Christina Milian wants to wear a bikini, too

January 2nd, 2008 // 97 Comments

R&B singer Christina Milian frolicked in Miami yesterday which wraps up this bikini-clad series of post. Some people ask me how I can look at photos of hot women like Christina for hours on end. I guess it’s because I’m something of a hero. Sort of like Jesus if he had testicles the size of mountain goats and flew a jetpack.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

  1. race1

    She is beautiful, please don’t bash this sister.

    She looks like she is in the Gym, taking care of biz!

  2. Zane

    Jimbo’s wrong – this girl is pretty hot, especially for a monkey. I’m sure she smells like a dirtgirl underneath it all, and for sure I wouldn’t soil myself with her, but I admire her figure in a Discovery Channel kind of way.

  3. lambman

    hot damn! That girl is smokin!

    Who needs that fat legged, big hipped, alien headed Rhianna chick

  4. bangthegenius

    fine fine body and a cute face, but the tramp stamp…eh…not so nice

  5. I think she looks ok….I don’t know what the hell the MOTHERFUCKING problem is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Oh, sorry, I didn’t read any comment besides the Jimbo Troll. You all concur..

  7. shannon

    I’m a straight woman, and I think she looks awesome, has curves, and hasn’t conformed to the size zero trend. good for her.

  8. me

    Not bad for a girl with some nig in her.

  9. May

    Do you think she is fater than before ?Maybe it is because she has found a

    boyfriend on the site sugarmommymeet.

  10. everything but water

    she should help kelly whats her name pick out bikinis.
    this looks like vix.

  11. steve

    Hahahahaha!!! Now we know Frist is a fattie! LMAO!!!

  12. lalaland

    i have to admit she probably has one of the better bodies of any woman i have seen on here, she’s thin but an in shape thin with perky curves. not to mention she’s hot (i’m saying this in a non-gay way, sorry guys)

  13. lalaland

    am i the only one who noticed she’s lookin a little cold…

  14. danielle

    #6 #53 #59:

    congrats, for being the 100 millionth hillbilliy to ignorantly comment on a person’s race.

    you know what you win?? a trip to the backwoods of wisconsin to participate in a reality game show entitled: “Kill the Cracker, Win a Car”.

    …hope you own a pair of running shoes.

  15. danYELL? Is that… no it couldn’t be… is that REALLY you???

    I mean, wow, how’s it goin’, sistuh? I mean that’s the right way to say it , right? I feel like I’m being blessed by the holy (ahem) Trinity or something smaller… I’m not too sure.

    No… it can’t be you. Wait ’til I tell jrzmommy! What a hoot.

    Stay Black!

  16. Ivarman

    Oh, my God – that is pure perfection.

  17. Jimbo

    Umm…. ok i was being mean. but didnt you guys know im out the closet now? sheesh…. wheres TT when i need…. it?!?!

  18. gyms are overrated

    pose much? she’s cute, fake boobs look good, but for some reason her and that hayden girl look like they work with the same personal trainer. they both look like they’re 12.

  19. Ivarman

    @69: If this looks like the twelve year old girls where you live, I don’t wanna go there. I’d have to burn my eyes out with sigars or something. These pictures of Christina Milan shows what women would look like if they could choose.

    Or if I …

  20. FRANCA

    She”s got the right curves at the right place,she”s so “HOT” God”s gift to men.No matter how fat r skinny you are,people always get to complain!!!

  21. lala

    She looks fantastic, good for her!! This is a woman who knows how to take care of her body. I saved one of the pics for my workout inspiration folder!!

  22. moobs

    now this chick is BANGIN’

  23. anjaStaR*

    well her booty and legs look like MINE!
    i loooove her body!
    she is so beutiful ^_^

  24. N?TTY

    I would put my tongue in places..I never seen girl you knowwhat I mean…
    In Miami at a place nice and quiet…There aint nobody there to detour
    Aint gotta rush…

  25. Gigi

    I think she looks great- nice ass, boob and abs…but it would be nice if she had more of a waist. That area is just kinda straight up and down. She certainly doesn’t look twelve or too skinny though!
    These racist comments make me not want to readthe comments section anymore though…

  26. amily2008

    She is a very pretty girl, but she claims to be 31 or 32 years old. My brother-in-law went to high school with her in Glendale,CA and they graduated the same brother-in_law has even took her to enjoy interracial friendship and dating.MMM

  27. nunee1

    it’s so sad when people hate on each other…get a life. if your a size 22 and healthy more power to you if your a size one and healthy then thats great too.
    i’m 26 and i have a son and i can’t gain more than 125lbs and i eat everything, no dieting here. my sis on the other hand is 28 a size 20 and she walks and swims every day and eats well. one of us is not better than the other we are just diff.

  28. Sueme

    Yall some jealous ass, and bald ass pale monkeys. Don’t hate on perfection that you can never be.

  29. Chrissy

    OMG!! I cant believe anyone would say she isnt looking good. She is very pretty and has an excellent body. I think it is just a bunch of fat men and women hating on her HATER!!

  30. Fester

    You have to be the biggest internet-lonely geek if you’re a straight male who finds a girl like this unattractive or too slim.

    Her body is practically flawless, millions of females could only dream of achieving her physical appearance. I mean, give me a damn break. Her career might not be something of value, but her looks sure are. Milian is smoking hot. Only on the internet will you find nerds picking apart a girl this attractive, got to love fat virgin standards.

  31. yousecurethatshithudson

    anyone else think her face looks a little like Hayden Pantierre (sp?) in pic #7

  32. lula

    Christina Milian is incredibly good-looking. It’s ok for women to have a little weight, but you all are just being haters. And as far as the racist comments go: good for you, you learned how to type! Well, if chimpanzees can learn to recognize and use symbols, I guess racist fucks can too.

  33. mattchew

    at least her implants look reasonable and not like pam andersons.

  34. Janet

    She’s a sexy Cuban :)

  35. Who Cares

    Hold on, wait a minute, let me take a closer look here. Hmmm, call me blind but I absolutely see no flaws on Miss Milian here. Why is it that OBESE Hippo looking “women” while with a king size bag of chips in one hand and mayonaisse for dip on the other seem to think healthy looking women who 1. has no implants and 2. aren’t trying to be an anorexic wonder, is the worst thing on the planet. You sumo wrestler wannabe females go ask any doctor, and they’ll tell you that exercising and a healthy meal is your key to a longer lifestyle, but hey, if you think walking around with a butt the size of Mexico and taking up 4 seats on the bus is what you call beauty and health, then be my guess. And #65 said it best about you White trash inbreds that were being racist, HAHAHA hope there really is a reality show like the one she mentioned.

  36. josh

    Wow she has one of the greatest bodies i have ever witnessed! Any one calling her too thin must think that this…


    ….chicks body is just right.

  37. Fran

    Mr. #6 you KKK idiot, F_ _ _ _ _f!!!

  38. Fran

    I have a freind that is gay us fuck and he think that this chick will not do anything for hem , he name is Sterling D. (rookie)

  39. sadeantm

    Omg i have one word that describes her ”beautiful” this is one of my favorite celeb you guys/girls need to stop hatin on her because it’s not her fault that she looks better than you lol haha….But like i said i love her and yep she is all that and a bag of chips………

  40. J. Swaney

    I find her very attractive…

  41. missy

    i’ve never been a great big fan of ms milian but i think she looks very pretty! and its natural too which is more than u can say for a lot of celebs!

    i don’t see bones stickin out everywhere so she’s clearly not a skeleton and you all are hilarious

    u say Lil Kim is a huge cow…u say Christina is a skeleton… what would please you all? yourself? i somehow doubt it.

    time for some self-evaluation guys…if u can take it!

    p.s. the tatt on the back does kinda take away from the appeal maybe if it were smaller

  42. Alice

    OMG, her smile is so beautiful. I saw the same photo in a profile on The profile is sincere and attractive. Even clebs are lonely sometimes. It’s said Charlie Sheen has found some young and beautiful girls there. Maybe sometimes they really need a rich soul mate rather than a rich buddy.

  43. C3C3

    ok Hiedi may be ugly azz hell && Spencer ugly azz fuck!
    && Janice ugly! But n0w yall need to shut the fuck up! Cuz YALL IZ HATAZ!
    Christina milian is pretty! shes one of the beautiful black girls Ive seen. && now-dayz thier aint many! && D0nt say Im racist triqz cuz Im blaq ok!
    s0o shut the fuck up && stop hatin! Cuz all yall hoes dat sayin she ugly && all dat bodii shit I bet yall she look 10x’z betta den yall triqz! && if any boy had to piq between you && her they w0uld piq her! s0o get the fuq 0utta here wit dat hatin bull shit! ya Dig!!?? wun!

  44. mE AgAiN


  45. Mikki

    Tired of finding the file through enormous amount of searchers? 1 center- 1 enter.

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