Christina Ricci is single

June 4th, 2009 // 54 Comments

Christina Ricci and Owen Benjamin have called off their engagement, according to People:

“Owen had a birthday party this past Sunday, and everything seemed fine. Sometime after, they got into a fight and decided to reevaluate things. [Then] the engagement was off,” says a source close to the couple.
Another source close to the actress says the pair called off the engagement before last week. “They really are still close,” adds the source. “They talk almost every day. It was a very mature decision and they both felt good about it. They’re definitely still friends.”

I’m sure they’ll be fine. In the meantime, anyone notice how Christina’s always carrying a can of Coke? I guess caffeine really does stunt your growth. *looks at coffee mug* So you’re why my penis is so small MADE OF DIAMONDS.

Photos: Fame

  1. Foist


  2. Melissa

    I want that god damn bag…

  3. Duuude

    @3… I want the diet coke. Let’s kill her and split the bounty.


    Ricci just release a new statement stating who care about this fool, this is how a gut should look like when seating down (a la Lilly gelatin Allen)

  5. Jol

    Glad to see some sense. If you are young, single and rich in Hollywood, you are making a huge mistake by getting married.

    Marriage is for the drones working thankless jobs who, out of their boredom, produce kids to entertain their drab existence.

    But when you got it all? Play, party, fuck around, or shack up. But marriage? Nigga please.

  6. Homer

    Mmmmmmm nipples!

  7. Duuude

    Upon further review…. What is she, a walking Coke ad?

  8. Richard McBeef

    She looks a lot healthier here than in times past, like she has been eating or something.

  9. Zanna

    Nice five-head.

  10. Shane

    In a pinch, she could crawl inside & use that giant bag to hide from the paps

    - hot little spuds on her

  11. sokka

    i would totally lick her asshole

  12. John

    Wow she looks hot, haven’t seen her look this good in years. Hard to believe she’s around the same age as Sabrina, looks younger then Lohan

  13. Looks like a raisin fell down her shirt…

  14. Vince Lombardi

    Yep, all by herself in all 12 OLD photos. That proves she’s single.

  15. dirk

    Guess he didn’t offer the whore another movie?

  16. yan

    @11 yes, i too would totally suck one of her farts

  17. Alyssa

    Can’t eat? drink Diet Coke!
    (but coke zero tastes way better)

    Id have some right now, but I love my teeth, and my dentist says drinking that shizz as often as people do these days destroys your enamel. Best to have 1 or 2 a week max.

  18. Alyssa

    Can’t eat? drink Diet Coke!
    (but coke zero tastes way better)

    Id have some right now, but I love my teeth, and my dentist says drinking that shizz as often as people do these days destroys your enamel. Best to have 1 or 2 a week max.

  19. Shes one of those chicks that should never be fat, or shes going to be visually offensive. case and point, pic#12 her neck and lower chin is a unit, there’s no degree of definition. So! that extra weight would make her look very unattractive…

  20. It’s hard to feel bad that she has ended her relationship on what is to be the third happiest day of my life. The second happiest is when she comes to my place and decides I would be a better mate. The happiest is when she gives up acting and gets into my kitchen where she belongs!

    Just joking, she could still act. But only in the private movies we make together. The first movie will be a movie where she only talks backwards. It will be called “Reverse Cowgirl”, and her line only line is, “Emoc annog Mi! Dog ho! Dog ho!”

  21. J-Dawg

    Good GOD this woman needs a serious set of bangs installed on that forehead!

  22. e-rock

    @ #5- My thoughts exactly. Why screw up a wonderful life when the world is your oyster?
    Something about her I have always liked. Maybe she reminds me of myself, in a rebel, devil may care kind of attitude, but still very down to earth, and not full of herself.
    Well good luck Miss Ricci! Stay single, and have the men eating out of your hands! And keep the real personality, unlike many of the obvious “starlets” whose ego is too big for their britches.

  23. Deacon Jones

    Too bad she got a tit reduction.

    Good-bye movie roles!

  24. Nero

    Is she single??

  25. Stuey

    HAHA I love when he does the scratch through text. Cracks me up

  26. I would like to bang that and jizz on her huge forehead.

  27. Mr. Jones

    Got some Gena Davis thing goin’ on here.

  28. Erica

    Nice save, superfish.

  29. JR

    Tinier version of Victoria Principal pre-plastic. Dang, that’s a big forehead!

  30. e-rock

    One more thing, you people trashing her looks need to get a life. She is not trying to be the sexiest star out there, this chick can actually act. She is not perfect, and I love the fact that she’s not trying to be either. Ala Jessica Beil, Jessica Alba, Megan Fox, Leighton Meester, etc. This girl is in the industry to ACT.
    You rock Christina! If I was a lesbian, I would try to snag ya! Ahh, hell I probably would either way if I ran into you!
    Much love,

  31. wee

    Sorry, didn’t notice the soda since I was staring directly at her nipples.

  32. Seriously though, someone give her my number.

  33. Dread not

    Jeez, Xtina Ricci is about the equivalent of the jizz rag you kept in the trunk of your car back in the day. You know the one you used after riding your girl bare back, so you didn’t fuck up the upholstery in your car? Xtina’s a freak! And she’s a hot little freak, to boot! So pass that ass!

  34. friendlyfires

    Crap, she’s headed straight for my house. Goddammit, Ricci, it’s really over, go back to Owen, I love you, but was never meant to be, it’s just lust type infatuation we have, look I’ll pay for the therapy just, just … JUST DROP THE GODDAMM BRICKS ALREADY. STOP IT! OW! STOP IT! OW! STOP IT! OW! OW! OW ! ffffffffffucck! I’m think I’m really going to die, now, yes, that’s a large hematoma …. pant …pant …pant (is she gone?)

  35. dude

    Didn’t she have a bird tattooed on one of her tits? Or was that a shop? Either way, I liked her better when she was chubby and had huge boobies. She was so curvy and luscious.

  36. Parker

    That Coke Zero is great stuff. If Hollywood held a battle of the midgets I bet Christina would kick Hayden’s munchkin ass all the way to my house where I’d pick her up and wedge my cock into her little midget ass. Then me and Christina would laugh watching Hayden wiggling around on my weiner trying to touch the floor with her little midget legs. Later, I’d buttfuck Christina and then kick them out.

  37. mafme

    Shit! I got rid of her number when they got engaged! That was fucking stupid!

    Christina, gimme a call, k?

  38. Don't ASSk

    After I licked her asshole I would give her a laxative and drink her liqueous feces.
    Who the fuck licks an asshole? Doesn’t shit come out of there? Just lick the ass itself you freaks. Do I have to be the brains around here again?

  39. Alli Watermelon

    This girl never ages. Props to her. And I don’t blame her for getting a breast reduction!

  40. Keithypoo


  41. what sort of sick individual would get a breast reduction???

  42. Funeral Guy

    I love little chicks with smokin’ hot bodies. Nice nips, too!

  43. wow, first thing I thought of before reading the comments was “I would toss her salad”. Guess I’m not the only one.

  44. Evil

    Oh hells yeah, now I have a slight chance in hell!…..

  45. Alli Watermelon

    #41, someone of her petite stature, huge boobs and a tired back! That’s who. Besides, big boobs make you look bigger than what you are. So you be nice, mister.

  46. some american girls get the picture now, folks?
    (no, I MUST BE DREAMIN’)

  47. Mama Pinkus

    her forehead reminds me of the Superdome

  48. David55

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  49. Ricci cleans up real good.

  50. Suzy

    This girl has always been ugly IMO…that 6head, she looks like an alien. Now that she is putting weight back on, not having her fuller tits looks ridiculous. Small boobs and big flabby pale arms look horrible. Her breasts were never so big that she had to do it for medical reasons, she did it to get taken more seriously in Hollywood, period. Same with Jennifer Connely and Drew Barrymore. None of those women were larger than a DD, they didn’t want to always be known for their boobs, they took the easy way out.

    I’m so glad Scarlett Johansson isn’t falling victim to this, she is proud of her curves and lands big roles and has no problem showing her acting chops while rocking a big set of tits, you go girl!

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