Cindy Crawford gets drunk at George Clooney’s house

December 5th, 2008 // 78 Comments

Cindy Crawford got wasted at George Clooney’s house in London last night where he was throwing a charity event for the victims of Darfur. And you know what will totally make those fuckers feel better? Cindy Crawford knocking back Jell-O shots in a see-through top. Whoo! Charity! GET SOME!

NOTE: Seriously, are George Clooney and Brad Pitt having some sort competition to see who can look more like a child molestor? It’s either that, or they wake-up one morning and suddenly realized “Shit, you know who’s sexy? Dennis Farina.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Livi

    hate the stache

  2. Tits McGee

    love the under boob
    I’d suck that mole right off of her face

  3. jrz

    fat bitch.

  4. mimi

    Nasty whore I always hated this skank

  5. Daniel

    Holy crap he totally looks like Dennis Farina.

  6. havoc

    She looks okay. Okay for someone who had to herd hamsters for Richard Gere…..


  7. jens.

    Charity’s awesome.

  8. Kahlee

    I still think shes beautiful. Even with her mole/birth mark thingy.

  9. skinny fat

    oh goody rich people spending buckets of money to raise money for Darfur. they hypocrisy of these turds amazes me. can’t they just donate WITHOUT the party???????????? and i’m sick of cindy crawford already. she’s starting to look like janice dickinson

  10. LL

    You know how there are lots of women who think they can make a shag haircut or bicycle shorts or a tube top hot and 99% of them are wrong? Well, lots of dudes feel the same way about the ‘stache. Clooney and Pitt are hot, but they can’t make the molester ‘stache hot.

    Tom Selleck stands alone.

  11. bb

    um, cindy, your white bra thingy is showing…so declasse

  12. bb

    um, cindy, your white bra thingy is showing…so declasse

  13. steve

    So what are those things she’s got attached to her belt???

    Oh, wait…they’re her boobs…

  14. jrz

    How many years do you think OK is gonna get? I’d give him 50 just for saying this….
    “I stand here today sorry, somewhat confused. I feel apologetic to people of state of Nevada,” Simpson began. At times, he appeared to be fighting tears as he spoke.

  15. Uncle Eccoli

    Becuase she blinked when that photo was taken she’s (too) drunk?

  16. veggi

    She’s so wasted she went home and again molested that fairy son of hers.

  17. Jrz

    duh~ OJ…….not OK. Sorry….I just had a few of whatever good old Cindy here had last night……..

  18. Pathetic Worm

    I’d throw some loving into her body every damn day of the week. For the victims of Darfur, yeah?

  19. Kerry Vaughn

    haha. Ive never seen her look this way. Ah well, she is still beautiful for being in her 40′s. She’ll always be beautiful.

  20. lulu

    wow this dress would’ve looked WAY better if it wasn’t so obvious she’s wearing a bra! take that thing off, honey! wear that dress like its supposed to be worn!

  21. Deacon Jones

    Awesome. All we need now is a ball gag and duct tape!

  22. Parker

    She’s a little on the older side of life but if she begged me I would probably tell her to bend over and grab her knees, then pull her jeans down just far enough to buttfuck her. It’d probably take me a little time to get through it but for an icon like Cindy Crawford I’d make the effort. I still remember that Coke commercial she was in. I didn’t know what it was called at the time but when I first saw her in this commercial, somehow in my pubescent brain I knew it involved her ass and my penis. Exactly how the two things were connected I didn’t understand at the time but now that I do I’m willing to toss a load into her aging behind. I bet she’ll probably even wiggle a little to help me out.

    Look Cindy, I know you’re getting dizzy from bending over so long but your ass looks like cottage cheese flapjacks from back here. How can I concentrate on buttfucking you when I’m thinking about breakfast? Honestly, who’d put sausage in their pancakes?
    I don’t know. How about if I wiggle my ass a little. Does that help?
    I guess that’s a little better.
    I was a big fancy supermodel once, you know.
    Hand me the maple syrup will you?
    Remember how sexy I looked in that Coke commercial? I was so hot.
    Got any butter?
    How about if I wiggle my ass faster?
    That’s nice, yeah. Almost there.
    I was even on the cover of Sports Illustrated.
    You lie bitch! Now you can eat your own f**kin muffin!
    eek…how about if I just shut the hell up?
    Oh yeah. Oh YEAH! That’s it baby. You know how to do it. Porking Cindy Crawford in the ass. C’mon, shake it baby. Shake that ass!
    Yes. Ahhhh……

  23. Lola

    I always trusted your reporting Superfish, but I believe you’ve made an error here. According to (,,20244212_20551468,00.html) this was at some British fashion mogul’s house, NOT George Clooney’s house; although the Cloonster WAS in attendance. If I can’t trust YOU, Superficial, to deliver all my celebrity gossip accurately and without bias, who CAN I trust? Sigh …

  24. JRZ

    AHAHAHAHA…..Such a clever headline!!
    Squeezed: Juice Sentenced to 15 Years in the Can

  25. sfnwsfnrgsb

    Darfur? Not into it. For me it’s Zimbabwe: cholera epidemic, malaria epidemic, anthrax epidemic, 2.8 quintillion [quintillion = 1,000,000,000,000,000,000] % inflation (truth!), armed battles between police and rioting soldiers, white farm confiscation, starvation, AIDS epidemic, mismanaged water system, civilian population fleeing into South Africa (which is gonna go down just like Zimbabwe – just give it a few more years . . .), Robert Mugabe, a population with an average IQ of 65 and a yet another chance to laugh at Jimmy Carter; it just doesn’t get any better than that. Forget Darfur, it just can’t compete.

  26. Groucho

    Drunk? It’s called “blinking”.

  27. Chauncey Gardner

    I heard Clooney and Pitt are co-starring in THE MANY MUSTACHES OF CLARK GABLE, written by Charlie Kaufman and directed by Steven Soderberg. Cindy’s “landing strip” is set to make a cameo.

  28. diddleysquat

    Uh, waiter? Yeah, I’ll have a Cindy Crawford and Brooke Sheilds sammich, extra oil, pickle on da side. To go please.

  29. queena

    first it was reported to be Kid Rock’s house, now Clooney’s? neither is right, it’s some fashion guru named Diana

  30. p0nk

    #5 leave cindy alone, u h8r.

  31. Zukyia


  32. Vince Lombardi

    I’m not sure I can consider someone who is starting to look more and more like Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis as hot.

  33. kk

    Why is she wearing a bra under this dress? It looks stupid.

  34. I hope she gets drunk enough someday to fall down in an alley so a rat can gnaw that thing off her face. Get rid of that thing already!

  35. Masked Marvin

    Clooney had better be careful with that ‘stache. Any minute now, an eyepatched Tom Cruise is liable to jump out of a bush and pop him in the head.

  36. Horny

    I would ream her geriatric ass

  37. She is my favorite. Just saw her on milllionaire personals site “”"” W e a l t h y D a t e r . c o m”"”"”" last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is looking for on that site.Is she single again now?

  38. She is my favorite. Just saw her on milllionaire personals site “”"” W e a l t h y D a t e r . c o m”"”"”" last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is looking for on that site.Is she single again now?

  39. Joe

    It wasn’t Clooney’s house – it was the CEO of Barclays Capital Private Equity’s house in Mayfair……. looks like a good party to me. Though at $15,000 a ticket it should be!

  40. CJ

    what’s with the bra pads that obviously are too big for the space they are supposed to cover? Geeeeeeeze.

  41. She is one of my favorite supermodels too. Still looks great in her age.

  42. 1 pic out of ten were she looks amiss….yeah, just a bad pic and nothing to do with intoxication.

  43. shes one of those broads, who start to believe her own press! she better get rid of that mole now before it replaces the rain forest!

  44. That’s a wide stance you’re taking there douchie.

  45. dew

    That dress is as desperate as Madonna’s tacky stage clothes.

  46. what ever that means! youve reached rock bottom and show signs of starting to dig…

  47. Douchie, perhaps the large quantities of semen are restricting your air supply, but if one was at rock bottom would that not mean said person had dug down as deeply as possible? Watch the “extreme home makeover” episode of It’s always sunny in philadelphia to get the wide stance reference.

  48. Mrs. Satan

    Oh George, you’re far too hot to keep that ‘stache. You are breaking the hearts of all us 20-something-year-old-married-women who are just WAITING for the right man to have an affair with.
    Cindy, please tone those arms. You are breaking the hearts of all of us 20-something-year-old-bisexual-married women who have had vivid dreams of you. Maybe we could all have a threesome?

  49. friendlyfires

    1.) Never has the Bradster ever been so annoying looking , now he’s sporting The ‘Stache. This is another practical joke by the Cloonster, see below.
    2.) The magical thing about the Cloonster is charisma. He’s a wiseguy douche with a bleeding heart and a progressive bent but he knows how to sell it ‘cos he’s got charm. He’ll smile charm ya’ to you face while setting you three thousand dollar silk tie on fire and finger fucking your woman and your recently of age daughter. This current out of work over the hill male porn star look is just to annoy the paparazzi while his stock is the only one going up in this depressed economy. The Bradster is adopting the look, unknowingly looking like a scary Baptist substitute teacher who wants to see you after three o’clock to bang erasers.

    3.) Wanna’ some real fun? Invite Cindy Crawford to a benefit in her honor, I dunno’, for having had sex with Richard Gere, something horrific like that, but when she arrives, everyone including the waitstaff has that same mole planted on the same corner of the mouth. Feel the burn, Monty, feel the burn.

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