Cindy Crawford in a bikini

May 14th, 2009 // 98 Comments

Here’s Cindy Crawford wearing a bikini on the set of her latest photo shoot in LA, and I love how she spots the paparazzi then starts pointing at them. Because nothing deters a cameraman like looking directly at him so he gets a clear shot of your face and breasts. No, really, I’m surprised this set didn’t end with a falling camera’s perspective followed by a grown man shitting himself. You’d just assume that’d be the case.

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  1. me

    When you bend her over, That little bit of cellulite smooths out real nice.
    Seriously, I think she looks great at any age, most women dont look this good 20 years younger than she is.

  2. She’s really pretty!

  3. Cat


    She does not have cellulite; she has light stretch marks. Some women get stretch marks, some women get cellulite, and some get both.

  4. coocoo

    She doesnt look bad—just desperate.

  5. rob frost

    “we’ll fix it in photoshop”

  6. @37– I have never thought she was very pretty. So you can fuck off!

  7. dirk

    Is that guy with her popping a dog “lipstick” boner?

  8. From a distance that is still top notch cougar cooch at 43!, they shouldve get rid of that black string around the obliques, dont want to point where the flaws are…

  9. lola

    Such a beautiful healthy figure for a woman of any age! Cindy obviously takes great care of herself and isn’t malnurished

  10. Ive been probing those pics, even the obliques looks good at certain angle, im surprise she held it together, even the caboose is not droopy…

  11. Now only if she could get rid of damn mole, you dont have to look the same throughout life ya know…

  12. Adam

    Umm.. i love the little red penis between the guy’s legs.

  13. alfalfa

    Not bad for an old bitch

  14. mikeock

    I’d hit it. Hard. Twice. In 5 minutes. Front and back.

  15. Sheva

    She’s developed that beefiness favored in certain parts, like Washington Heights.

    That’s NYC where lots of stocky Dominican chicks are and there she’d be a queen.

    Anywhere near me, she’s just an average American overweight chick. In most parts of Europe, she’s a whore worth some hits. Then they go back to their hot looking in shape thinner girlfriend.

  16. kEV


  17. kisjijoe

    bitch is old

  18. #12 – You’re right… I’ve been whacking off to Richard Gere since the late 80′s…

    Fuck, wrong thread.

  19. sara

    Not bad for her age.

  20. Seriously, she looks amazing for her age.

  21. Superbiggerevil

    You people hating on Cindy Crawford never cease to amaze me….what de feck? She’s a hot piece of MILF action and she probably wouldn’t piss on most of you if you were laying on the side of the road fully engulfed in flames!

  22. mondo270

    Hey Superficial, Please remember to post these pics next to the way they will ultimately look in the magazine. I have a feeling they will look quite different.

  23. Huckleberry Hashimoto

    Wow, that’s still mighty nice, even a little side-boob there.

    However, I do congratulate those of you who consider her fat, ugly, dried up, whatever. You must be in with a mighty hot chick to have this opinion. Lucky you!

  24. They sell terrific bathing suits specially for aged persons.
    be honest: WHY, the hell, NOT?

  25. sluggo

    She’d be waaaaaaaaaayyy hot if she hadn’t pooped out a couple of rugrats.
    Like Marissa tomei and Kristin Davis! They’re in their 40s, no kids, and we all know how hot Marissa’s lookin’.

  26. She is looking amazing

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  27. RedFantaGirl

    Okay, her body is more banging in her forties, than most girls in their twenties. When I’m her age I hope to look that good. Some of those shots just have unflattering lighting, but in others she looks amazing. All the haters on here need to go, because unless I see pics of them looking hot, they need to shush. Easy to call somebody “fat” when the only thing attached to you is a madeup screename and a bitchy comment.

  28. Darth

    Does she have the same make-up artist as Brooke Shields?

  29. Nero

    That looks tight! I’m talking about her bikini.

  30. johnson

    Hugh Jackman would throw the meatstick at it

  31. Alinka

    Sorry, you are in the limelight, you will be scrutinized. Yes, she is in her 40s, NO she does not look GOOD for her age, she looks average; there’s younger people who look worse and older who look better. Flattering lighting or NOT when you are in tip-top shape the flaws do not show. Observe I am not talking of myself; I am talking about a person who supposedly retired from modeling. She has a muffin top going on, the bikini bottom is too tight. Nothing airbrushing cannot fix. She obviously takes care of herself without being over the top.

  32. SoTe

    Not looking good for Cindy. I can’t wait to see those pics after the photoshop so I can spot the differences hahaha. She’s still a gorgeous woman, but I wouldn’t wear that bikini if I was her.

  33. Sheva

    71. Superbiggerevil – dude she would run over you and everyone if she had the chance. Knew someone who worked with her on a project. Didn’t have one good word to say about her. Said she was a first class bitch.

    This was in the late 90s when she had some pull. She thought she was a gift to the planet. A total loser with a bad attitude.

    Marissa rules and she needs to take up some cardio to get rid of her flab. Seriously.

  34. #50 – (clapclapclapclapclap) You sir, are supremely awesome at stating the obvious… seriously, people must marvel at your “hey look, it’s raining!” asides during torrential thunderstorms or “gee, my cock IS small” when you unzip and the chick literally pees herself laughing. Your fantastic insight makes up for my ridiculous triple post.

    #68 – HA! Good one, trolly troll troll…

  35. rose

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  36. me

    Here’s a little hint about life.

    What you see in others, is exactly how you see yourself.

  37. KEW

    Gotta love jealous, catty females. Yet another reason why I can’t stand most of the women I come in contact with and I’m a woman. SHE LOOKS GREAT…better then most women in their 20s and I’m a woman. Anyone who says otherwise is fat and or has no wife/girlfriend and wishes they had a woman half as beautiful. Why can’t an ugly or fat girl just admit when someone looks good..

  38. Dollface28

    I’m not hatin’ but I have her BEFORE Plastic surgery on the stomach picture as my background for Inspiration! She looks WAY BETTER NOW!!!!!!!!! Proves even Playboy material can turn ugly after kids. WHo knew!

  39. JPRichardson

    She looks wonderful. I would scream my fucking lungs out after ejaculating in that sweet ass of hers. Sorry for the language.

  40. Insatiable Peter

    I would go Mt. Saint Helens on her butt then San Andreas that beef carriage.

  41. kwasterp

    He is reminding me my ex-girlfriend about the Roxi name

  42. And I don’t drop trou’ for chicks just to make them laugh at my love button, … No, it fucking rocks to wag wong at a strapping young buck. Fuck, too much information?

  43. Dale Kinsey

    Her bikinied body is so totally hot! Yipes! I’m gettin all excited here. Call me Dale.

  44. She looks fat to me. They will airbrush the pictures and make her look great. And then everyone will wonder why she does not age. HA HA

  45. We all are wondering, I say this: the women profiled some of the genetic freaks at the far end of the bell curve, are must. Who cares what they do? Us.Obviously that it has no relevance for the rest of your own opinions, and I agree that some of us here it is particularly relevant because we already can not follow a low carb woe is. However, in Britain certainly, I think many people in a more favorable light readng newspaper articles that can take on low carbing it a try because of these women, ‘genetic’ or not to give Satan be ready.

  46. Is it just me or does the main picture make me feel like I shouldn’t be looking at her? ha ha…

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