Christina Ricci is a LILF

April 30th, 2010 // 99 Comments

I’ll let you guys do the math on that one.

In the meantime, does telling a woman your testicles are the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow ever work? I mean for you people. I’m batting a thousand over here. Although in fairness, it involves a lot of Super Glue, those chocolate gold coins and a heavily desensitized scrotum. (Thank you, failed dates trained in self-defense.)

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  1. bill frist


  2. bill frist


  3. havoc

    She was hotter in her Addams Family costume.

    Was that out loud?



  4. TetterkeT

    Spoiler: Leprechaun I’d Like to Fuck.

  5. mikeee


  6. Colleen

    your excitement level needs spellcheck

  7. merilhepburn

    She is so tiny she could use a penis as a diving board. We all knew why Peter Pan loved Tinker Bell.

  8. newtothis

    Leaf I’d Like to Fuck

  9. Gary

    I liked her better when she had massive, doughy tits.

  10. jones

    Lime I’d Like to Fuck

  11. Gary

    Leprechaun I’d Like to Feltch?

  12. Miklos

    Lesbo I’d Like to Fuck?

  13. Fagballs

    Where are you hiding your Gold Christina!

  14. Bread

    Loser I’d Like to Forget?

  15. Randal

    Well look what’s appeared on The FISH. A real celebrity! Randal is shocked that there is something worth posting about today!

    Christina bursts forward with spring in mind in her one piece green dress that hugs her perfect mid section like a gardening glove. Those beautiful eyes of hers draw monarch butterflies to her during their migration to New Mexico.


  16. Chris

    Liliputian I’d Like To Fuck

  17. Randal

    Randal. Kill yourself.

  18. Go figure, a bunch of people gathering around to hate on celebrities. I think she looks great. Yes, maybe on the thin side, but you can see happiness in her eyes and that is what is important in the big picture. I say keep rocking Ricci!

  19. Harry

    Haha that phony Randal forgot to change his name before chastizing himself.

  20. eatme

    Ha LILF!!!

    Took me a few secs to get it, but I laughed when I did (I was always good at math).

  21. Pregnant Kickboxer

    Lunatic I’d Let Fuck My Asshole With A Chainsaw?

  22. shooshine

    I be brakin dat bitch in haf wid my foot long ebony snake!

  23. Man with turd tail dangling from boxers

    Being heterosexual (rare of this site) I find her intoxicating! Goddamn I would love to fuck that! Then just die. (Not a greedy sort)

  24. Dave

    She was hotter when she was pudgy.

  25. black and white artsy fartsy music video

    It’s refreshing to know there’s no shortage of males out there willing to shove their dicks into stubby chicks with really large foreheads.

  26. dontlooknow

    Tell me please! Is LILF a LADY I’dliketofuck or a LEPRECHAUN I’dliketofuck!!!

  27. ktulu

    lizard shitheads! yea

  28. Drundel

    Shouldn’t it be LPILF? Little person…

  29. Tek

    I like Christina, but I agree with #9 and #24. She was definitely hotter during the Sleepy Hollow and Buffalo 66 days.

    And even Randal agrees that this site has turned to shit.

  30. FartMonkey

    See, I really don’t get her.

    She can ACTUALLY act, I do find her interesting, and I would really like to know and see more about her. But instead I’m stuck with daily bulletins about the human period clump that is Lindsay Lohan.

  31. Jimboooo!

    @3 Hmmm. Pretty hot in Fear and Loathing, though.


  32. Burt

    She’s both cute and sexy.

  33. Burt

    “I’d buy you a green dress (but not a real green dress, that’s cruel)”…Unless you’re Christina Ricci, then that would be fabulous.

  34. umm

    Leprechauns are only males. They do not come in the female form. So, that’s kinda gross SFW. :D

  35. “Leaf I’d Like to Fuck”?

  36. Errol Flynn's Foreskin

    LILF…Lips I’d Like to Fuck…again. (Had her last night in a dream. She swallows!)

    oh yeah, and…

    @15. Randal – Do you write fucking greeting cards or something? Just what meds to they have you on that makes everything so fucking rosey-peachy-keen? Are they opiates? Smoke, inject, or snort?

    Would you share with a brother?

  37. HIV+ psychopath, virginal and looking for love

    This is not an attractive woman? Really? Gay men certainly set high standards in the quasi-maternal goddesses they repress, and yet, suck any cock they can get their filthy mouths on.
    This site is riddled with zebra shitters.

  38. Randel

    The FISH needs more men, more hot hunky men.


  39. Randal

    Hi, my name is Randal and I’m a total faggg. I have no life, so I post insipid idiotic reviews on websites. I’ve never been laid, so I don’t even know what sex is. I do know I like little boys and dogs. Well, bye for now until I come back to this website & act like the total hommo…


  40. DC

    Ive always had a thing for her. Shes sexy as hell IMO. Her and Maggie G. I have a thing for girls who look different than the normal hot, i guess.

  41. She look so gorgeous in green Gown.This colour suit on her face so pretty.Yo take beautiful photo.

  42. hilarious

    #17 made me actually laugh out loud! The guy you are talking about is a total ryan secrest wanna be douchebag who is hoping an agent with an “in” at the E network will read his comments and hire him to blog on their site. haha!

  43. niels

    Grinch stole my hips

  44. cellphone

    I’m wondering who her parents are.Danny Devito and Pia Zadora?

  45. bimbamboing

    I’ll gues she’s only allowed to go out on calm days.A strong gust of wind could easily blow her away.

  46. Gando

    I’ll be damned if this isn’t a shout-out to Seth Green.

  47. Rhialto

    Like there isn’t any malnutrition in Western countries folks! It’s good to point that out once in a while.Who posted this?

  48. The Gurr

    As opposed to Tila Tequila who is a LILK. I’ll let YOU do the maths on that.

  49. captain america

    please tell me: WHAT IS THIS?


  50. bar room hero

    Should have kept the HUGE titties…

    ..swing low sweet chariots

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