Cindy Crawford in a bikini

Cindy Crawford got her bikini on while vacationing in France with husband Rande Gerber. Also on board was George Clooney which is a brave act on her husband’s part. Nothing like inviting the handsomest man in the world on your yacht to ogle your superfine wife. This probably won’t end well.

CINDY: Chin me. Chin me, George! Chin me like you mean it-
RANDE: Cindy! Wake up! You’re talking in your sleep again.
CINDY: Huh, what? Oh, wow, this is embarrassing.
RANDE: I knew this was a bad idea. Why’d you invite him anyway?
CINDY: I didn’t invite him.
RANDE: Neither did I. Then, what in the….

VOICE FROM THE CLOSET: Touch her boob.
RANDE: Who is that?
VOICE FROM THE CLOSET: Do naked stuff.
RANDE: (Opens closet door.) For the love of God, Clooney. Get out of there!
CLOONEY: Touch her boob.

Based on a true story.