Cindy Crawford topless = Oh yes, this is happening

August 5th, 2008 // 77 Comments

Cindy Crawford continues her vacation in France with husband Rande Gerber and special guest George Clooney. This time she’s partaking in some topless sunbathing and gravity has been ridiculously kind to Cindy. The last pair of 42-year-old breasts I saw belonged to The Geekologie Writer’s mom. She tripped over them on her way to the bed. True story.

NOTE: Pics link to NSFW version that will make you cry if you’re a middle-aged woman, Richard Gere or all of the above.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Ally


  2. Randal

    Hey Cindy, good to see you up and about again. It’s been awhile yet you still look as beautiful as the first day you stepped into our hearts.

    Keep working out those tan lines!



    Mmmmmmm, Crawford titties!!!

  4. Ted Mosby

    MILF boobs rock.

  5. beefytee

    wow…that is fucking remarkable. My bedroom and locker in Middle school/freshman year was totally covered with posters/pictures/calendars of MsCrawford.

    Just further that Richard Gere is for Faggott

  6. Fumus

    Why did everything on this site become italicized?

  7. whoa damn! nice pics! she is way freaking hot for a woman 1/2 her age.. well at least 3/4 her age.. i just cant do the math to make sure thats a good number. lol

  8. beefytee

    #6, that’s what happens when you’re talking about cindy crawford’s tittays.

    There was a time when I would have worn my penis down to a nub looking at these pictures. It’s amazing…42 looks GOOD

  9. morga

    she has tiny nipples

  10. Dick LaDouche

    She looks like the computer tech guy at my office. I always thought she looked like a man, now it’s confirmed.

  11. beefytee

    @10, if by tiny you mean AWESOME, I concur.

  12. rough daddy

    its ok, im not gonna turn my head away or anything….

  13. i like the italics. very shic.

  14. barney

    daaaaamn. fine lady. lucky mr gerber…

  15. Cattyluo

    Wow,she is sexy ! I saw her hot pictures on M i l l i o n a i r e 4 m e . c o m —Oh,It’s very interesting.If you are interested in her,you can visit the site.

  16. boo

    italics is shitty!!!! but the other one back!

  17. HolyCrap

    So, um, let’s get this straight: you’re looking at Cindy Crawford’s boobs, and all some of you can worry about is the italics in the comments section? Wow.

  18. FIST

    I would like to rape her anus. It is hairy and scrumptious.

  19. VtFarmboy

    its amazing what they can do these days with cosmetic surgury and Botox… yeh my wife is 42 also and looks hot in a kini. even after three kids.

  20. Stroker

    Okay she has beautiful breasts, but her feet are pretty hot looking too!

  21. havoc

    I’m digging this titty theme you’ve had going lately.

    Keep up the good work.


  22. veggi

    It’s all italics to emphasize how GAY the male commenters are.

  23. Cuntychops

    millionnaire 4 me is only for cunts.

    I love Cindy. She signed her Calendar for me back in the day. She’s actually hotter than Kate Moss, despite 8 more years. And her pussy will be less raddled.

  24. Bo Babbyo

    How appropriate that these photos should appear on August 6th. The years continue to reveal Ms. Crawford as The Bomb.

  25. sapphire eyes

    Cindy looks really good. Lucky her, and lucky Rande. I’ll bet Richard Gere is one jealous fucker right about now.

  26. Jerry

    You’re all a bunch of George Costanzas, jerking off to Glamour magazine:

    JERRY: (To George) What’s the matter?
    GEORGE: (Slowly shakes his head) My mother caught me.
    JERRY: “Caught” you? Doing what?
    GEORGE: You know. I was alone..
    ELAINE: You mean..?!
    GEORGE: Uh-huh.
    KRAMER: She caught you?
    JERRY: Where?
    GEORGE: ..I stopped by the house to drop the car off, and I went inside for a few minutes.. Nobody was there – they’re supposed to be working. My mother had a Glamour magazine, I started leafing through it..
    JERRY: “Glamour”?
    GEORGE: ..So, one thing led to another..

  27. beefytee

    @26…why, does she have a gerbil up her ass we can’t see?

  28. Karen

    lmao@27 – EXACTLY!!!

  29. #27 – Yeah, because I buy Glamour for the articles…

  30. maeby

    dont be stupid, she’s laying down. when you lay down boobs always look cuter. When you get up…thats when gravity works. Show me a pic of THAT.

  31. beefytee

    @31, they’re not floppy pancake armpit boobs.

    @42, after children, lying on your back, most boobs rest in the crook of your elbow. Not these gravity defying sweater pups though.

  32. Cheryl Tiegs

    Perfect my ass. Bitch has 2 right hands and a left.

  33. beefytee

    @11, I want to make sweet love to the computer tech guy at your office. Is he free this weekend?

  34. Donbeahater

    #31 Don’t be jealous!! lol

    Just cause your boobs sag into your armpits when you lay down doesn’t mean every woman’s should.. Lay off the Oreo’s.

  35. Clarence the Clown

    I’m still waiting for the bottomless photos, let’s see that landing strip Cindy!

  36. Dorito Man

    Gawd she’s fucking sexy. I’d hit that, relentlessly. I wouldn’t take that bikini off her when I did, either. I’d just sort of pull it to the side.. (After throwing her husband over my shoulder and walking him over to the edge of the boat to drop him into the ocean. With a floatie and two day’s worth of rations of course.)

  37. beefytee

    @36, she’s probably sporting the 80′s full low triangle, which is only moderately less unattractive than the nature 70′s discobush

  38. hendero

    Great post “Jerry”, dissing people by quoting a TV show from the 1950′s. And if Glamour magazine has pictures of Cindy’s golden orbs every month, then sign me up for a subscription.

    Laminated, of course.

  39. YEP INDEED!!
    ……………….the older the better!!

  40. mar

    @ 31 – are you like, an idiot? boobs go about as far down in the front as they do on the sides; same if you stood on your head. laying down is usually BAD for boobs, if they’re of the saggy variety.

  41. kt

    gravity is kind to EVERYONE when they’re lying down…

  42. Kiki

    I find it quite hypocritical that this woman promotes a skincare line to get rid of wrinkles and sun damage but is lying in the sun baking her skin to a nice brown crisp! I’m sure lasers and other surgical procedures give her that luminous glow because sitting in the sun sure doesn’t! But then again she probably wants her customers to sit in the sun and damage their skin so that she can sell even more of her so called “miracle creams”.

  43. coco

    Tmz has Heidi Klum topless…get on it…

  44. cherry

    NICE! My friend recommended me a very interesting place “”"”"”W e a l t h y L o v e m”"”"”"” If you’ve ever been there you will know what I mean….

  45. Lola

    #35 Since your anatomy knowledge comes from magazines just look at some natural breasted porn star, boobs are never going to do what Cindy’s do. Didn’t you all see her nudes during the early 90′s?, her breast were small and very wide apart.
    It doesn’t matter anyway, she has an absolutely great body, fake or not. Cristiano’s ex is a bad example of surgery, Cindy is awesome.

  46. Fumus

    yea I knew the italics were a fuck up and they fixed it…lolzzz

  47. ipanema

    why does she have 3 hands in that second pic?

  48. Jellyfishfur

    WTF is going on with her arm at picture 2? It’s like backwards and she’s got like a third hand growing at out of her wrist. Yet it seems to be rubbing herself so I guess it’s cool….

  49. Homer Erectus

    How did someone who looks so plain become a model?

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