy
    Commented on this photo:

    If you don’t wear the ears you get the horns.

  28. Claire Sinclair Bruises Moving Out
    Commented on this photo:

    Send them packing level TMZ

  29. Grifter is Obvious

    How long did it take her to make him hit hard enough to cause a bruise, six months? Six months of training him to hit her, probably what she’s been doing. A push, a slap and throwing furniture aren’t as good as a bruise.
    She probably got 5 million.

  30. hef

    shes a lovely girl.
    and shes dating my son!
    and shes great at changing the depends.

  31. Alex

    So this is what happens when the guy has daddy issues.

  32. a pimp named slickback

    “Bitch dont start with that we need another computer shit! You say this shit everytime a new I-mac comes out! You aint slick you better make that g4 work bitch and stop playing with me.”

    “Yes daddy”

  33. vekfan

    She’s not blonde! o.o

    She probably pushed him to it for the payday.

  34. LordAtama

    I guess he felt like destroying something beautiful.

  35. Claire Sinclair Bruises Moving Out
    Commented on this photo:

    You can’t buy that sort of product placement. Big ups for Jeep on this one.

  36. Claire Sinclair Bruises Moving Out
    Commented on this photo:

    Was nice of that guy to carry the camera they used to film her totally unauthorized uncensored extreme sex tape for her. Who says chivalry is dead?

  37. So Hugh Hefner objectifies and marginalizes women for his own purposes? Who knew?

    • BE

      And his kid thinks they’re punching bags instead of people – what a leap…

    • Bre Ann Ralston

      Shhh Shhhh…giggles, dun let the secrets outa da mansion….didntcha know his mommy also is a centerfold. she could have dis site shut da hell dowwwn.

  38. V

    She probably told him he fucks like his daddy. That would upset anyone.

  39. Deacon Jones

    If he really wanted to get back at her, he shouldve just came in her eye. They fucking hate that.

  40. Clown Shoes

    I just read this because of the articles.

  41. 1998

    Bitch had it coming.

  42. Claire Sinclair Bruises Moving Out
    turd da third
    Commented on this photo:

    that is a lot of dildos going into the back of the truck

    • Bre Ann Ralston

      BBC dildos, baby oil, KY jelly, and dirty hairy strap on….she going from sons house to papas house to continue the easy cash flow of dirty “hollywood a’ hookin”

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