Christina Ricci gets engaged

March 18th, 2009 // 81 Comments

Christina Ricci and her boyfriend Owen Benjamin are engaged, according to People:

Ricci, 29, met Benjamin on the set of their film All’s Faire in Love last year and went public with their relationship in October. Most recently, they were spotted cozying up at the Nobu West Hollywood’s one-year anniversary party last week.

This marks the first time an elf will marry a giant which, of course, required the written consent of the Gingerbread Guild. Congratulations!

Photos: Fame

  1. j

    WOW is this what a troll is suppose to look like?

  2. Robbed of my first place honors

    They look ridiculous together. He must have a …never mind.

  3. b

    Is her forehead going to be a bridesmaid?

  4. Still White on the Outside

    looks more like a Nelwyn marrying a Daikini.

    Don’t worry Bavmorda is going to change everything.

  5. japones

    OMG! I just pooped my pants and prolapsed my asshole. Does anyone have any toilet paper?

  6. Lisabeller

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  7. SimonSnAkeYeS

    This certainly is Wednesday news

  8. KL

    Do those mismatched couples actually realize how ridiculous they look? Daddy daughter issues, anyone? How do they have sex? How do they function in general?

  9. Frank N Stein

    Brideshead revisited.

    He’ll be able to play with those smaller funbags for a lifetime. Lucky him.

  10. Zanna

    She’s what he would call a spinner…..

  11. #10 – I was thinking spinner as well… Though I really thought she’d have gotten taller since her Wednesday days…

  12. mamamiasweetpeaches

    mutt and jeff and mutt

  13. lola

    He is cute! He is just a little overweight, but Christina seems to be in the process of taking care of that. Congrats!

  14. Vince Lombardi

    Why do you have a picture of a man walking with his dog and his daughter?

  15. Mal Gusto

    She is so tiny and cute!!!! Why couldn’t the Superfish guy fall in love with this little imp, instead of that dullard Hayden Panetteria or whatever the hero here name is?

  16. Wow she looks like she’s 8 years old.

  17. Mikeock

    I’m not sure I’d get into banging a chick who shops at BabyGap.

  18. Gomez Addams

    Yeah she’s a “spinner” for sure. He can pretty much do just about anything with her including midget tossing and bowling.

  19. lala

    you guys are some bunch of haters!!!!

    what you care how they have sex…..


    other than that they look cute…..

  20. jrz

    Fuck you guys! I was thinking Spinner too! HAHAHAHA!

    That’s some fivehead that bitch got.

  21. g_girl

    Hey look, she’s skinny again. Ana is beating Mia.

  22. farty mcshitface

    she really is a very strange looking little thing . with that giant forehead and her tiny little body, she really has an unnatural look going for her even though i can’t reallly blame her for it- she’s just a mutant. almost like some chick in those japanese annime shows.

  23. Jenny

    Try as I might, I just can seem to give a shit about either of this people.

  24. GuyHolly

    I was thinking about how she could spin on me. I’m tall, and much better looking than him.

  25. Lisa

    Man I hate these little petite midget bitches who look good in anything because they are the size of dolls. They’re always taken our men–and by “our,” I mean the normal-sized 5’6 kinda women who are the ones who should be dating taller guys. Christina, there are nice 5’6 men that are perfect for your 5’0 ass. That guy’s gonna leave you as soon as he gets tired of “spinnin” you anyway.

  26. GuyHolly

    #25 –bitter much?

  27. KL

    Lisa #25 — lol!! So true

  28. Lisa

    YES! I am very bitter, and so are the 5’5 men out there who need lovin, too. Give it to them, midgets, and stop taking our men!!!!!!!

  29. Jrz

    Yeah but Lisa…you also weigh about 300 fucking pounds. Not a lot of dudes wanna do the horizontal bop with a chick the size of an economy car with the face of a bulldog chewing on a bumble bee and a personality to match….face reality.

  30. Jrz

    PS…Christina Ricci looks like she’s wearing a wee lit’ul orange hat in the main photo ….tee hee…she’s so cute!

  31. -D

    The Hollywood cocain and red wine diet + talent (read: breast) reduction surgery = fugly

    Am I taking crazy pills or did she used to have curves. Damn she’s gross.

  32. McFresh The Destroyer

    She’s “nuts” over him!

  33. Jrz

    33–you douche…it’s he’s nuts over HER!

  34. Dugger

    Where’s her nipples? I usually see Christina’s nipples in every pic posted here.

  35. The Keebler Elf

    She’ll never be able to tell whether he has a small cock or not, because it will always look HUGE in those tiny hands!

  36. GuyHolly

    #35 –one of them is above her head in pic #1.

  37. Seriously, it’s like putting a nice set of tits on a 10 year old.

  38. Jrz

    speaking of tits….he’s got Manboobs big time

  39. Take That!

    Us tiny girls can’t help it that we look better than you mammoths! We can’t help it that guys naturally like us because we are cute, tiny, bendy (in the words of Phoebie), and won’t be fat asses when we’re older. Stop hating. Hey, pst…over here…want a sip of my HATERADE!!!!??? And guess what? We small girls LIKE big guys…mostly because they are sexy, can protect us, and probably have big penises. So there.

  40. Lisa

    What the hell? I don’t weigh 300 pounds. Damn, what’s up with all the e-guys assuming everyone on the internet is as fat and lazy as them.

  41. Take That!

    Oh, and before you start ranting: Notice I said “tiny” not short. There’s a big difference. By “Tiny” I am referring to small bone structured, naturally small people. This is unlike “short” which refers to people who are small in height but not necessarily tiny people. Hayden is short, but she does not have a tiny stature…neither does Kim, etc. etc. etc.

  42. Lisa

    I know that’s you Mary-Kate Olsen! Go away, midget!

  43. Jrz

    Yes you do, too, Lisa. You do. You weigh 285 lbs, wear clothes stained with chicken wing grease and hot fudge and sniff your pits when you’re done copulating. You’re basically a silverback ape with a handbag. MOO! MOO!

  44. Lisa

    Damn, I sound hot as fuck. No wonder I got all these dudes “copulating” with me. They love to lick the fudge off my rolls. The chicken grease is from when we order wings after. Yummmmm

  45. Jrz

    Who said anything about you copulating with dudes? Wait, you mean dude bovine right…like cattle?

  46. Sauron

    Is it just me or is the guy a bit taller!? For sure he’s about twice her weight!

  47. Gando

    The girl is about twice the weight of the dog!

  48. Murf

    I hate to state the obvious but,

    Who takes a cat for a walk?? or it might be a wombat?

  49. Murf


    HE told her it was a PONY!!

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