Christina Ricci in a bikini

October 30th, 2009 // 53 Comments

Here’s Christina Ricci in Miami today with her boyfriend ME. Yep, we decided to get a little R&R together, and if you’re wondering why I keep ducking out of every shot, that’s because I’m the modest type who doesn’t like to rub it into everyone’s face that I’m having sex with Christina Ricci, all the time. In her vagina. Nobody likes a bragger and especially one having sex with Christina Ricci like I do. Without our clothes on. What’s that, Christina? Time for all that sex again? But you’re still taking a bath in a coffee mug, I won’t fit in there…

Christina Ricci in Miami: Day 2


  1. nastyjay


  2. Senator Howard Tankerbell

    Another hot chick who ruined her body by covering it in disgusting tattoos… Too bad.

  3. arealcad

    I’d plow that like an Amish farmer trying to feed his family.

  4. Taz

    More of this please

  5. kingofbeer

    hmmm I never noticed how short and stubby those legs are, my god this woman is all torso! i’d still hit it :)

  6. @2 – totally agree. can’t girls just stick to those little butterfly tattoos or something. Big blobs of ink are just trashy and unattractive.

  7. Valerie

    Looking good!! She’s been through a lot of body compositions, and seems to have found balance.

  8. turd the third

    That is one ugly ass tattoo. Looks like a lesbo prison romp sort of artistic style. Other than that she looks more like a boy with a set of saggy hangers. Doesn’t do a thing for me as she is stubby/disproportionate and doesn’t really have a pleasing shape.

    And yes,,, I probably WOULD kick her out of bed for eating crackers….

  9. Banquo

    Yeah she’s ok I guess,….but I can’t believe her freakishly large forehead didn’t somehow attract dolphins to her as soon as she hit the water. Good thing it didn’t though as I’m sure they would elect her their “earthwalking dolphin queen” for the future war with man.

  10. pj

    what happened to the bird tattoo on her right breast??

  11. Eric

    What could possibly be trashy about a tattoo that says “Fuck” right next to her pussy?

  12. posty

    are the regular superficial writers off?

  13. Rupert


  14. Dr.

    The balance I’d like her body to find is atop my cock.

  15. Flipper

    #10 that was awesome!!!!!!

  16. PDS

    I can’t wait for the day when sites such as this automatically post a photo of the person (and I use the term lightly) who posts messages such as, “Fat Fat Fat” in response to a photograph of an otherwise beautiful woman they can never hope to date, talk to, or (in the case of the Mean Girls on this site) be.
    By the way, folks, if you take the time to post a harsh and judgmental message to this list, the reason is likely because YOU are fat and unattractive, but instead of actually, you know, DOING something about it, you post your fear and loathing to this site. Congratulations, you are a bigger loser than you realize!

  17. Agnes Peabody

    @ number 17, I think your name should be PMS. That out of the way I would like to complain about the bandu bikini tops. They should be reserved for only the largest breasted of our sisters.

  18. shes looking pretty hot and ready to shoot a home porno!!

  19. Ing

    more like another hot chick who ruined her body by exercising it away.

    She used to have an hourglass shape, which only 8% of women have according to wiki, and they’re never wrong.

  20. Ing

    @16 no it wasn’t

  21. She looks awesome —- It’s amazing how the a-holes on this site can pick absolutely anybody apart, no matter how good they look. “Oh man, do you see how long that one pinky toe is? It’s totally sick and she makes me want to vomit. I’d still hit it though.” “She’s probably 3lbs overweight, what a fat tattood whore.” Come on, kids. You can’t be serious.

  22. asdasdasd

    “Adam [her boyfriend at the time, actor Adam Goldberg] and I had a dog that within five hours of getting sick was dead in New York. I have his name tattooed on my leg.”

    Her dogs name was Jack.

    Pretty funny anyway, almost as funny as “Fuck”.

  23. Awful Ass on this girl

    WORST ASS EVER see pic 8

  24. Derek

    I used to love her so much…

    Praying hands on her hip and “fuck” on her thigh? I don’t get it.

  25. She’s the type of girl whose eyes do a full 360 while giving head.

  26. hatetattoosongirls

    Tramp Stamp and the typical bad boy tattoo boyfriend. How unique of her.

  27. Learn to read

    You fucktards – her tattoo says “JACK”, not “FUCK”

    And for the record, she is still hotter than 90% of the general population.

  28. tc

    She has seriously never looked this good.

  29. Anon

    @17 Just because you are fat, unattractive and use the internet doesn’t mean every one else is a well. Put down the pizza, get off the internet and go to the f*cking gym for about an hour a day and you too can make fun of the fatties.

    Good thing her awesome bewbage distracts you from the 65″ 1080P LCD that she calls a forehead.

  30. WOW Christina is looking too hot in violet bikini.
    Looking to hot and snuffy.

  31. just

    She usually looks pretty decent. Even better in person. Great set too!

  32. Aramanth

    I don’t get all the tattoo hatred on here… Not everyone’s trying to be unique with a damn tattoo. Some people just like them, big shocker.

  33. What could possibly be trashy about a tattoo that says “Fuck” right next to her pussy?

  34. She’s the type of girl whose eyes do a full 360 while giving head.

  35. puhleez

    She’s looking so great there is an endless line of stiff just waiting to get a piece.

  36. asdad

    jesus, like i said earlier…
    it says “Jack”, not “Fuck”

  37. stupidpeoplesuck

    @18 No, those types of bikini tops should NOT be worn by the chicks with the big boobs. Those types of bikini tops do not give big boobs any kind of support therefore making your rack look saggy. Only chicks with smaller boobs can get away with wearing those. All you big boobed chicks think you can wear anything. Sorry, but wrong!

  38. Lydia

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  39. Ing

    @ 18 agreed. And I have a big rack :-)

  40. Em

    She looks beautiful and natural any guy that doesn’t fancy her probably gets his sexual thrills from looking at pix of ugly blonde bimbo Barbie plastic beanpoles like Paris Hilton! She isn’t fake and she’s gorgeous as she is!!!

  41. Rhialto

    If this isn’t me than who’s me?!

  42. Darth

    No pun intended but for sure this can’t be me as well.I’m much,much more handsome.

  43. friendlyfires

    I’m glad you can take a brick to the head as much as I did

  44. saywha?

    she would look totally hot if she lost 10-20 lbs.

  45. Another hot chick who ruined her body by covering it in disgusting tattoos… Too bad.

  46. Another hot chick who ruined her body by covering it in disgusting tattoos… Too bad

  47. good article,thank you

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