Cindy Crawford sunbathes topless

July 31st, 2007 // 107 Comments

Former supermodel Cindy Crawford was spotted sunbathing topless on a yacht in St. Tropez over the weekend. And man is she holding up well for a 41-year-old. The last time I saw a 40-year-old topless I threw up and crashed my car. Although to be fair, I was also bench pressing 300 pounds at the time and nursing a sick kitten back to health. And did I mention the car was a Ferrari? I’m just saying, ladies.

A ton more of Cindy Crawford lounging around in her bikini after the jump. Some of these are NSFW so watch out.

Photos: X17online

  1. FIRST


  2. Aowen

    Holy Crap No Comments

  3. Sportsdvl

    Still looking great at 41.

    and yes, no one should care if they are 1st or not!

  4. wedgeone

    Now THAT’S worth hitting! Back that ass up over here!

  5. wanks

    damn that body is tight!

  6. Joe Melnick

    Check out the female crew member, she’s got a much more impressive profile than Cindy.

  7. Dizzybenny

    now thats a MILF if i ever saw one!!!

  8. Texas Tranny

    Yummy, I just jacked-off and filled my pretty panties full of hot cum.

    This is why I cum to this site, work sucks and I can’t get porn here at work.

    Great job, FISH.

  9. Austin

    Cindy, yes, nice to mole you. Meet you! Nice to meet your mole. Don’t say mole. I said mole.

  10. Phil

    damn fine for her age… i’d hit it with the quickness

  11. Rachel

    You know, I didn’t believe it at first. But then I clicked on the picture and, yeow! Her tits look better than mine, and I’m 26. I need to get to work- although I’ve never heard of an exercise to make your boobs look fantastic. Leave it to Cindy Crawford to be the only woman in the world who knows the secret.

  12. juniperstakes

    its time a black guy hit that.

  13. 20-20

    She looks great for her age. Which means, she’s only moderately fat and saggy. Nice thigh tree-rings on the pics from behind where she’s taking off her top – you can figure out her age by counting them. Thanks, but I’ll stick with the 20-somethings.

  14. Bite Me!

    Those bad boys are just the right size. They will fit in your mouth just perfectly!

  15. Maybe I’ll tan topless in my pool after work. Tan lines are for SUCKERS!!!!!

  16. yolatengo


    yup…you go right ahead – you can keep brit, tara, the simpson twins and nicole. you lucky lucky bastard

  17. Lola

    “She looks great for her age. Which means, she’s only moderately fat and saggy. Nice thigh tree-rings on the pics from behind where she’s taking off her top – you can figure out her age by counting them. Thanks, but I’ll stick with the 20-somethings.”

    Thank Goodness, the less idiots to choose from, the smoother the game.

    ; )

  18. Lola

    (Oh, and does that mean that leaves you with boys with tits ? Just asking *meep*)

  19. Sydney Bristol

    Take that Pam Anderson. She’s got like 4 years on you, yet she actually looks good in a bikini.

  20. yolatengo

    #19 one year…but i agree, cindy looks hoter. albeit, i wouldn’t complain if i had Pam’s body sans the fake floaters that is.

  21. Morning Wood

    Yeah, she looks good and all, but seriously, this fantasy was much more fun 20 years ago. Now you’d be fucking a mom who’s “well-preserved.” Ugh.

  22. Texas Tranny

    Nothing wrong with fucking mom.

  23. Morning Wood

    If you’re wearing panties yourself, sure, that might be an attractive option, I suppose…

  24. Texas Tranny

    Yes I am, pretty pink lace low-rise bikini panties.

  25. We-Le-Surrender....

    Looking good mama… looking good…

  26. pacomartini

    wtf…40 is the new 30. she looks great. anyone who thinks otherwise probably doesn’t look so good themselves.

  27. my comment


  28. paco

    oh…and #13…thanks u for taking care of all the bubble-headed 20 yr old for us (like lindsay, paris and britney). when your out with them and they throw up in your car…don’t blame cindy.

  29. skeeter

    She’s pretty hot for an old bitch. If I wanted to poke my cock into a cunt that’s been stretched out over the years by lots of other cocks and a couple of bighead babies, I’d pick hers. Maybe when I’m 60 or 70…

  30. Edan


  31. i have nipples too

    wow we see her nipples big woopity doo

  32. Yum

    Yes she still is hot.
    Shame they had no pics with at least one smile.
    She appears to have stepped in dog shit by the looks of her face.
    Must be that yacht payment or something…

  33. Victor

    #15 FRIST, where do you live, so I can see. I don’t mean to sound like a stalker or anything, but wouldn’t mind for one second seeing your gorgeous body naked. And I don’t mean to sound like a pervert, but you already know I am, so no point in trying to say that.

  34. flavio

    #33 Seriously man… get a woman, even if is supposed to be a prostitute.

  35. Italian Stallion

    @15 FRIST, I found a video of Victor singing, you might want to give him a call……….

  36. Fluffy Butt

    #33 Vic

    Have ya tried her hyperlink dumbfuck? She got her shit plastered all over that MySpace!

    Man has this this site gone downhill or what!? People just cum here to chat with each other instead of pelting insults at the fucked-up DNA that inhabits Hollywood!

  37. Frick!

    I was never very impressed with her or payed much attention to her; thought she was over rated. But I gotta admit…this woman looks fricken good for her age! Hell, she looks good period. Says something for healthy living and exercise…oh yeh, and good genes; lucky bitch.

  38. Frick!

    …Oh yeh, and hoards of fricken money help because who knows if she’s had any work done too. Either way, she looks natural and great; like she’s in her mid 20′s or something.

  39. RichPort

    Dr 90210 needs to get her an ass implant.

  40. I had a star on my tit like that once when I dressed up like wonder woman in the 6th grade. I bet Linda Carter is still a hottie. How old is she now? 60ish?

  41. In comparison with others she’s looking quite tight for a 41-year old chick.

  42. Samantha Jones

    A naked 40 year old makes you puke? Wow. Sounds like you won’t be growing old with anyone, dick.

  43. kix

    Looking good is about being healthy at any age. Cindy looks pretty damn good, she must be taking care of herself. A lot of younger women who look good are just riding on youth… but you can still see the disease coming up between the cracks.

  44. Obviously, Fish likes her fun bags or he wouldn’t have posted ‘em! At least they look like the genuine article and they appear to be symmetrical unlike some of our younger celebrity friends (coughs—Ms. Reid!)

  45. #43–kix–you said “riding” youth! You’re nasty! haha!

  46. #43–kix–you said “riding” youth! You’re nasty! haha!

  47. ph7

    Pic #8 is a great example of the wrong pose can give you a very distorted view – she looks great in the vast majority of the pics, put if Fish only posted #8 (second row, far right) people who be ripping her to shreds.

    Am I right, or am I right?

  48. #47–I don’t know—the guy on the bottom of that shot seems to be getting a pretty good view! Is that Victor?

  49. Texas Tranny

    @48, yep he sure does.
    Looks like she’s about to piss on him. Yummy

  50. adeliza

    Man, you are soooo right. I didn’t look at all of the pics,at 1st and went back to that one after your post.
    You hit it on that one on the head.

    See…….he should have just posted that horrible angle, so there would be some slammin’ going on, cause she looks like shit warmed over in that pic.

    I miss all of the hate that used to spew out on this page.

    What happened?!?!?

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