Cindy Crawford seems to have forgot her clothes

March 23rd, 2009 // 127 Comments

Here’s Cindy Crawford posing nude for the April issue of Allure magazine. Did anyone else’s desk just splinter in half or was that just mine? Guess they don’t make steel like they used to…

NOTE: Pic links to NSFW version, but there’s a pretty good chance you’re getting laid off anyway, so go nuts.

Photo: Allure

  1. dude

    Y’know, I don’t get the opportunity to say this enough: I am in love.

  2. Reido

    Can’t see anything but old tummy. Moving on…

  3. Shitpants O'Shitter

    Ho hum.

  4. feckless

    Vadge will be stealing this idea next. Just a warning.

  5. Richard McBeef

    What happened to her face and where is the beaver? No seriously, where the fuck did her pussy go?

  6. 1984

    Picture is not sharp enough. Could be airbrushed.

  7. john holmes

    funny…. that’s how she usually looks when I’m finished with her….

  8. Dya

    She’s so fucking good looking! I don’t care what anyone says.. she’s HOT for 43!

  9. One smoking hot MILF!

  10. redsonja1313

    OK…………….. AGAIN I ASK ………………….. WHAT IS NSFW about this photo…. the cream covers everything of importance !!

  11. Beaver O' Snatch

    I’d rather see Meryl Streep like this.

  12. NxIxCxKxMxAxNx

    so that’s her skin care regiment…

  13. Randal

    Cindy Crawford is HOT and continues to be. This is a woman who has matured into a woman that all other women dream about. Revlon doesn’t know what they’re missing!


  14. Aja

    Screams of desperation.

    ” Look at me, I’m old but I’m still hot and relevant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ‘


  15. HOT ASS LADY!!

  16. Spo

    why does her vajiji look like the sponge I use to wash my car?

  17. Tom K

    Damn all those kids later and at 40 and she’s still hotter then some 20 something models that out there. Who says white women age badly? Not this one!

  18. Just another reminder I need to wash my damn car..

  19. Walter

    I thought that she said that she wasn’t going to do any more nudity. Not that I’m complaining.

  20. Tapeworm

    It’s funny how instead of placing a big dollop of lather over her nether region, it looks like they explicitly wiped it away.

    What makes the whole thing not work is that her face is made-up like a damn Geisha doll, inconsistent w/ rest of photo.

  21. toresen

    soapy tit wank

  22. too old for me! ..but not bad for 43 I must say though!

  23. Hawkeye

    My vasectomy reversal worked.

  24. kels

    #19 -You’re right..this one didn’t age bad b/c she’s a brunette with brown eyes and doens’t have that pasty pale skin. Plus, she’s a big fan of sunscreen and taking care of her skin…pay attn white women!

  25. kels

    #19 -You’re right..this one didn’t age bad b/c she’s a brunette with brown eyes and doens’t have that pasty pale skin. Plus, she’s a big fan of sunscreen and taking care of her skin…pay attn white women!

  26. Fati

    Does domeone really consider this nude? I don’t see squad.

  27. 1moreidiotintheworld

    Pretty damn hot for a lady in her 40′s!!!

  28. Meh

    The old ‘arms above the head’ trick to keep tits from sagging.

  29. Parker

    Ever since that coke commercial I’ve dreamt of planting my bone in her back yard. Today, if the money was right, I would do the same.

  30. ------------------

    hot for 43? how about just HOT. she easily looks like she is in her 20′s, and is way hotter than women half her age! she looks fucking amazing! her tits are bigger and better than ever!!! they are fucking perfect. her face looks insanely hot, as well.

  31. assface

    yeah, suck on that janice dickinson

  32. R2-D2

    Blope! When!? Walking shitbag!?

  33. sexyrich

    She is one of my favorite celebrities, well, do you know she created a blog at ” C e l e b m i n g l e. C0M” too? It is very hot and she has a lot of devoted fans. It is a site for succe ssful sin gle s and admireres,

  34. LT

    #19 – how the HELL does naked Cindy Crawford become an excuse to slag off white people? And #27 as well. You’re both pathetic.

  35. wet newspaper

    Hot body and everything… but WTF! How trashy! What a broad!

  36. R2-D2

    Answer me straight walking shit bag! When!? Bleep!

  37. daffy

    This is the same woman who doesn’t let her daughter watch “Hannah Montana” because her kids emulates Cyrus bad attitude. But its fine for Mummy to stand naked with fake gizz all over her

    After her daughter see this pictorial it’ll be Disney Channel 24/7 with a big dose of “hey Mum its either this or ‘Hoes next door’… which is worse for me Mum… Mum?

  38. Shitpants O'Shitter

    Black women may supposedly not age badly but I’ll still pass. I’m not really fond of gorilla lips and noses as wide as Kim K’s ass. Oh, and an ass as wide as Kim K’s.

  39. Brink

    I would hit that until her gine put up a white flag and called mercy!

  40. the writers on this site suck

    why put stars on it when it’s already censored by all the foam. who ever the not funny person on the site is should stop writing posts.

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  44. Ohcindy

    I’m so sure!

    More like “this is what photoshopping looks like”

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  48. R2-D2


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