Christina Milian wants to wear a bikini, too

January 2nd, 2008 // 97 Comments

R&B singer Christina Milian frolicked in Miami yesterday which wraps up this bikini-clad series of post. Some people ask me how I can look at photos of hot women like Christina for hours on end. I guess it’s because I’m something of a hero. Sort of like Jesus if he had testicles the size of mountain goats and flew a jetpack.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

  1. I guess Santa forgot to bring her an actual woman’s body for Christmas.

  2. Laura Wilkinson


  3. Auntie Kryst

    Jebus fricken’ christ, did news go out on the wire that D listers have to go hang out in Miami over the holidays? Now who the fuck is this waste that we’re looking at?

  4. are you blind

    Breasts: check
    small waist: check
    hips: check
    butt: check
    requirements met for a “woman’s” body: check

    What on earth are you talking about Jimbo?

  5. naw her body is still bangin

  6. so you can hear me


  7. joeypants

    I would WRECK that.

  8. HolyCow

    Smoking hot.

    and the next person that says “omg this isn’t a woman’s body!” SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU FAT FUCK. This is what a woman looks like when they eat right and work out. If you think “reel womin have cuuuurrrvves!” you’ve just been looking at the people frequenting the local mcdonald’s.

  9. nogglies

    i don’t know what jimbo is talking about, christina is FOYNE! (fine, for those of you that dont speak gangster as well as i do) shes got a nice booty, unlike most of the other young hollywood starlets. the only flaw i see is the crude, large tattoo on the small of her back. anyone know a good tattoo remover?

  10. Sheva

    Damn this is where every chick goes that takes care of themselves.
    I hate Miami right now. Because South Beach isn’t on my list right now.

  11. steve

    “the only flaw i see”

    dude you need much better eyes

  12. p911gt10c

    Christina wins the battle of the bikinis today, easily.

    oh and #2, you’re a loser.

  13. THIS is what bikinis are made for.

    She’s only 2 years younger than Kelly Brook, and like 11 years younger than Gwen Stefani.

    All you need and nothing you don’t. EXCELLENT.

    I’m wondering if these pics are airbrushed, but I doubt it. DAAAANG.

    Send these to Jennifer Love Hewitt (who is only 2 years older) so she can get her shit motivated.

  14. Susan

    #8 – So you find skeletons attractive, good for you. Love the vomit taste whenever you kiss ‘em, do ya?

  15. pointandlaugh

    she is DAMN HOT

  16. secybitch

    Great body

  17. OMG. nice body. I like her very much. I saw her hot video with bikini at a niche interracial dating site named As you know thousands of new members Join daily to meet dream date in this comfortable community of cultures and ethnicities!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I heart skels

    She has great bone structure! So visible, too!

    Thank god she looks like a little girl and not a woman. I’d be so afraid!

  19. granada


    Because a woman doesn’t have concentrations of fat on her body, she is–by your standards–a ‘skeleton’? You CLEARLY can’t distinguish between skeleton and healthy:

    Healthy: Christina Milian


  20. Matt Damon! Matt Damon! Matt Damon! Matt Damon! Matt Damon! Matt Damon! Matt Damon! Matt Damon! Matt Damon! Matt Damon! Matt Damon! Matt Damon!

    Oh my god.

    Matt Damon! Matt Damon! Matt Damon! Matt Damon! Matt Damon! Matt Damon!
    Matt Damon! Matt Damon! Matt Damon! Matt Damon! Matt Damon! Matt Damon!

    Matt Damon! Matt Damon! Matt Damon! Matt Damon! Matt Damon! Matt Damon!
    Matt Damon! Matt Damon! Matt Damon! Matt Damon! Matt Damon! Matt Damon!
    Matt Damon! Matt Damon! Matt Damon! Matt Damon! Matt Damon! Matt Damon!

  21. If Christina Milian was doing something unhealthy I would expect her to look more like Tara Reid: A flabby, saggy skeleton.

    Christina Milian is looking TIGHT! She must have a trainer working with her, planning healthy meals and all that. Probably not stuffing her cake-hole with Cheetos and Starbucks.

    I figure she doesn’t have 12 kids, though.

  22. Ript1&0

    Ummm dude. Chicks in bikinis are awesome and everything, but me being a heterosexual female (read: not wanting to suck pussy), it’s kinda more….. not as awesome as it sounds in theory.

    Where’s my eye candy!? I like them scrawny white pale and pasty. And into computers. So get on it.

  23. Seymour Butz

    #14 – Searching, searching.. no skeletons found.

    If you think she’s a skeleton, maybe it’s time to visit Jenny Craig.

  24. OMG

    Oh My God!!!!! Oh MyGod!!!! Oh My God!!!! Ver Nice

  25. Mandy

    It’s nice to start off a new year confirming that all the Hollywood brainwashing about too-skinny bodies is still working! I’d love to join in, but God gave me an independent mind. I know, I know…”what’s that????”

  26. mrs.t

    Perfect, healthy….. motivation for me to get to the fucking gym tomorrow and put the fudge and cookies through the garbage disposal. Fucking neighbors and their holiday treats. Fucking hand that lifts the treats to my mouth.

  27. Joe C

    That girl has a beautiful, healthy looking body. I am so sick of fat bitches trying to impose their revolting figures as the new standard for women. Thin, fit women are not the unhealthy body image. There is nothing sexy or healthy about being overweight. Quit fooling yourselves.

  28. Bigo

    What’s up with the bikini photos? Is it to show that Global Warming really exist?
    I’m not buying it, my ass is freezing!!!!

  29. will

    #1, shut the fuck up.

  30. ugly tattoo on the back,

    and 19 that picture is grosse! but check out this one:

  31. Spongebob Gangsta

    My God, she’s sooooo tight and packin hot stuff.
    Her bikini looks great on her, but still this girl has the skin tone that goes perfect with an electric white colored bikini. Also, the bottom needs to be in the string of G…Yowwies.

  32. Grape Ape Pees Wine on You

    She’s not a “skeleton.” She’s fantastic. In fact, she does have curves…fortunately, they’re all in the right places.

    When some women talk about “curves,” they’re referring to McDonald’s enduced saddlebags and a big pregnant looking stomach.

    With that said, calling her a “skeleton” does not make one less obese.

  33. suzy

    remember when nick cannon cheated on her? stupid bastard.

    lol, she looks amazing!

    she was just in the ABC family Christmas movie, snow globe— it was alright :-p

  34. isitin

    # 1,#6,#14, you are a bunch of fucking idiots…………………………

  35. stephanie

    she is gorgeous… all of her.

  36. (I think #1 ‘Jimbo’ could be a troll. Or else he’s lost his gonads in an industrial accident)
    Fortunately I was able to negotiate a crippling deal with my writers over the holidaze just in time for ‘Bikini Week’ !!
    Whhoo Hoooo !!
    Umm…Who the hell is this ? …again ?

  37. Cliff Notes : In 2000, Milian made her first official musical appearance on Ja Rule’s second studio album Rule 3:36, performing guest vocals on his song “Between Me and You”. Released as the album’s lead single in 2001, the track managed to peak at #11 on the Billboard Hot 100 and in the top 30 of the UK singles chart”
    Binky : Oh Right …

  38. Realist

    Hot body. Hottest bitch posted here in awhile. Fat cows, stop whining and go back to your pint of cookie dough.

  39. caca smells

    wow she looks amazing. I’m a proponent of “real women have curves” and guess what she definitely does. This is what I aim for at the gym for sure. And by the way, someone said she looks like a little girl? Yes she looks younger, she’s got a babyface but her body is great !

  40. Oso Polar

    Pierced belly button……Just hang a BULLS EYE!!!!!

  41. tony

    C M is a nice woman~~~she’s really sexy and stunning. I’ve seen her picutes on a profile on a internet luxury dating site””for millionaires and celebrities, is it really her. I ‘ve tried to send an email. I am not sure, but I heard that charlie sheen appeared on that site and dated a very pretty girl there. Just have a try, hehe….

  42. will



    Shut the fuck up #14. I’m so sick of fat fucks calling anyone in shape a skeleton. This chick is smoking hot. Deal with it and have a nice coronary.


    Oh and get the hell out of my gym you damn eggplants invading my space with your resolutions and shit. You won’t last 2 weeks anyway, so GO AWAY!

  45. Splooge

    #9 – it doesn’t really remove them, but I find that a large shot of splooge, strategically applied, renders the tats invisible for the hump duration.

  46. maryms

    hey my body looks just like hers! I always beat myself up for being too thick, but i’m glad to hear that people think healthy = hot. A testament to a healthy diet and regular workouts, hell yeah.

  47. \?/

    Christina Milian has a great look and anyone who says that she doesn’t have a feminine body is just being absurd. She does have curves, but you can tell that she exercises routinely and appropriately to stay fit. She also has a beautiful and youthful face (she is 26 years old, but looks younger). In addition to that, she is also quite talented. She is definitely one the celebrities that is underrated.

  48. but I still wonder:

  49. Al Roker

    I want to grind that cornhole.

  50. Dr. House

    Jimbo…what the hell are you talking about?

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