Cindy Crawford sunbathes topless

July 31st, 2007 // 107 Comments

Former supermodel Cindy Crawford was spotted sunbathing topless on a yacht in St. Tropez over the weekend. And man is she holding up well for a 41-year-old. The last time I saw a 40-year-old topless I threw up and crashed my car. Although to be fair, I was also bench pressing 300 pounds at the time and nursing a sick kitten back to health. And did I mention the car was a Ferrari? I’m just saying, ladies.

A ton more of Cindy Crawford lounging around in her bikini after the jump. Some of these are NSFW so watch out.

Photos: X17online

  1. Texas Tranny–Why?Did he get stung by jelly fish?
    And what about the guy she is with in those pics? He doesn’t exactly have “washboard abs” and he probably doesn’t have much of a bank account–setting sail with a 40 year model must be a hard life! I would definitely sample the polo shirt guy’s wares though!

  2. @ 36 Fluffy Butt and….your point?
    Everybody knows Karifarrell rocks the most!!!

  3. havoc

    I love creamy white boobs with a tan.



  4. Bite Me!

    @52 FRIST, her point is she is one of the dumb fucks too. She bitches about the chatting yet she whines at Victory for not knowing about your MySpace link.

    We have all known and enjoyed your MySpace link. Now if you would only post those pool pics we would be much happier.

  5. LayDeeBug

    #36, thank you Fluffu Butt, thank you.

    This site used to be hilarious. W T everloving F, man?

  6. Victor

    #36 Fluffy Butt, you stupid fuck, maybe you need to go back and read what I said and what FRIST said. She said she was going to go home and tan by her pool with no top on. I said I wanted to see her naked. I know she has pictures stupid fuck, but she isn’t naked. So read before you talk shit, actually READ AND COMPREHEND WHAT YOU READ.

    So FRIST does it sound like a deal? I go watch you from the wall at the pool?

  7. Shallow Val

    Maybe if Fish would post some fun new stuff…….

  8. Well, Bite Me, I don’t have anyone to take the pictures!!! Or I could ask my perverted next door neighbor, he’s drunk half the time and probably wouldn’t even remember it…or wait, am I talking about me….???

  9. shameshame

    so gorgeous! the most beautiful supermodel ever, and looks better than any of these current pieces of trash today! exquisite. and she’s still working!

  10. Bite Me!

    I will be happy to come by and take them. I am assuming I have to mow your yard first. How is the jam coming?

  11. Victor

    #58, yes FRIST. Yourself. I’ll take the pictures for you, but I won’t post them anywhere, I will just keep them for personal enjoyment.

  12. Dan

    This is off… to whom… I spent my childhood beating? Language is hard.

  13. goldilocks

    she looks great but she’s so full of herself

  14. Fluffy Butt

    Point made! keep on chatting ya stupid mother fuckers ……..

    strokin ego’s (among other things) is far from reality. Miss i-wanna-be-famous-so-i’m-going-to-advertise-my-website and her “followers” are the mirror fucking images of the trash in Cokeville (ie: Hollywood). Superfish .. your site is officially ‘stunk’!

    ….i’m Out!

  15. Danklin24

    Proof that Cindy isnt remotely attractive. I have no clue why she’s a model.

  16. Bite Me!

    @64 Fluffy Butt, Fuck you and good bye you stupid twatwaffle.

  17. Not too shabby.

    Nice funbags.

  18. norton

    For you youngsters… she’s the perfect age. 20 somethings have no idea how to fuck but women in their 30′s on up know exactly what to do. They are very aware of their own bodies and the LIKE to have sex – a lot.

  19. Kait

    For all of you fat, ugly, pock-marked young losers who write in your ridiculous, illiterate insulting observations, you could never DREAM of having sex with someone who looks 1/10 as good as Cindy Crawford does at 41. Or with anything except your own paws, for that matter.

    Don’t understand the big words you see above? Get a dictionary. Don’t know how to use it? What a shock.

  20. i don’t if it’s because they’re all so sickly skinny, but most supermodels have huge gross feet.

  21. #15. i checked out your pics and you’re so pretty! i love your haircolor.

  22. Anexio

    As usual the photographer misses the shot.

    Look at pic #20, the chick on the left with the big teats and the popeye feet is what I want to see.


  23. Spanky

    Cindy Crawford? So that’s relevant how? Why not throw up some Lauren Tewes photos while your at it. I heard she did coke…eww!

  24. wedgeone

    All I know is that when I was 26, I banged a woman who was 43. Some of the best sex I’ve ever had.
    When she grabs up your hair in her hands and howls “Oh God! Oh, fuck me”, you forget what age she is.
    Cindy can bring her mole and all over to my place anytime.

  25. woodhorse

    This is CBS 11′s version of The Superfish’s story (dateline 7/31/07):

    (CBS 11 News) DALLAS Investigators at the home of the Dallas man who was involved in Monday’s high-speed chase with constables have made some gruesome discoveries there.

    Police chased Mr. Superfish for about an hour as he led them through several North Texas cities on Monday (watch the police takedown of the man at the end of the chase here).

    Fish told our CBS 11 News cameras that he was running because he was trying to take a sick cat to the veterinarian. The police noticed vomit on the seat and floor of the Ferrari.

    Today investigators say they found a lot more than one sick cat at Fish’s house.

    They say they found dead cats and dogs piled up throughout the house. Many more were discovered in the refrigerator and freezer, sitting next to cartons of milk and ice cream. Notes were attached to some of the animals, detailing how and when each died.

    Workers also removed 11 dogs and 43 cats and kittens from Fish’s home, which had feces and urine-soaked furniture, hundreds of empty cans of food and litter boxes full of feces, the SPCA of Texas said in a statement.

    Fish’s wife relinquished the animals to Dallas Animal Services, who transferred them to the SPCA of Texas. She said she had been saving them for Christmas gifts for Fish’s supermodel girlfriends.

    The animals will be evaluated, spayed and neutered, vaccinated, implanted with microchips and made available for adoption, the SPCA of Texas said.

    There’s no estimate on the number of dead animals in the house.

  26. justifiable

    #74 Just proves my jagoff math teacher was wrong – 26 goes into 43 a lot more than 1.65 times.

  27. justifiable

    #74 Just proves my jagoff math teacher was wrong – 26 goes into 43 a lot more than 1.65 times.

  28. “spotted” with my 500 mm telephoto lens

  29. sdflkhjl

    ugh this bitch is milquetoast and straight out of snoozeville

  30. Anna

    she’s a hottie but i feel like i could just see her walking down the street one day or something. her boobs aren’t even that great.

  31. JumBo

    my penis is hard

  32. xman

    now there is one great looking women. classy and beautiful. Remmember in the 80′s & 90′s. Crawford, Farrah, Brinkley,Tiegs, Ladd, etc. All hot. But never in trouble. They all still look good today. I will take anyone over any of the hollywood skanks of today. The Lindsay’s,Paris, Brittney etc all look weathered and they are not even 30 yet. Can you imagine when they are 40 plus. If they make it

  33. Me!

    I don’t consider 40 so old that the sight of a woman’s 40 year old nude body would make me hurl, but then again I’m not a gay man.

  34. Fag4ManBoobs



  35. If we could only afford her to be Damnit Clothings image model…
    Wishful thinking…

  36. theoriginalmilf

    I think she looks better now than when she was a supermodel. But there’s just something so unsexy about her. She’s like the greasemonkey of supermodels.

  37. Spaz

    “…NSFW so watch out”?

    If, by “watch out,” you mean “examine with the same intensity as forensic scientists poring over the Shroud of Turin with tunneling electron microscopes”, then yeah, we’ll watch out.

  38. Oh yes, this is one hot mama. Work on the tanlines though…

  39. She looks great imo.

  40. El Ces

    They couldn’t get us a vag-shot?
    Lazy photogs.

  41. jen

    i never thought she was that pretty. i just dont like her look. but i will admit, her breast while she was lying down looked great. hte one pic with the star over it. i think it looks great and i’m a straight woman, or what i mean to say is i would not go gay for cindy crawford, maybe someone else tho.

  42. Helen

    Her breasts are fake. I know cause I’ve got boob transplants.
    Real boobs fall sideways when you lie down. Fake boobs point up instead of falling to the side when lying down.

  43. xman6949

    #91 Jen. I take it you are straight but would like to explore.

  44. ALI has alot of porn to. but celebs being topless thats much better and showing pussy thats awesome to

  45. Malffy Hernandes

    Those puppies need more than a little ass sun bath to get some colour.

  46. Unforgetable

    What can I say…if you got it…flaunt it! Fuck it…my girls do the same thing when we’re out on the boat!

  47. Bling

    From the sounds of things, she has turned into a lush, too. Hey guys…If you are so hard up that you have to jack off to pictures of a 41 year old woman, topless…Hoo hoo hoo. Well, wear a sign so women know you are LOSERS! :p lol

  48. velveethra

    Jesus christ she looks amazing.

  49. LauraE

    I am VERY disappointed. She has bony legs, sagging breasts (look at small pic 3). And her lips look like they’ve been injected with collagen. I do not agree with you. She is not holding that well for someone who is rich, who used to make fitness tapes, and most of all, who was blessed with the most beautiful body you can imagine. Many nobodies around me are over 40 and are still firm and thin (of course I do not live in America), yet they cannot afford a lifetime gym coach and diet specialist. Maybe that’s the problem of beautiful people: when they age they have much more to lose than the ones who are plain.

  50. hotterthanyall

    wtf are you talking about. she looks great, period. dissecting her only makes you sound insecure. not to mention pathetic

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