Cindy Crawford will probably be doable at 90

December 3rd, 2007 // 44 Comments

Cindy Crawford attended the opening of the Hard Rock Hotel’s nightclub in San Diego. Will she ever stop looking awesome? Scientists in the future will probably dig up her body and start frantically searching for a miracle cure to reverse death. Sadly, a few days later they’ll discover Tara Reid’s corpse, immediately abandon their research and vow never to dig up another body again. Why do they keep doing that anyway? Is it boring in the future? Have strip clubs been outlawed? I could really use these answers before I freeze myself in my homemade cryo-chamber. Which is actually a bathtub filled with ice and, okay, beer. I hope my roommate wasn’t planning on taking a shower – for the next hundred years! Ha ha, just kidding. He totally won’t. That swampy bastard hates baths.

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  1. WASONsmith

    Wow, i have recalled that i have seen her photo on a Muslim matrimonial site, it is so strange! But it is true!! really a lovely chick

  2. JMD580


  3. JMD580


  4. JMD580


  5. bob

    Cindy defies the laws of aging. She looks better in her 40′s than most women do in their 20′s.

  6. JMD580

    Well chit! Maybe next time!!!

  7. anon

    wow i would bang her any day of the week

  8. She will always be doable !!

  9. Ted from LA

    #2, #3, #4,
    You’re #1. Technically, that unofficial #1 is a cocksucker. That is the medical term for him. #1, I saw the same muslim pictures at

  10. cookie monsta hates spam fuckers

    mmmm milfy ……………..

  11. Ript1&0

    Ok, I get it.

    You hate me. What other reason could there be for these things?

  12. MindRiot

    Gorgeous. Nice to see someone age gracefully and with dignity – all while still looking hot.

  13. Ron

    She’s a celebrity what do you expect? Not that shocking, shes got a whole team of 200 people trying to make her look pretty. I bet she looks disgusting when she wakes up in the morning

  14. i’d pee in her butt

  15. Well she do me when I’m 90. That’s the real question. She continues to full the masturbatory fantasies of the next generation. Good on her.

  16. She is hot for her age.
    She is 92,right?

  17. woodhorse

    lol. new word “muslimony”. It is hard to list all the hideous things that word conjures up.

  18. Petite

    Muslims aren’t allowed to date- unless it’s their own donkey.

  19. yoyoyoyyo

    Not really… check out the photos on the dailymail about her nasty stretchmarks..

  20. boboank

    she is beautiful. I just found her new album on a celebrity and millionaire dating site named “”.

  21. yukadoozer

    These Cindy posts are l.a.m.e.

  22. RichPort

    She looks like a fucking prude. It would probably take an act of God to get her wet. She could probably jump into the fucking ocean and have the water part around her. That’s how dry this dead fish of a lay would likely be. She’d probably make you take her out on 20 fucking dates before she gave you a tap kiss as a reward. Fucking her would be like sticking your dick between the cushions of an old dusty couch. Fuck you Cindy Assless Crawford. Fuck you and everytime you say “eeeewwwww” when asked to suck a dick.

  23. pointandlaugh

    #5 agreed.


  24. shallow val

    dress is awful

  25. veggi

    She looks mantastic for her age.

  26. What I’m wondering is where does she get that tight hugging girdle?

  27. a doe

    #22..doth protest do much I think you’re just enhat you’ll never get her

  28. RichPort

    #27 – English! English mothafucka! What? Are you related to Jackie Chan? Maaaaaan, don’t nobody understand the words comin’ out yo mouf!

    No Cindy Crawford is a past tense has been. I’d like to give her my patented cooter kick.

  29. kyley

    # 22 what is your problem???? although I laughed my butt off reading your post. I don’t think she is a louse lay though

  30. kyley

    # 22 what is your problem???? although I laughed my butt off reading your post. I don’t think she is a louse lay though

  31. RichPort

    #29 or 30 (fucking decide) – No issue at all, I just think Cindy Assless Crawford peaked at 18. And these pretty prudes are a dime a dozen. If (and I stress IF) she’s a 9, I’ll take a 7, get my joint polished nicely, some anal, and a chance at her friend. And I won’t have to here her go “MMPPHH MMMPPHH” withan angry face, when she wakes up with my cock in her mouth. Her husband regrets not marrying her assistant, I’m sure of it.

  32. Captain Sloppy

    Ah, but look at her neck. Although she attempts to disguise it with her glued-on extensions, her neck is wrinkly and matronly.

  33. kyley

    #31 RichPort, so who is a 10 and not a prude for you? can you name a few, I’m curious.

  34. PostmortemG

    She still looks good…

  35. sexy lady. check her hot video at . You will fall in love with her. really sexy with bikini

  36. fugue state.

    #22 – Actually, old dusty couches are really good for keeping microwaved watermelons propped at the right angle.

  37. E.

    They’re both genetic marvels. The kids are too.

  38. KittyCat

    She looks amazing!

  39. jacknasty

    suddenly I feel like I have my first bonner and need a diet pepsi!

  40. AJ

    She looks kinda pregnant – her stomach is sticking out. I think everyone thinks Cindy Crawford is hot primarily because it’s Cindy Crawford. Any other woman with her belly poking out like this would be crucified on this site.

  41. Narcissist

    I don’t think that dress is really working.

  42. shelly78945

    Cindy Crawford is really a beauty. she has a good figure and beautiful face.but do u know even this kind of girl even go to service site, someone saw she is on, is she lonely?

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