Christina Hendricks is an ample bride

October 12th, 2009 // 79 Comments

Christina Hendricks wed her boyfriend of only a few months Geoffrey Arend on Saturday in New York, according to People. Now, I’m not the marrying type, but if I ever decided to sign my own death sentence, those are exactly what I want to see bounding down the aisle towards me. I’m pretty sure Geoffrey stood at the altar and thought about all the things he’d do to those bad boys, but not before taking the time to pat himself on the back for the most successful blackmail scheme of all time. It seems like only yesterday he came across her drowning that baby.

Photos: Flynet, Getty

  1. Scdo

    I would have sex with her forever

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  3. chupcabra

    I am 36DD and my boobs do exactly that in corsets. Look some people just have glorious breasts that are perfectly round. This lady is one of them. As much as everyone loves them, and all the small breasted women want to have them, having boobs this big are difficult in finding button up shirts that don’t pop in front, and they do cause back pain, and you have to wear a bra all the time for support, and jogging is a little hard… there are downsides to being so ridiculously sexy. So, you just don’t wear a lot of button downs. V neck sweaters are where it’s at.

  4. Cato

    I wonder if the groom blacked out after the kiss.

  5. TheBadRabbit

    Uhhhhnnn…yes…that’s it….just like that…ohhhhgod…yessssss

  6. What can you do? Guys don’t see chicks like this very often anymore – so they hardly can tell whose real and who is not.

    Hendricks’ body was the vision of female beauty in old Hollywood. Rent an old movie sometime. Or anything with Elizabeth Taylor or Marilyn Monroe. Now that was a vision of female perfection…

  7. Delgo

    Let’s be honest – he married her tits.

  8. Madison

    Her tits are real. I got a big pair myself and when you hike those babies up they can sometimes look a little fake. Everyone asks me if I’ve had implants, I just invest in some good push up bras. Also, texture between boobs can be very different, some are really squishy and won’t look rounded no matter what you do to them, some a firmer and will sit nice and high.

    Anyway. The things I’d lick out of that woman’s ass…

  9. Those are real

    Those are real. In the first picture, you can see the way the breast fat connects to the armpit to form that crease line. This only happens to girls with real breasts. Fake breasts are sacks and do not form connective tissue with other parts of the body.

  10. kitty_kat

    She has a excellent body, but an average face.

  11. Right

    @43 – I have implants, and I chose a pretty large size with my surgeon, because I’m not that tall, and I have wide hips. A woman’s choice of getting a boob-job and choosing larger implants isn’t a reflection of her intelligence or lack of it. It’s really her personal choice. If you go in to get your tits done, might as well get them done to look the way you want them to look. I’m pretty sure Christina’s aren’t real, based on older pics and also comments I’ve read by plastic surgeons. It doesn’t make her any less gorgeous or intelligent if she opted for big implants. She’s just such a refreshing change to the vapid and pointless whores normally featured on this site. Christina rocks.

  12. bob

    Haha, the fact people are debating about here breast means they are 100% real. Ask yourself, who has had a boob job, that size, and it not be 1005 obvious after looking at them for two seconds?

    Answers on a postcard please.

  13. bob

    Oh and go and look for some pics of Kitten Natividad. Big HUGE perfectly round tits. It is possible.

  14. ha


    Are you kidding me? Her face is perfect! Who exactly has a better face than her?? Pic 11 is so beautiful that I can’t stand it, and I’m an 1000% straight girl.

    And by the way, I’m just a lowly 34D, but they’re round and perky and have space in between. Fake ones have to be modeled after something… Her’s are real.

  15. i am glad to hear that . Western people is romantic ,The immediate wedding is the result. best wishes to them.

  16. i am glad to hear that . Western people is romantic ,The immediate wedding is the result. best wishes to them.

  17. George

    Geez, we seem to have a lot of voluptuous women commenting here! #53 Do you have a boyfriend? Don’t worry, I’m better looking than Geoffrey Arend.

  18. Katie

    I love the dress she chose. It’s elegant and beautiful without all of that beading crap. I like the lace.

  19. Sam

    @63 Bob:

    Kitten Natividad had massive fake boobs. She had to have a double mastectomy after it turned out they were industrial grade silicone. Sorry to burst your bubble (and she certainly burst hers)

  20. Sam

    @63 Bob

    Sorry to burst your bubble but Kitten Natividad’s boobs are notoriously fake. So fake she had to have a double mastectomy after it turned out her tits were made of industrial grade silicone and she developed breast cancer as a result.

  21. Super,Ok..Your going through this way,from that..Your not..ALRIGHT!!

  22. Heather

    Haven’t any of you seen Firefly? Those are definitely real breasts she has there, you can tell with what she wears in that show, the bras weren’t nearly as lifting. They had some nice jiggle to them. Plus, 34DD here, and boobs can look that round and amazing. Especially with the right bra and a dress designed to fit and lift them.

    Oh, and I am all kinds of straight, but I’d hit that in a second. She is so hot. And I really admire her for just loving that body and using what she has. Viva la cleavage.

  23. Christina Hendricks is looking like fairy in that white wedding dress . Truly gorgeous. I don’t know why but her face is looking like statue because of over makeup .

  24. amanda

    Real! I’m a 38DDD and mine look rounded when I wear a certain bra or corset. Matter of fact, the dress I wore on New Years was low cut and I was wearing a bra that gives the corset effect, and I had people that new my whole life (I’ve had big boobs since I was 12) think I had implants. A lady I work with saw the New Year’s pic and asked if they were photoshopped.
    Her curves are kickin!

  25. I wonder if the groom blacked out after the kiss.

  26. Shenara

    ‘bad GIRLS’. No woman has a set of bad boys hanging of her chest, it just doesn’t sound right.

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