Cindy Crawford has a pretty son

August 16th, 2007 // 197 Comments

Here’s a fun little game called “Guess The Son,” because apparently one of Cindy Crawford’s daughters is actually a boy. Can you figure out which? Me neither, but according to sources it’s the blonde kid. I can tell in the future this kid is going to get a lot of heat for looking so manly. I bet he’s already shaving. Maybe twice a day.

NOTE: Cindy Crawford’s son should get together with Celine Dion’s son. I bet they’d find out they have a lot in common. They could trade shampooing tips or something.


  1. D Train


  2. LayDeeBug

    All I can say is …..


    Gorgeous Hanson-type kid. Needs a haircut.

    (What’s up TT?!)

  3. mywellrehearsedmistake

    the one on the left?… no, the one on the right?… I’m confused.

    blonde or brunette the age ol’ question.

  4. Chauncey Gardner

    They both popped out of that growth on her face, right?

  5. lambman

    Yeah, they both look pretty androgenous, like somebody dressed two girls up as “sk8erbois”

    But whatever, I mean when you’re mom is Cindy Crawford and your dad is the guy awesome and rich enough to marry Cindy you’re in pretty good shape.

  6. Hey there LayDeeBug…………I’m still blushing from your comments about my picture.

  7. wedgeone

    Wow, he’s insanely hot! I wonder if there any nudie pics floating around the internet…?

  8. Can’t tell. Maybe she is babysitting for Celine Dion, and they are both boys.

  9. Shay

    Wow, when I looked at the first picture, I guessed it was the brown-haired one. If it wasn’t for their outfits, I wouldn’t be able to tell.

  10. wedgeone

    Bet that Cindy’s kids hang out with Celine Dion’s kid. They call themselves “the Hermaphrodite posse”.

  11. veggi

    fucking booooooooooooooooooring.

  12. justplainconfused

    Damn, this woman must have genes of steel. They both look just like her. Good for the girl. Probably, not so good for the boy, especially if he ever ends up in jail. Are we sure there was actually a father? I’m thinking we’re looking at the first and second human clones. Hell, the boy (?????) even has here mole.

  13. intransfer

    How sad for the girl that her brother is prettier

  14. Last picture, the brunette is wearing a skirt. She is the girl

  15. Hey Veggi; fucking is boring?……..Your doing it wrong.

  16. Grace

    her kids are actually very attractive, and i mean that in the most non-pedophile way possible. PLUS! i’m not going to be a bitch about some little kids either.

  17. gotbreastmilk?

    let me guess, the one NOT wearing a dress?

    even the girl doesn’t really look like a girl, she could pass for a dude.

    poor things.

  18. Some Things

    1) how the hell did he inherit her mole? on the opposite side, granted, but that’s just freaky.
    2) i always knew Cindy secretly hated guys. this is the proof.
    3) lots of celebrity kids get into drugs and end up spending at least a few days in jail. he’ll be VERY popular. he’ll be released early for good behavior – and with a size 12 poopshoot.

  19. wedgeone

    OK – Fish stole my idea. My telekinetic powers are spreading even over the Internet. wow.

    Also, go wrap your lips around a giraffe penis, schack. Talking about child porn is a terrible thing, especially when you try & troll it under someone else’s name. If I had a flame thrower, I’d use it on you until all your bones were nothing but ashes.

  20. Long hair is hot on older men. On kids..? Yeah.. he should cut it for now.

  21. No girl has ever gotten me this hard.

  22. mywellrehearsedmistake

    18. Why not? that’s what we do here. Give us a tone – we’ll try to lower it!

  23. @23 Good Morning troll. How are you this morning?

  24. Texas Tranny

    I’d love to dress him up all pretty in girlie clothes and suck his sweet hair-less cock.

  25. Buffalo Bill

    When he grows up he’ll be dancing in front of a mirror with it tucked back, listening to “Goodbye Horses.”

    It puts the lotion on its skin…

  26. swan

    Both of those kids are very cute and are fuckin lucky as hell.

  27. eh.

    He kind of reminds me of Legolas.

  28. veggi

    Seriously Texas Tranny, inbreds like you should be gutted.

  29. Wow, the blonde needs to cut his hair, if his clothes weren’t so boyish, id think he was a girl

  30. Katherine Martin

    27 – Fucking Brilliant. You’re the hero of the day today.

    Now where’s that poodle….

  31. YouRang

    To steal a line from Phil Hartman “sometimes a little girl is born with a penis and testicles.”

  32. skin popper

    You never know, “he” might rebel against mom at some point and become masculine and not obsessed with appearance (unlike mom). Of course, he’ll never be mega-masculine, like, say, Amy Winehouse.

  33. Jimbo

    i dont know about you guys, but i’d definitely hit it. Then i’d bust all over Veggi’s neck and face. Cindy Crawford… superbowl pepsi commercial.. those were the days.

    if any of you thought i was talking about her he-she son/daughter… you guys are sick.

  34. yolatengo

    god this fucking kids hit the lotto…rich, beautiful and cool parents.

    here I sit in my cube ready to kill myself from boredom at my 30k job….shakes fist at the god

  35. Kait

    Freaky that both kids have carefully plucked eyebrows.

  36. veggi

    If I met a guy who looked exactly like that kid, I might be able to make an exception and tolerate a brief encounter with his dirty widdler. But only if we could do each other’s hair afterwards.

  37. veggi

    36- wow. That’s not getting old at all! It’s just as funny as the 34th time you said it. You my dear, are BRILLIANT! As brilliant as that time you caught the hiv when you stuck that needle in yer dick.

  38. Jimbo

    Ooohhhh Veggi, so when are we going to cyber again? Last time was uber titilating….

  39. veggi

    #39- Ah hahahahahahahaha!!!!!! Oh, and FUCK YOU. GO MAKE ME A SAMMICH.

  40. He will make a hot tranny when he …er…she is 18

  41. doh

    This is all Cindy. The dad’s a pretty normal looking & dressing dude. I’m so happy Cindy got those 2 dolls to play with, she’s been asking Santa for them since she was 5!

  42. He looks like Heidi Montag from The Hills. Her son looks more girly than her daughter.

  43. wedgeone

    I just bought candy, duct tape, and a windowless van. Where does this kid live, exactly?

  44. rccp

    #37. I beat you, I’m sitting in my cube making 29k. (flips off boss behind the cube wall)

  45. Has anyone else noticed the massive ears on her daughter?
    I’d tell co-workers nearby about it, but I’m afraid she’d hear.
    And I don’t wanna make little girls cry.
    Especially the ones with freakishly over sized ears.

  46. Reminds me of my childhood. Cindy should go easy on him when she catches him playing dress-up in her bra and panties.

  47. Goodman

    how the fuck does that happen

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