Christina Ricci wants Jessica Biel’s ass (Bingo!)

Christina Ricci, like most of the civilized world, wants Jessica Biel’s butt and she’s shouting it from the rooftops. Or People Magazine, if you want to argue over semantics:

“I asked my trainer, ‘Can you give me Jessica Biel’s butt?'” the actress – who starred with Biel’s beau Timberlake in last year’s Black Snake Moan – tells the U.K. edition of Elle. “I want a bigger butt.”
Alas, because of her tiny frame, “they said I couldn’t,” she laments. “Everyone wants what they can’t have!”

Christina Ricci, I, too want Jessica Biel’s ass. Mostly for haberdashery purposes, but we should get together sometime and compare notes. Perhaps over coffee or, oh, I dunno, my bathtub. Why not both? Just don’t laugh at my shower cap and scald my nips off with French Roast.