Cindy Crawford topless = Oh yes, this is happening

August 5th, 2008 // 77 Comments

Cindy Crawford continues her vacation in France with husband Rande Gerber and special guest George Clooney. This time she’s partaking in some topless sunbathing and gravity has been ridiculously kind to Cindy. The last pair of 42-year-old breasts I saw belonged to The Geekologie Writer’s mom. She tripped over them on her way to the bed. True story.

NOTE: Pics link to NSFW version that will make you cry if you’re a middle-aged woman, Richard Gere or all of the above.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Lloyd

    She looks just like my grandma Beatrice.

  2. Classy

    This rich white bitch has had surgeries. No doubt about it.

  3. President Bill Clinton

    Holy shit…. in picture #2… Her right arm is where her left arm should be, and her right arm looks like a left arm.. and her left arm has two hands.

  4. Suspicious

    Three hands, perky tits on a 42-year-old… these photos have been doctored!

  5. Urbanspaceman

    God Bless the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

  6. maudina

    The guy in the last pic is pretty good-looking too. Is that her husband?

  7. susana

    I have always thought that Cindy and Rande her husband look like brother/sister.. look at their nose and profiles.

  8. Doogie

    Is it just me or does she look like a man?

  9. malicious


  10. britney's weave

    it’s almost like you saw my post after that last nereidawhateverhernameis topless post tragedy… and listened.

    i have no mean comments. she looks amazing.

  11. tc

    Look, picture 2 is perfectly easy to understand.

    Her left hand is rubbing her triangle.
    Her right hand is point in the air.
    Her second, vestigial right arm is controlling the first right hand by wire.
    And she has an extra leg sticking out of her vagina.

    Perfectly normal for her species.

  12. Jocco

    Nasty. Her nipples are too small.

  13. johnq

    I’ve waited fifteen years for this moment…

  14. Abby

    WTF is up with that second picture? She appears to have 3 hands in it! And why does it look like her right hand was cut/paste onto her left arm? The thumb’s in the wrong spot to be her right hand.

  15. Idiots

    There’s someone lying next to her.

  16. I said you’d do it!


  17. Candice

    Yah that’s nice, but where’s the George Clooney pics! :(

  18. Nice catch. Gotta love these paparazzi dudes. I don’t care if they endanger all these celebs as long as they keep getting pics of celebrity tits and cooch. I’m tired of speculating which babes shave their coochies and which ones grow jungle style.

    PS: We need answers Cindy pull down your bikini!

  19. Madonna_Kebabsoff

    Hello bitchesin the US…the UK is up and wanking off as I type you fuckwads…where are the tits on this site?…I’m having to wank off to The Sun, the Star and The Daily Mirror as I type…..HELLO PEEPS….wakey wakey…:)
    Tit’s-O-Plenty please for a USA Thursday if you would be so kind….Luvsya lots, Madge_K (good God…hubby is up my arse once again and I’m bleeding…he is sooo massive)

  20. slosh

    Are you people retarded? Is it not obvious that the two hands pointing up are someone else’s and the one hand on her stomach is hers?

  21. Jules B

    Gravity has been kind to Cindy Crawford? Give me a break ~ an LA Plastic Surgeon has been kind to her! A woman in her early 40′s with two kids does not have breasts like that, particularly when she is laying on her back. Cindy has definitely gone for “implants”!

  22. Now all we need is Cindy McCain topless while throwing chips of hardened buffalo shit in front of hundreds of tattoed and horny bikers and we have the makings of real whackoff-edness.

  23. red

    The other person with her is Heidi Klum!! Where are those pics?

  24. Rant

    I love my “Milf n Cookies”

  25. LOLA

    She looks gorgeous for a 42 yr. old woman of course. Pretty naive though to assume she hasn’t had work to stay looking this way.

  26. lsmith

    Yes, boobs so what?? America is like a permamnent teenager. Grow up. In England boobs were visible every day in the daily papers, it was called ‘page 3′ and had a topless girl every morning with your tea or coffee…….so what! EVERYBODY IS TOPLESS IN EUROPE SO GO THERE IF YOU WANT TO SEE BOOBS-YOU CA SEE THOUSANDS-FREE!!
    Get with the program, everybody is getting ripped off, every day, credit cards, helath insurance, banks……….WAKE UP!!!

  27. Dan

    Cindy Crawford can sunbathe at my house anytime she wants with a figure like the one she has.Magnificent!

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