Christina Ricci might have been drinking

March 11th, 2010 // 154 Comments

Here’s an absolutely shit-faced Christina Ricci in Paris last night, and is anyone at all surprised to see Lindsay Lohan at the scene of the crime? That’s like seeing a fish in the ocean. If the ocean was 3/4ths gin.

Photos: INFdaily

  1. Jack

    Lindsay actually looks pretty

  2. Jack

    ZOMG! I was frist?

  3. Rob

    You don’t have to say Lindsay Lohan remember, we all know her as Lindsay!!

  4. Scientist

    That doesn’t make sense. A fish could not survive in that high of an alcohol content.

  5. Milk-a-holic

    @ Rob – You’ll be hearing from my lawyer

  6. Jack

    Lol #3, Rob:
    That’s right, she’s just Lindsay now. Like Brangelina.

  7. dude

    A good guy holds up a tiny cup for a lush to horf into. I love the look of concern for the intoxicated midget on the blonde’s face in pic 1.

    Maybe Lindsay and Christina there producing the french version of “2 girls 1 Cup”?

  8. Yummy!

    Ricci looks delicious! Can someone say “date rape”? I guess I just did.

  9. AnnaDraconida

    She’s a lady, woh woh woh she’s a lady

  10. Leah

    Does anyone else think Lindsay looks like Brett Michaels?

  11. Irene Barcelo

    Well look who she is hanging around with……..

  12. Eric

    Wow, looks like Lindsay had too much milk!!!

  13. Balls McCoy

    I want to stick my shame into her filth hole.

  14. RoboZombie

    Pic #1, looks like she has a drinking problem a la Airplane!

  15. Dread not

    What, Fully Loaded Lohan isn’t holding a glass of milk and trying to pull the guy away from Xtina Ricci to try and add factual support for her lawsuit against eTrade?

  16. abby

    Don’t you have to trademark a name before you can go and sue over it.

  17. Who Cares...

    …just fuck them both, leave a sample in each and then scrub your dick!

  18. Christina was probably wooed by Freckles McMilk’s mad DJ skills. Or it was the only way to escape the ear stabbing garbage that was being ‘created’ by Milkface.

  19. Jade

    I think Christina looks pretty hot in those pics. I’m not into women but I think I would of taken her drunken sexy ass home………just sayin

  20. Rough from Barter town

    I understand all invalid entry alarms have been turn off…NON?

  21. Valerie

    They look like they’re having fun.

  22. bigdaddy

    oooooo…she’s a dirty little elf…. >;)

  23. L

    Maybe Lohan was walking down the street then ran into the pics to make it look like she has friends.

  24. bar room hero

    what’s blohan doing here?????


  25. misterfister

    She looks like she’s waiting for a hot turd to be dropped in her mouth.

  26. Balls Malone

    What the hell is that thing above the camera in pic #1? Is that water? Some sort of shape shifting gelatinous glob?

  27. yuki

    get lohan outta my ricci shitfaced pics.
    is she mandated to show up whenever shitfaced happens?
    fu lohan.

  28. dina

    Wow what a couple of liquor pigs these 2 skanks are

  29. PunkA

    Apparently, this is what happens when you OD on milk, right Lindsay? Stupid cunt.

  30. wow

    It puts the puke in the little cup!


  31. dude

    Hey Balls Malone at 26,

    it’s a shot being ejected from a shot glass. Look closely. Had me wondering for an hour too.

  32. Sport

    Lohan is such a trashy, splotchy skinned MESS.

  33. Merger

    Christina ricci is cute!!! she’s just having fun

  34. SO RIGHT

    Newsflash: there is nothing attractive about sloppy drunk women. If you can’t hold your liquor, either don’t drink or drink within the confines of your own home.

  35. over lohan

    It looks like lohan is so hammered she is snuggling up to the old dude in the last pic.

    “OMG, you are like soooooo hot!”

    “Excuse me madam (because he thinks she’s 42), can I get by you?”

    “OMG, I was totally gonna f@#K you but I hate you now!”

  36. MrWhipple

    Girl, Inebriated.

  37. IKE

    I still think she’s hot. HOT (all caps says it better).

  38. Giorgio!

    They both look sexy as hell but what is this child stars gone bad!

  39. church lady

    …after they both went home they ate each others pussy out and did blow off their smelly sweaty tits..

    FUCKED up coke whores…

    then they shoved empty champagne bottles up their drunk twats and took pictures.

    …that’s my timer, cake is done!

  40. joe blow

    There is a world of difference between the Ricci pics and teh Lohan pics.

    Ricci is obviously plastered out of her over-tattooed mind… if we could hear her, she was probably fucked up that she was doing the HAL shutdown scene from “2001″.


  41. Rupert

    Remember when she was fat?

  42. Vince Lombardi

    Wouldn’t that be 3 fifths of gin???

  43. CanD

    Gee wonder where Mr. Pattinson was he likes to drink and get out too. You know co-workers hanging out after work….

  44. gen

    Aw, Christina Ricci is still so, so pretty. Even when she’s totally shit-faced!

    Lindsay Lohan on the other hand… not even that drunk-looking but still… not…so, so pretty…

  45. Card

    Christina isn’t shit-faced.

    Clearly she’s been drugged by Lohan, err Lindsay. Rohypnoled.

  46. testington

    I love Christina, haven’t seen her in anything sing Black Snake Moan but she rocked in that!

    Is that Jason Segal in pick 2?

  47. These pictures made me laugh. Not at her, but she looks like she’s having fun. Just about everyone’s had that much fun, (or has watched a friend have that much fun) once or twice in their lives.
    Lindsay just looks like she drinks stronger shit than this at brunch.
    God, she looks at least 5 years older than Ricci.

  48. frankiestage

    I work with a Lindsay. I’ll tell her to watch her mail for the impending lawsuit.

  49. Well, at least they are sneakily tryin’ to make a buck off of you like Gwyneth Paltrow

  50. stop trying to whore out your site sickkitten, it blows worse than lindsay!

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