Cindy Crawford picks her nose

January 13th, 2006 // 47 Comments

In case you’re wondering how to pick your nose in public and still be totally attractive, the first step is to become Cindy Crawford. I don’t remember what the second step is, but I’m pretty sure it involved a bikini and a bottle of massage oil.


  1. A friend of mine just said, “it’s not even like her finger is right up her nose, but it would be alot cooler if she was caught eating it”

    I personally have no comment.

  2. LoneWolf

    {buzzer sound} Sorry, kids, I don’t buy it. Looks to me like she’s scratching, wiping, or otherwise touching her face on the other side of her nose. Plus, between the modeling and the unfortunate dalliance with The Gerbil Stuffer, she’s been high-profile for so long that I’ve got to think it’s somewhat ingrained in her to be aware of what she looks like when she’s out in public. In the words of Seinfeld, “That was not a pick! I did not pick!”

    Which isn’t to say that in private she doesn’t ram those manicured fingers up there as deep as possible and munch on the results like it’s an entree from Nobu (in which her current hubby is a partner). She might be an over-the-hill supermodel MILF, but she’s still human. Probably craps too. But she probably doesn’t eat that.

  3. spamnews

    I’d pick that.

  4. What the hell you guys, models have boogers toooooo. *whines*

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  5. susie-q

    She’s been selling crap on late nite infomercials lately – some facial cleansers … developed by some exclusive facial doctor to the stars in Europe. “Cindy is my favorite client. ” Geez … just go buy a bottle of Oil of Olay at Walmart. Neither will make you look like Cindy Crawford.

  6. Sheva

    It’s part of her new natural exercise video series.
    She’s thinking about what music to set to it as she picks.

  7. Jeremy1Esq

    Watching Crawford pick her nose is better then watching Spelling’s boyfriend pick her ass.

  8. breakitdown

    yeh im sure she is picking her nose… she wud have just been scratching the outside seriously if this is wat is making important news then this site is running out of worth while stories/photos…

  9. A-Bomb

    who was other Holly-wierd has been whom was caught scratching their *ss then smelling it? my short term memory is in a post holiday funk so please forgive me. i will suggest (in theory) that the photo of Crawford scratching her *ss or lower pick taco stand, is missing… well that would make it even more entertaining/disturbing.

  10. Captain Awesome

    She could ebay that boogie easily for 10 grand.

  11. blackblackheart

    I understand the “super-models have boogers too” plea, but that’s not why this is surprising, obviously we knew she had boogers. What’s surprising is that she just picked her nose in public. I don’t do that ever and I’m not a very self-concious person.

  12. SugaryCherry

    I know I’m not the only one noticing that the SUperficial has been scrounging for stories by misinterpreting pictures like elementary school children gossiping on the playground. She’s scratching her nose, get over it.

  13. blackblackheart

    If you haven’t noticed that’s what all of these celebrity blogs do.. If you don’t like it, then don’t read it..

  14. SugaryCherry

    Have you ever read a magazine? Just because a magazine has one exceptionally poorly written article doesn’t mean a person with an aggressive opinion will cancel their subscription, they take the good with the bad. The article is two sentences long, it’s hardly as if I had read an entire page before realizing it was bs.

  15. WaitWhat?

    OMG! She’s human!

  16. spamnews

    Posted by susie-q on January 13, 2006 07:10 PM

    She’s been selling crap on late nite infomercials lately – some facial cleansers … developed by some exclusive facial doctor to the stars in Europe. “Cindy is my favorite client. ” Geez … just go buy a bottle of Oil of Olay at Walmart. Neither will make you look like Cindy Crawford.

    Some guy calls her his favourite client? Well duh? I’d love it if I could slop some goo on her face too.

  17. breakitdown

    omg arite im getting sik of this havent u ever scratched near your nose and u can imagine it wud look like ure picking ure nose… this is nothing. hardly ne people do this in public and she isnt either.

  18. hafaball

    Ooo, cat fight…hehe.

    This site is for immature dumbasses that want a good laugh, just take the damn joke and get a sense of humor!! btw, i think her finger is jammed up her nose and she;s scratching her brain :P

  19. Nurse Kellie

    She might be just scratching…BUT…..rule of thumb when your a celeb and you know your going to have your pic taken whenever your out…..DO NOT I repeat DO NOT put your fingers or your hand near your nose or your butt.

  20. HelpingOutTheMorons

    Cindy’s looking a little rough. I wonder why?

  21. prideofchucky

    My guess is that she’s pushing back in a really long, thick, jet-black nose hair…

    Yep, I’m pretty sure that’s what she’s doing…
    Considering her age this woman is beyond AWESOME looking! Way to keep it up Cindy! And by “it up” I mean, of course, my penis:)

  22. HollyJ

    If you look at the first photo, she’s got that “Oh geez, I hope nobody heard that” look going. This is ACTUALLY a photo of her farting. The nose dig was just a coincidental bonus.

    That second photo has “Hi, I’m John and I only wear this wig on weekends” written all over it. Look at her jaw and mouth. It’s a MAN, people! A MAN!!


    When you look like she does,,,,it doesn’t matter what your picking. Whether she’s picking her nose, her ass or picking scabs,,,she always looks good doing it!!

  24. MonkeyWithTOES

    Cindy Crawford pumps her own gas?

  25. Binky

    I don’t think it’s a pick. It looks more like a str8 ‘pogo-jab’ rather than the traditional ‘miner’s curl’. I also think the second shot is probably Steve Tyler.
    Cindy’s handler’s would have coached her on nasal mining and clear-cutting 101

  26. Come on now. Agreed on the Steve Tyler.

  27. xAgonyxScenex

    How is this news worthy -_-

    oh my god she picks her nose!! I wonder if she poops to!?

  28. vida

    I will have to disagree with the claim that Ms. Cindy Crawford is attempting to dislodge an entity in the above-mentioned nose. If you examine the evidence as presented in the second picture, you will see that Ms. Crawford is firmly holding her upper lip over her teeth in a downward motion thus elongating her nostril into a tight oval shape.

    If her intention was to poke her nose with her index finger, this would be best achieved if Ms. Crawford would raise her nose and cheeks, positioning her nostril in a more round shape and more receptive to the index finger. Consequently, this would raise her lips… clearly this is not so.

    I rest my case. (Did I get u to pick your nose?) LOL (I luv CSI

  29. aims_25

    I think it’s a scratch not a pick….still you never know.

  30. Binky

    Yeah – the second pic has gotta be Tyler, although he’s lost a lot of weight – his tits used to be a lot bigger than that. And he wears more makeup.
    The only way the second pic is Cindy is if she finally discovered that thing on her face was skin cancer and had it removed

  31. PopCulture

    Does she get a can of Pepsi with her pick?

  32. She pumps her own gas? Absurd.

  33. Hartigan'sGirl

    Good call Monkey on the whole gas pumping thing. This is surprising seeing as how I live in the Midwest and am mediocre looking and hardly ever pump my own gas. I’m kind of torn because she could be scratching, or finishing a pick. But all I really know is that she’s Cindy Crawford, and if she wants to pick her nose and let people take pictures, it appears as though she’s going to do it. At least her assistant isn’t picking her nose for her, which is what I’m sure Mariah does…

  34. Dalene Lane

    At 18 I began modeling while a student at the University of Florida. I modeled in Paris and New York and have appeared in Cosmopolitan, Seventeen. View my portfolio ffrom the 80′s at

  35. susie-q

    WTF Dalene??? Ummmmm … okay, yay and wow? Are you also certifiably mentally retarded?

    Do I have to look at Cindy picking her nose all weekend? Guess so.

  36. ishtar

    HAHAHA Dalene thats hilarious…..but don’t spam the board again cuz we don’t care about some random portfolio from two decades ago…at all…

  37. HollyJ

    Try saying “Dalene Raylane” five times fast.

  38. moomoovacaroo

    Dalene you obviously have had too many years of the crack ‘n vodka supermodel diet. even an uneducated platypus knows that you can’t VIEW AN EMAIL ADDRESS! moron.

    and people like Cindy Crawford should be off limits from insults, she’s amazing. no naomi or kate moss or britney shit for her, she’s just beautiful and yet lives a normal life, like pumping her own gas. yeah, as if putting gas in a bentley is normal…and how the hell do I know if she’s normal? I guess it’s just my fantasy talking, sorry.

  39. Heck, for a modle, thats a full sized meal.

  40. HughJorganthethird

    I love Cindy. In fact she can pick my nose if she wants, like when she’s done with hers that is.

  41. Just remember–
    It Aint The Way U Pick U’r Nose–
    It’s Where U Put The BOOGER!

  42. Animalwuver

    Not only does she pick her nose. She also wears FUR!!! What a phony. She used to model for PETA in those “I’d rather go nakes than wear fur” ads. I guess she sold out, huh? Well, what do ya expect from a has been? And that is not a mole. It’s a zit!

  43. boredatwurk

    It looks to me like she is flipping off the photographer, in the same way my brother and I used to flip each other off so that my parents wouldn’t notice.

  44. WTF?

    She’s not picking her nose, she’s petting her mole.

  45. oh noz! now i can’t look at her anymore!

  46. Jon

    She is NOT over the hill. I would tap that in 2018. Cindy Crawford, people.

  47. Sandy Plotch

    Leave this woman alone. She is successful, beautiful, smart and hard working. It disgusts me that people have to comment and be so rude and disgusting. Quite frankly, I don’t care what she does!

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