Cindy Crawford’s husband is kind of a douche

May 2nd, 2009 // 49 Comments

Cindy Crawford’s business mogul husband Rande Gerber is being sued for sexual harassment by two women who used to work for him. Us reports:

A lawsuit was filed in March in San Diego County Superior Court, confirms, by a pair of former waitresses. According to, which first broke the news, the women claimed they were fired from a restaurant owned by Gerber’s company for refusing to give in to the advances of Gerber and other managers where they worked.

On one occasion in 2008, while working at the Moonstone Lounge in San Diego, one of the women claims the supermodel’s husband attempted to kiss her three times during the night, then “put his hand up [her] dress in between her legs in an attempt to fondle her crotch,” TMZ reports.

The women are reportedly suing for unspecified damages.

I know absolutely nothing about the case, but the fact that this Rande Gerber character is married to Cindy Crawford automatically makes him my enemy, and thus guilty of all charges. Look, I’m not saying he did or didn’t sexually harass these two women, but he 100% definitely did sexually harass them. With his penis.

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  1. Streak


  2. Megan

    If you were married to Cindy, why would you!?

  3. I don’t get these successful business type who would risk everything for a little peace of tail! (just like the little doggy on the tracks) don’t these guys ever heard the old saying, you don’t poop where you eat? and it does’nt matter if hes with C.C. a hound is a hound!

  4. Megan: No.

    Say it again with me CINDY. CRAWFORD.

    Why would you risk everything on a couple of waitresses? Unless they were like totally hot, and offering it up.

  5. smarg

    He looks like a prick.

  6. Hmm they’re in it for the money.

  7. Izzy

    He’s been cheating on her for years; don’t know why she puts up with him. Maybe it’s because this is her second marriage already, and she fears she’ll stupid if she divorces again. But I agree, this guy IS a douche.

  8. Superbiggerevil

    Rande Gerber is just one in a long line of well-known assholes here in San Diego. He’s not quite as big an asshole yet as Dennis (America’s Cup) Conner, but this allegation should get locals around here wishing he’d fall off his boat one day soon and be mauled by sharks or diced up by the propellors.

  9. Sport

    She is hot at ANY age.

  10. eat

    Moonstone Lounge is douche central

  11. Galtacticus

    He’s not only a douche but he’s ugly as well.But he has money,what makes Cindy Crawford a douche as well.

  12. clareargent

    once again, here’s the waitress defending the waitresses:

    #4, these women aren’t “a couple of waitresses”, they are human beings who got hired to serve food in a high volume place(it’s hard work, try it!), showed up for work, and got pawed and groped by the boss. A lot of restaurant owners/managers feel like they can act this way because if we complain we can be fired and easily replaced by one of the hundreds of other people who are waiting to take our place. The fact that she’s Cindy Crawford and the waitresses in question aren’t is totally meaningless, he deserves to be sued.

    #6, maybe they aren’t in it for the money, maybe they don’t appreciate being treated like garbage and are making a stand. Good for them. Fuck that asshole. The only thing people like him understand is money, so I hope he gets to lose a whole bunch of it.

  13. LizzieC

    I agree with #12. Just because he’s married to Cindy doesn’t make a lick of difference. If the guy is a dog, he will behave like a dog. Plain and simple. Too bad she didn’t realize this before she married him.

  14. justifiable

    #4 Q: “Why would you risk everything on a couple of waitresses?”
    A: Because he thinks he can.

    Christy Brinkley’s ex did the same thing. It’s not about how his woman is so hot, he’s knows he’s insanely lucky and he’d never do anything to mess it up. It’s more like: because she’s so hot, he must deserve her, and that means he’s so special he can do whatever the fuck he wants, including treating those no-status waitresses to a feel-up from Mr. I-Rule-The-World.
    Most harassers already have that attitude anyway – what, you aren’t grateful you were chosen to receive my wonderful hands between your legs? You ungrateful nothing bitch, you know you wanted it!

  15. Alfalfa

    You get tired of screwing the same pussy for 10 years. There are plenty of young chicks hotter than Cindy. Even if they aren’t hotter, you would still get tired of the same old pussy all the time. That’s just the way it is. If you drive the same Porsche for 10 years, you would want to buy a new car too, or at least test drive a few others.

  16. mikeock

    Here’s a quarter. Take the bus downtown and have a rat gnaw that thing off your face.

    God,i miss Uncle Buck

  17. Cindy is still hot, c’mon

    click on my name

  18. justifiable

    #15 Yeah, but you don’t just plunk your ass down in the seat of a Porsche that you don’t own just because you think you should be allowed to drive it. There’s plenty of cars you can rent or lease or who want you to take them for a spin if you want a change. But it takes time and effort to find them – and it’s so much easier to take your pick of the cars in the restaurant lot!

    These two just turned out to be outfitted with alarms.

  19. Oh Hai Thar

    I hate this particular brand of douchebag. I can just hear him now “I’m married to fucking Cindy Crawford, why would I cheat? My wife’s a fucking supermodel!”. Ugh. He’ll get away with it.

  20. Richard Goesinya

    Proving once again that the time honored saying is true.

    No matter how hot the woman may be (or in Cindy’s case, may have been 15-20 years ago), there’s always gonna be a man who’s sick and tired of fucking her.

  21. Obama Hater

    This country really is going to pot, when young chicks don’t automatically spread their legs for rich white guys. Who does those namby-pamby libruls and feminists think they are, forcing crap laws like “sexual harassment” on healthy American males?

  22. solution?
    SHIT ON HIS FACE, folks!!

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  24. tanya

    He’s a douche for marrying a nimrod, mole face like Cindy in the first place.

  25. Missystar

    This is so obvious I can’t believe I have to say it: MEN ARE NOT LIKE WOMEN. The fact that his wife is a hottie has nothing to do with the fact that he cheats. It’s like a biological imperative or something. If Ethan Hawke cheated on Uma Thurman(and he did, he knocked up the nanny), then it’s hopeless.

  26. I think it is interesting and you will like it.

  27. Deacon Jones

    They were probably asking for it. It’s their fault.


  28. Hey #15 Alfalfa — With a value system like that, you’ll be old and lonely, assuming you’re smart enough to grow old.

  29. Deacon Jones

    Hey, it’s the fucking truth Giggles, like it or not. Why do you think online porn is a multi-billion dollar business? It’s called escapism.

  30. Anonymouse

    I actually knew Gerber when all he had was the Whiskey Bar at the Paramount Hotel in New York. He is a grade A, world-class douchebag. Always has been, always will be. And Cindy is dumb as a post.

  31. Yank and wank they rhyme for a reason

    I’d love it if she divorced his ugly german looking ass, get rid of him Cindy you are better than that ugly douche! I hope those girls get what they deserve, a chunk of money. Men make me sick, thank God I am a lesbian.

  32. ItHappensAllTheTime

    Confirms that saying… “Behind every beautiful woman is a man who is bored with her”

  33. ph7

    Remember: Cindy Crawford is over 40. Might look good in clothes, but is not but loose body parts naked.

    Taking a purely random sample from the public, 90% of women under age 22 are sexier than 90% of women over age 40.

  34. chupacabra

    you know, this reminds me of all the hot teachers that mess with the teen boys. It’s almost worth it, isn’t it? Finally being just as douchey and shitty as the guys who f’ with younger women when they have hot wives at home. It’s like, finally, woman can be just as big of sexual fuck ups as men can, just not in the extreme numbers… not all the time… just sometimes. And it’s fucking hilarious to me. You know what else men do that show how insecure they are? They fuck some young nothing who will never give a real shit about their balding fat hairy backs, and they go out and blow a wad on a red convertible. I mean, what happens in their minds? Some type of ticking time bomb – I’m getting OLD, oh no! help!

    Get a friggin life, asshats. We all get old. Get over yourself.

  35. his name is

    come on, like we didn’t see this one coming, his name is RANDY (RANDE)

  36. Gaby Bremen

    I’ve always thought he looked like a jerk. He’s the sort of man that women models always seem to date and marry. Will they never learn?

  37. LizzieC

    @29 I think the weakness in your argument is that you are taking your lame, loser life and applying it to everyone. Not everyone has that attitude. Maybe you and the other losers you hang out with but not everyone.

    There are actually some men out there who LIKE women. I know it probably seems alien to you. Give it some time for the idea to soak in.

  38. D

    Men will never change, they will always go after the younger ones because they have no life or morals, and they ruin lives, I have had many men do this to me, men rape and they get away with it, and it sickens me, but the true Judge is GOD and he will judge and bring down the bad. I hate to say it, but I believe Rande did sexually harass those women, sad but true. Christie Brinkley’s husband and all the others out there, do the same. I even have male friends who are married that have been friends with me for years, that try to come onto me still! I think women really need to stand up like these women are doing and fight no matter what, even if the stars have money, justice will be served at some point, it will and truth if it is true sets us free, period. Yes, men will always chase other women no matter how their wife or girlfriend looks at home… period, now not all men do this, and yes women cheat too! This is just sad though, and now GC is defending him, when GC seems to ho it out there quite a bit, it is just sad, now it is not like I dislike these people, it just seems from all the pics of them in public that it is true… I wish we could all get along and have peace and just get over all the messes in our lives and be good people and not lie, but I know I have made mistakes in my own life and all of us do and we should just own up and change for the better, I know I have and God has helped me do that, and now I have a good life and I am Thankful for that. No garbage anymore, just joy and happiness period. Peace to all :)

  39. you don't need to know


    You are objectifying women by comparing them to cars. Think about it.

  40. Who knows what she is like behind closed doors. Her beauty will fade and go away and it is what is on the inside that counts.

  41. Who knows what she is like behind close doors. Beauty fades and it is what inside that counts.

  42. Who knows what she is like behind close doors. Beauty fades and it is what inside that counts. I think they are both sooo into themselves they make a good pair.

  43. Who knows what she is like behind close doors. Beauty fades and it is what inside that counts. I think they are both sooo into themselves they make a good pair.

  44. I even have male friends who are married, who has been friends with me for years, trying to penetrate me again! I think women really need to get up, as these women and fight anything, even the stars have money.Think about it.

  45. Tom

    There are many young beautiful women in there 20′s. He is not exactly ugly and he is very successful.

  46. toto

    I believe his did it. His wife is aging and after 10 years he is bored with her. I can imagine the hot women who are in their early 20′s that he meets. He is a very good looking guy. May i repeat Rande Gerber good looking with Money. He also has a big head on his shoulders.

  47. mandy

    Cindy was Hot 15-20 years ago now she is ok. There are many women like Brooklyn Decker with Super Hot Bodies and young and feminine. I am sure Gerber did it.

  48. Mike

    She wants to look like she has this perfect family for her aging image. I bet she ends up in divorce court after her kids are older.

  49. Mike

    I bet is not easy being married to CC. She is so worried about losing her looks she meets with trainers weekly, botox injections, collage fillers ect. Its once thing to take care of yourself but to be obsessed with it would get on my nerves. She also is aging and is probably freaking out behind closed doors about nearing 50. Lets face it she will only age never get better.

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