Christina Ricci’s cleavage was there the whole time

June 3rd, 2010 // 56 Comments

When I first saw these pics of Christina Ricci at the Museum of Modern Art I completely wrote them off due to a lack of cleavage. Turns out her boobs were being The Matrix and shattering my perception of reality by coming out the bottom. I don’t even know what that sentence means, but we’re obviously looking at some sort of future technology that suggests the leprechauns eventually win the Purple Horseshoes and Red Balloons Uprising of 2016. *grabs a flyswatter* Or do they?

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  1. sunshine

    Christina has been shopping at the Lady GaGa Goodwill store.

  2. Taz


  3. dude

    world’s hottest midget. Tila Tequila doesn’t have as much sexy in her whole body as you’d find in one of Christina’s festered turds. Whoops, i was trying to be clever…that one got away from me.

  4. Shes not bad, just cant get over the large forehead.

  5. snarkysc

    I’m all for underboob as a means of sexual expression…actually, I’m all for just about any boobs in any form as a means of sexual expression.

    HOWEVER, this bizarre, baggy-lace, black feather hula-skirted, felt top thing that looks like the mad hatters lost head gear, atrocity of an ensemble is disgusting. It makes her look pudgy and like she has down-syndrome.

    And for God’s sake, Christina! Try letting your hair down sometimes and getting a “hairstyle” Always slicked back makes you look like a tween dominatrix!

  6. Mr. T

    Have to say the stupid ass ad that looks like ASSton Kutcher is getting into a fight may be the most annoying ad I have ever encountered on the internet. PLEASE STOP!!!!! This movie is going to blow worse then Lyndsey Lohan’s Mom on Qualudes. It’s going to make the movie Gigli look like The Godfather.

  7. Ric Flair

    UNDERBOOBS are awesome!

    gets ur dik hard!

  8. Dr. John "Always at Your Cervix!"

    I really don’t know anything about hair styling, but wouldn’t she look better with her hair down and cut into long bangs? Just curious…

    Also, is it just my imagination or does she have dynamite legs?

  9. Dread not

    Looks like she went out with a big head dress, where her tits were supposed to be exposed, she got nervous and decided to cover her tits with it instead. Bad move, Christina. When in doubt, ALWAYS choose to show your tits. That’s a good lesson for ALL women.

  10. Deacon Jones

    That dress makes it look like Liz Taylor is chomping her bush

  11. miked

    stomach looks wierd..

  12. Crackatowa

    I Love Christina Ricci and here tits and midget legs and that huge forehead. Hot Bitch!

  13. Tek

    Call her a leprechaun or make fun of her forehead, I don’t care. I’ve had a crush on Christina Ricci since forever…

  14. Timo

    Can’t get past the oily fivehead and midget legs. Why does she look so old already?

  15. FrankNfrtr

    Dumbest Dress EVER.

  16. AllForeOne

    All I’m saying is, she is the reason big forheads girls like me cover our craniums… DAAAAAMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!

  17. I like how it shows a little skin but not enough that it’s completely tacky. Good job on the design if it’s for getting more press :)

  18. ClassyDirtyChick

    Would it hurt to have a bang and a bit of flow in your hair CTina?

    such a sexy girl, got it alllllll wrong with this look. :(

  19. Shit. There really is a chick in Hollywood with a face rounder than Hayden the Midget. This chick has bug eyes & a fat face. Moooooo. Go home, ugly cow, and chew your cud.

  20. Crabby Old Guy

    Elfin underboob – almost makes up for the stupid efing Aston Kutcher movie ad you’ve sold your soul for Fish. A L M O S T.

  21. Nameless

    Underboobs are as sexy as clevage.

  22. Dank

    This chick’s tits would be great if they didn’t have a tattoo of a giant fucking bird on them. Seriously who the hell gets a tattoo right on their tit? What a waste of a perfectly nice tit. Her forehead could be used as a drive-in screen too.

  23. SO RIGHT

    I used to like her until she became anorexic. Now she’s just another actor dying for attention in a stupid dress. That dress looks like the plant in Little Shop of Horrors saying “FEED ME!”

  24. Tek

    @23 I agree about the weight loss, but she’s not looking as horrible as she did a couple of years ago (when she lost weight to do Black Snake Moan). She’s gained back some, but not enough cuz her tits aren’t as epic as they used to be.

  25. ClassyDirtyChick

    haha! @22 . its true , it will look like a big blue blob when she is older

  26. Whoreable lady with giant beaver

    This bitch is so fine I would suck Parker’s little shit dick after he fucked her in the bum!

  27. kurt

    If you look at that dress long enough the black part over the under boob starts to look like a hat and the boobs – eyes. I keep thinking of the hamburgler.
    Love the love though.

  28. Randal

    Regardless of any type of cleavage shot or her amazing acting skills, Christina has always had the look due to the one part of this beautiful woman that stands out — her eyes.


  29. Scott

    That dress is some major fuckery!

    Oh yeah….TITTIES!

  30. zoomzoom

    Christina Ricci rules!

  31. Ozgirl

    That dress is hideous – looks like she’s caught in a strong wind.

  32. Black feather hula-skirt, it seemed the top issue seems Mad Hatters lost his head gear, the band cruelty is disgusting. Makes her look chubby and like he has Down syndrome.

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  34. Ryan

    This isn’t new. This is 1999-2000… like when Terri used to do this every week in WWE, or WWF back then.

  35. captain america

    pssssssssssssssst, HER VAGINA TOO, folks!!

  36. I don’t like this dress!

  37. Lori

    It would have been good to have gotten a second and maybe third opinion on this dress, Christina.

  38. rachel valle

    That outfit is horrid!

  39. What a retarded dress.

  40. Hugh Gentry

    god damn she has a great body and face. I would like to cover her in spooge.

  41. Deeda

    Honey, does this dress make my stomach look fat?

  42. candiruacu

    Love the dress-

    Covers up her ugly-ass boob tat

  43. This is just wrong!!!!!!! She is cute with her big forehead. Everyone can’t get away with it, but she can.

  44. Love her goth look, simple and basic makeup.

  45. V-4-Vendetta

    Why is there a nun’s “habit” covering the good parts?

  46. chynagurl

    my first impression…lmbo “is tha a hat coverin her boobs”?? …No its a dress! orrr wha appears 2Ba dress… not a good look atall for aceleb… LOL

  47. Jenn

    Most of you commenters are so unimaginably stupid. I would love to bet that you have ZERO artistic creativity in your boring, normal, and AVERAGE lives. ;)

  48. Snarkysc : “look like a tween dominatrix!”

    Works for me.

  49. Josh

    Viva “midget sex”!

  50. like me,
    mjk mjk ? :)

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