Cindy Crawford will probably be doable at 90

Cindy Crawford attended the opening of the Hard Rock Hotel’s nightclub in San Diego. Will she ever stop looking awesome? Scientists in the future will probably dig up her body and start frantically searching for a miracle cure to reverse death. Sadly, a few days later they’ll discover Tara Reid’s corpse, immediately abandon their research and vow never to dig up another body again. Why do they keep doing that anyway? Is it boring in the future? Have strip clubs been outlawed? I could really use these answers before I freeze myself in my homemade cryo-chamber. Which is actually a bathtub filled with ice and, okay, beer. I hope my roommate wasn’t planning on taking a shower – for the next hundred years! Ha ha, just kidding. He totally won’t. That swampy bastard hates baths.

Photos: Splash News