Christina Ricci might have been drinking

March 11th, 2010 // 154 Comments

Here’s an absolutely shit-faced Christina Ricci in Paris last night, and is anyone at all surprised to see Lindsay Lohan at the scene of the crime? That’s like seeing a fish in the ocean. If the ocean was 3/4ths gin.

Photos: INFdaily

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  2. She looks fun for a night out in a “omg its way too early and Im shitfaced whilst everyone is on their second drink” kinda way – christina if your ever bored I’ve got a massive supply of gin – we could hang out ;)

  3. August

    I thought the 12-Step Religious Cult’s “Higher Power” worked….what a fraud!

  4. Delby

    The funny thing is, there really aren’t any recent pictures of Lindsay drunk. I’ve seen lots of other celebrities drunk, like Christina obviously is here, but not Lindsay, yet Lindsay gets so much crap. Maybe when people think Lindsay’s high on drugs she’s really on medication for something. It’s funny, people that have actually MET Lindsay say nice things about her. I’m actually really bored reading comments about Lindsay, all the same, uncreative bashing. It gets old.

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  6. Not surprising…
    Not surprising at all…
    the next few shots just gave the answer to the why question… being with Lindsay can “never go wrong”

  7. Looks like a job for the fondling magic of Ken Paves.

  8. @ 66 – they should make a biographical movie, “Lindsay”. A straight to clearance bin extravaganza no one will care about, just like “Labor Pains”.

  9. Lara

    Lindsay Lohan tries so hard to be something she’s not. I mean, she’s constantly altering her appearance so she looks nothing like how she should. It’s pretty pathetic. Something about it gets on my nerves so bad.

  10. Ryan

    I just wanna thank god, Buddha, or whoever it was that invented hot drunk celebrity women!

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  12. Girlfriend is in pretty bad shape.

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  23. Damn it to hell, I come back to this post to enjoy the hilarious comments, and I gotta sift through spammers once again.

    @39 fuckin hilarious!

    They’re both nasty. At least Chris is sporting bangs to hide that five-head.

  24. Ilan Ben Menachem

    Definitely they did sexy after this party

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  39. Ricci looks delicious! You don’t have to say Lindsay Lohan remember, we all know her as Lindsay!

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