Christina Hendricks was at the DGAs

February 1st, 2010 // 111 Comments

It says something about a woman when you can’t even take a headshot of her without her giant breasts being in the way. And that something is I’m not even gonna try to make fun of Christina Hendrick’s husband because at the end of the day he goes home to a magical, big-titty Narnia that I can only attempt to simulate with two giant pillows and a goat I put a scarf on. No eye contact, Mr. Tumnus!

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  1. BeeTee


  2. snozzberries

    Clarification on picture 8: is that really the “snozzberries” kid from Super Troupers? How did he get a woman like that?!?!

  3. jbolbgfr


  4. Babs

    Honestly, she doesn’t know how to dress or make a face ( vapid look all the time). Boobs bulging out above the neckline actually makes them look less attractive than they are. Otherwise, she is a goddess.

  5. I call 'em as I see 'em

    In some pix they look real, and in some pix (these) they sooooo don’t.
    Never the less, in a few short years, she’s gonna look like someone’s granny- with those giant bags hanging down to her waist, nipples pointed south (Oh, hi, Britney!)… actually, perhaps it’s already begun…

  6. bro

    Anyone else notice that she had to rip the dress a little to make them titties fit inside? Fannnnnntastic!

  7. sensitive guy

    Looks like it’s time to update my ‘Things I would Kill For’ list again…. This goes in front of ‘the End of the Designated Hitter Rule,’ but just after ‘a 3-some with the Gilmore Girls’….
    A boy can dream…

  8. BeeTee

    I think Dave Chappelle said it best when he quoted “titties be all bust’in out of her turtle-neck and shit”



  10. Dude

    Dem’s some tig ol bitties!

    Haha get it? Its a play on the words big titties! Cuz shes got some big titties. And the Snozzberries guy cuddles them to sleep!

  11. Nelly

    It raises the question of whether to bust a load on her glasses or rack.

  12. BennyfromThames

    Jeez-uss! Everytime I see this voluptuous chested earth goddess I want to strip down naked and suckle!!!

  13. tc


    First to have a sex-based obsession with her, that is.

  14. sunshine

    Gives a whole new definition for “over the top”.

  15. Ralph

    More Botox & silicone please…her face & breasts haven’t exploded yet.

  16. t

    This bitch is sooooooooooooo ugly! I dont care how big her tits are, she is butt ugly and pale. yuck,

  17. whatever

    i think she’s beautiful, and her body is phenomenal. however, i think her cleavage is approaching trailer-park trashy at this point. if she had her dress tailored a little better, she’d still have a fabulous rack but look a lot less porn star.

  18. the lactaphile in me is enticed byt the idea of drinking her breast milk

    but the symphorophile in me wants to see a her get in a car accident… im torn

  19. googlerr

    This guy gives us all hope.

  20. boobs

    Those boobs are 100% real. They are not hard and stiff like fake tits. You can tell that they are jiggly and bouncy.

  21. SATAN

    for the love of God, those are some suckable, fuckable titties.

    and that look she’s giving me in pic 2 made me shoot my wad.

  22. havoc

    The thought of coming home to play with those sweater puppets would keep me busy all day…..


  23. get a clue

    #17 redheads look beautiful pale. They don’t have to tan.

  24. Randal

    Christina Hendricks made Firefly the hit series it was during its time on FOX. She’s a very talented actress once you get beyond her beautiful face and doe eyes. Nice to see you stopping by The FISH, Christina.


  25. Alex

    17, here’s my rebuttal…still think she’s fug?

  26. Regina

    Who the hell is this woman!?!?!?!?

  27. You got to love the bigger right boob

  28. chris

    it like baloons

  29. BeeTee

    Id love to climb up on top of those wonderful mountains and holla “Riiiiiiicoooooolllaaaa!”

  30. testington

    Love her to pieces

  31. whatever

    @7 The dress is not ripped. What you see there is the lace from her bra.

  32. PeterPeta

    Someone please call PETA! That bitch has some poor living creatures feathers on her dress! Ohhh the humanity! I shed a tear for the innocent bird that was scraficed for her fashion! We must……must….. Wow she has an awesome rack! What was I saying..?

  33. Everyone knows that redheads are naughty. Chicks with big tits are whores in the bedroom.

    This one here must be off the charts in the sack.

  34. gen

    She’s beautiful and her tits are lovely. I’m jealous.

  35. yoyoyo

    Oh lawdy I would cream those

  36. Pseudopodia

    She’s obviously right-breasted

  37. Laughing GUNT

    When is she going to let those Warlocks out for all to see???? Is there a God…

  38. vegietaco

    Hooray for tities Narnia!

  39. LovelyRiot!

    She has such a pretty face. It’s a shame she can’t properly dress her boobs so you’d actually notice that!

  40. Danee

    Gee. Those things are bigger than hear head…

  41. laurente


  42. BeeTee

    Kirk to Enterprise…….I have seemed to encounter the largest set of breasts known to man…..set phasers to stun….pew pew… Damn it Jim you supposed to shoot it not jerk to it.

  43. Ally

    Yuck her head is too small for her body – looks like someone put a skinny person’s head on Kate Winslet’s body (except much bigger boobs). She looks wrong and so out of proportion – Katy Perry is way hotter than this ho. She isn’t all that in the face either – just shows you could probably put massive tits on Russell Brand and guys would be drooling over it.

  44. gen


    Jealous much?

  45. Alexandra

    I do NOT see at all how someone can say she is unattractive. My husband asked me if I would be ok if he screwed her, and I said that it would be so long as I got to lick every inch of her after he was finished. She is a GODDESS.

  46. sweekes

    I love it! Her big tittems make her head look tiny- like that small head guy in Beetlejuice.

  47. el ces

    …very intent stare she has.

  48. Looks like a biker magazine.

  49. See Alice

    Is that Elvira’s daughter ?

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