Cindy Crawford in a bikini

August 4th, 2008 // 90 Comments

Cindy Crawford got her bikini on while vacationing in France with husband Rande Gerber. Also on board was George Clooney which is a brave act on her husband’s part. Nothing like inviting the handsomest man in the world on your yacht to ogle your superfine wife. This probably won’t end well.

CINDY: Chin me. Chin me, George! Chin me like you mean it-
RANDE: Cindy! Wake up! You’re talking in your sleep again.
CINDY: Huh, what? Oh, wow, this is embarrassing.
RANDE: I knew this was a bad idea. Why’d you invite him anyway?
CINDY: I didn’t invite him.
RANDE: Neither did I. Then, what in the….

VOICE FROM THE CLOSET: Touch her boob.
RANDE: Who is that?
VOICE FROM THE CLOSET: Do naked stuff.
RANDE: (Opens closet door.) For the love of God, Clooney. Get out of there!
CLOONEY: Touch her boob.

Based on a true story.


  1. jj

    I thought Cindy was a lesbian??

  2. ph7

    She looks good – but age is making her boxy.

  3. steve

    Old, saggy, fat.


  4. Dave

    still hot for an old broad first

  5. jj

    I thought Cindy was a lesbian??

  6. veggi

    I hope she gets breast cancer.

  7. The sad thing is that, when he said touch her boob, Clooney would have been talking to HER. In the closet indeed…

  8. Vas Deferens

    Even though Cindy does not look as good as she used to, I would still destroy her ass with my cock. I would crush it like a champ!

  9. Jackson'shole

    Eat that Britney! You’ll never look that good and she’s fifteen years older with two kids.

  10. Andy

    If you’re stuck with an old bitch, she’s a good choice. But why get stuck with an old bitch?

  11. OnlyGayEskimo

    First of all, veggi, you’re an ass. If you’re a man, and Im assuming you are from the above statement, may the universe inflict your gelatinous man boobs with the most hideous, disfiguring cancer known to the human race. Then you can happily spend the rest of your miserable, dickless life being treated like the leper you are.

    That being said, Cindy is HOT for an old lady – and you all know you’d tap that if you had the chance. Hell, I’d tap that in the hopes that all the good aging might rub off on me and last until Im old. Work it, Cindy. It gives all of us young women hope for a future of gorgeousness.

  12. Ass Man

    I personally prefer a little more booty, but she looks great. Not great for her age, great period.

  13. havoc

    Not bad.

    Not great. But not bad.

    Maybe a spokesmodel for AARP?


  14. jim

    NICE! My friend recommended me a very interesting place “”"”"”W e a l t h y L o v e m”"”"”"” If you’ve ever been there you will know what I mean….

  15. Deacon Jones


    Look at that dude’s calf in the first pick, who is that, Bane?

  16. Beth

    She’s weathered the loss of her erogenous zones quite well. She looks as good for her age (42) as Hugh Jackman does for his (39). Hahahahahaha – it’s not even fucking close!

  17. Ted Mosby

    I’d hit that…wait for it…

    six ways to Sunday.

  18. Vdub BUGGIN

    Nice for “OLD”? Hell…she is still twice as hot as most of us guys in here could score!

  19. Joe

    She’s strikingly not-awful looking. And to the people who write “at any age!” – yeah right. You can see the effects of aging very clearly. All she’s done is to not get fat and out of shape, like most older people do. But she’s obviously thicker and flatter than she used to be. Sorry, but girls peak at 17.

  20. Harry Ballzack

    Oil Prices are going up again

  21. Mongaloid_11427

    She’s no Sophie Monk FOSHO.

  22. Sapphire Eyes

    Cindy looks great and her age doesn’t matter. 42 isn’t old unless you’re some sort of weirdo stuck with an adolescent fantasy and believes that life ends at 30.

    The majority of comments on this site seem either racist, sexist or agist. Grow up already.

    Oh, and Veggi, having lost — and watched — three aunts to breast cancer, two uncles to lymphoma/leukemia and both my parents to lung cancer,

    Enjoy the carton cigarettes I’m sending your way. Wishing cancer on anyone is a purely evil thought, from a purely evil place in your psyche. Cancer is a horrible way to die. You stupid fuck.

  23. Dorito Man

    I’d so hit that.

  24. havoc

    Oh, I’d hit it too. But after she had her prune danish.

    Make that mother whistle….


  25. lara


  26. Bigheadmike

    Hot mama.

  27. #22 – more like “Browneye”. Take your overly serious nagging MOMMY DEAREST attitude and shove it up your ass. Haven’t you noticed yet that God is sending his plague to wipe out your family because you’re such a fucking judgmental asshole? “The majority of comments on this site seem either racist, sexist or agist. Grow up already.” Cancer is too good for you. I’m hoping for rape (broomstick)-murder.

  28. By the way, George Clooney was on the yacht because it was his yacht. Details, my man! Pay attention to the details!
    If I had a yacht, I’d want Cindy Crowford and her husband to “Do naked stuff” while I his in the closet too

  29. Mercutio

    “3. steve – August 4, 2008 12:21 PM wrote:

    Old, saggy, fat.


    * * * * * * * *

    What a fuckin’ jerk you are. Seriously…go beat off to photos of Hayden Panetierre and Ali Lohan because obviously those kind of girls wander in and out of your life every five minutes. Or you’re a paedo who doesn’t really know what a woman’s body looks like.

    Cindy looks luxuriously toned and I would have no hesitation in spending a hot evening with her…class is permanent my friend, or are you still watching The Hills to try and catch some gymslip action?

    Shame some men don’t know what a woman is meant to look like.

    P.S. “Veggi” is just sore because I owned his ass on the thread about Christina Applegate and her terrible news.

    Veggi, get a fucking life you sad douche. You don’t have any idea what you’re talking about and you’re just aimlessly hoping to shock.

  30. can you say HIV+

    “Cindy looks luxuriously toned and I would have no hesitation in spending a hot evening with her”

    lmao, sorry swishy, Cindy’s only into heteros

  31. Rich

    For 41, she looks a lot better than most women at 21. Are you trying to give me a stroke, printing that pivc of her bending over?

  32. Rich

    And thats after having her ‘gerber’ baby

  33. Sheva

    From first and second hand experience I know she can really be a pain in the ass. But I have to give credit where due and she looks good and is clearly taking care of herself.

    Something a lot of American women, both married and not should take a cue.
    Sure complain about fat married guys but take it up with them.

    I’m digging this chick. And she has her act together. Wish more American women would do the same.

  34. kate

    She looks sexy and cute with that sunglasses. I saw her on millionaire personals site “”"”"”"”"W e a l t h y L o v e m”"”"”"”"”" last week. It is said she is dating young billionaire on that site.

  35. not quite the cover model she used to be, but she can get some rug time at my place.

  36. sixpack

    pic # 10 is glorious!

  37. #22 – Your family might want to exercise, put down the Pall Malls, and invest in more produce. Just a thought.

  38. Dr. Phil

    …and maybe move away from that nuclear power plant across the street.

  39. ---------------------VERY RELEVANT COMMENT--------------------------

    VOICE FROM THE CLOSET: Touch her boob.
    RANDE: Who is that?
    VOICE FROM THE CLOSET: Do naked stuff.
    RANDE: (Opens closet door.) For the love of God, Clooney. Get out of there!
    CLOONEY: Touch her boob.


  40. sammy

    is it just me or does pic 10 look like someone shot some jizz on her butt?

  41. Realist

    These comments are all useless. This is what it boils down to: Cindy has a very nice body. For any age. She doesn’t have a GREAT body for any age. She has a great body for a women in her 40s. She doesn’t look like a 22 year old Cindy Crawford. She doesn’t look like a 22 year old with an amazing body. So what? 42 ain’t 22. She’s doing pretty well for herself. And you all would hit it.

  42. sammy

    Oh God, I just spanked it to pic 10 and got some on the keyboard.
    Cindy come and sit on my face you hot thang!!

  43. Flat-FLAT ass, no boobs, and a candidate for Miss Butterface 2008.

    This is NOT Cindy Crawford. Can’t be, I don’t believe it.

    Maybe her sister???

  44. bigcups

    clooney handsome??? I think you mean poo eater dont you?

  45. britney_blogs

    Old? saggy? flat ass? not bad? butterface? fat? boxy? are you people serious? she looks great!

  46. typical superficial loser

    Even in her better days she was too ugly for me. I am an Adonis.

  47. typical superficial loser

    I read these comments and I’m in TEARS. You bastards. If you’re like that to her, how harsh would you be to me?

    Defend. I must defend.

    …whoops. Did I just say all that out loud?

  48. keep it moist

    WOMEN START MOISTURIZING YOUR KNEES ASAP. She lookss great for her age, always found her mannish in the face and bod (except for the boobs) but those knees eremind you that she’s as old as some of your mothers.

  49. Ron

    The only chicks who “look great” at her age are the ones who were fat and/or ugly when they were younger. But for Cindy and any other good-looking girl, looking good at 42 means not looking bad (saggy/lumpy/veiny/stretch-marked). Nobody who fucked you at 22 wants to fuck you at 42. Sorry, ladies, it’s the truth, even though few guys would ever say it to your face.

  50. Sapphire Eyes

    Jimbo and Eliot Spitz on himself: You two should get a room. You stupid morons seem like a perfect couple.

    FYI — No one in my family smokes anymore. My brother, sister and neices have all qualified for the Boston Marathon. I do yoga and Pilates EVERY DAY as well as boxing three times a week. Lung cancer claimed my mother’s life 13 years after she quit smoking. There is a proven genetic link in families with “cancer clusters” and no, we don’t live next door to a power plant (stupidest thing I’ve ever read, and that’s saying something about this site.)

    So go fuck each other, you stupid wankers. Americans ARE stupid. I;ll bet you woted for that retard Bush, not once, but twice.

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