Christina Milian in a bikini

March 23rd, 2009 // 66 Comments

Here’s R&B singer Christina Milian on vacation in Hawaii with her producer boyfriend The Dream. You know what would be awesome? If he went to make sweet love to Christina on the beach, and then woke up. I’d probably change my name to “The Reality” after that. Or “Black Millionaire Superman.” Either one.


  1. 1moreidiotintheworld

    “The Dream” ??????????????? Only dumbshits with tiny little penises give themselves a ridiculous fucking name like that………

  2. wowgirl

    Lol, a sexy woman want to find a sexy man to date. She put her profile”soulsingler22″ and blogs on “C e l e b m i n g l e. C O M “, It is a celebrity&millionaires rom an ce s it e, I really want to ask whether she found her soulmate there. She puts so many hot pics there.

  3. So # 35 ,# 38, # 50. LOL.

    Inside job ?

    U Merican ?

  4. Yardape

    LOL @ 38. Ape species are wide spread

    double LOL @ 44. What do you call a black lawyer? Nigger.

  5. timmy the dying boy

    So, I see “The Edge” is no longer the stupidest name in show biz.

  6. LOL # 55
    What do you call 9/11 ?
    Inside job !!
    Gr8 country you got goin’ on bro’…

  7. AS GOOD AS IT GETS, folks?

  8. doug


    she doesnt have the prerequisite massive ass (aka Beyonce, Kardashian et al) to be a rapper/black dude’s gf but this is simply not attractive

    horrendous, wouldn’t eff her with yours

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  10. Heidi

    does anyone else find this pics creepy? Was the photographer lurking in the bushes? Why are there 12 separate pictures taken within a matter of minutes? It’s amazing that people cannot go on a private vacation without being photographed.

  11. Hey bastard #44 Im sure she’s proud of being part black.

  12. @Heidi: You’re right. when I saw the bushes in the front it was immediately clear that these are Paparazzi photos. I understand, it’s big business but everybody needs a break once in a while (even if you’re famous).

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  13. Man. Nick Cannon and now this. She needs a hug. And maybe hair color therapy.

  14. scott

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