Christina Hendricks does Esquire

August 4th, 2009 // 123 Comments

Here’s Christina Hendrick posing for Esquire to coincide with the season premiere of Mad Men. Just to prove how insane of a bombshell Christina is, I’ve managed to turn several female coworkers into lesbians just by showing them these pics. Though some might say seeing me lick my monitor in the process may have been a factor. But, seriously, how else do you set the ambiance? Michael Bolton music?

Photos: Esquire

  1. HUMAN

    This is a woman I woul dbring home to mom… MMMMMMM!!!

  2. a new low for women

    Wow, some of you girls on this board have serious insecurity issues because if you didn’t, then why would you care to write entire passages to convince others that this woman isn’t gorgeous? Who the fuck cares if she’s not of a certain BMI? Why the fuck do you care? Are you her doctor? At the end of the day, she’s a good looking woman. Just because she doesn’t fit your ideal framework of beauty doesn’t mean that she isn’t beautiful. You’re trying so hard to look a certain way that you forget that true beauty doesn’t need to fit any kind of mold. And if you are looking for a mold, then google Botticelli, and you’ll find that Christina Hendrick’s kind of beauty has been an ideal for centuries before the Kate Moss look became fashionable. Translation: men have been fawning over women like Hendricks long before they thought waifs were attractive so stop being so shocked by their attraction to her. Now go crumble into a heap of misery, and book your next spa appointment to make yourself feel better.

    Btw, I’m a woman. I don’t necessarily want to look like Hendricks, but I can definitely appreciate her beauty. See how simple that was?


    Any tard that posted here saying hendricks isn’t skinny enough or isn’t that hot doesn’t have a damn clue, and must love their girls anorexic. She’s a knockout, plain and simple.

  4. LAWLZ

    @103: Agreed.

    It isn’t very attractive to make love with a woman that snaps in half because she’s so twig-like. Definitely not.

  5. me09

    im sure these pics are photoshopped or whatever .. im not all that into her but i think these pics look good …i like the curves 4 sho

  6. me09

    im sure these pics are photoshopped or whatever .. im not all that into her but i think these pics look good …i like the curves 4 sho

  7. Zelio

    I met her in person and she is every bit as sexy as these pics portray and than some!

  8. JN

    Extremely hot!

  9. worker bee

    For those of you who are curious (and can read and spell–from what I’ve seen, actualy isn’t correct English, nor is telling Ms. Hendricks that she needs to ‘loose’ a few pounds).
    BMI stands for body mass index, and it is simply a measurement, the formula is ‘weight in pounds’ *703/height in inches squared. However, BMI is also being widely discredited; it was created over 200 years ago by a mathemetician (not a weight specialist or even a physician) and has never been proven. In fact, as a measurement for obesity it has been widely discredited as it doesn’t take into account musculature (can’t differetiate between muscle and fat) or frame size. For more information on why this doesn’t work and has been called ‘hack’ and ‘junk science’ go to:

    Now as to the rest of the issues with Christina Hendrick’s weight–for the person who is working in the ‘med clinic’ and ‘eyeballing’ her unairbrushed weight to be around 160 for 5’7” frame, I’m very impressed–my husband is a physical therapist and states clearly to all his clients that it is unethical to ‘eyeball’ weight (for the same reasons the bmi measurement is such bullshit).

    In short, my response to you is that you are simply closed-minded, insecure of your own right, cocky beyond belief, and putting forth the kind of public opinions which have led 7 million women in the world to have eating disorders. I suspect that Christina Hendricks, with her unabashed curves and her high level of self-esteem, is unapologetically not one of them. It saddens me that her beauty and uniqueness are so threatening to you that you have to resort to throwing around rhetoric you obviously know little about. I’m sure the physician you work for (if you indeed work for one) would be ashamed of your bigoted attitude.

  10. deaddrift

    I would thank the jackasses who think this woman is fat for pre-emptively removing themselves from the pool of suitors for women who are built like this… but that would be silly, as nobody with that little ability to appreciate feminine beauty would have a chance with a sex bomb like CH anyway.

    Aesop is credited with writing “The Fox and the Grapes” some 2500 years ago, and some people are still living that reality today.

  11. WTF?

    WOW, I can’t believe all these people coming on and saying how fat she is! American is full of obese people, and she is no where near their weight! What the hell, I can’t understand how some people are so turned off by anything but SKINNY. I’ve also noticed this coming to the animal world…people are exhibiting animals with ribs showing and think it looks good? WHAT? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!?!?!? I’m not saying to be a fat blob covered in cellulite, barely able to walk, but jeez, haven’t you ever heard of being HEALTHY? She looks HEALTHY to me, anyone who thinks otherwise must be seriously jealous, and also immature. I think only immature people would say she is FAT. SERIOUSLY.

  12. Not So Good Girl

    No one measures attractiveness by BMI. That’s dumb. Men are hardwired to respond to an hourglass figure. It isn’t even a matter of personal taste, their reptilian brain responds. Why do you think Pam Anderson has sold so many men’s magazines. Her body short circuits their thinking ability straight to their penis.

    This woman’s body naturally attracts men. Read “The Evolution of Desire”.

  13. Anonymouse

    Any whore can starve herself half to death and shoot up crack until their face caves in like a 110 year old. It’s a healthy, fit girl with actual curvature that’s a rarity (when say curves, I’m talking Sopha Loren, not Monique, just to clarify). Christ, when did the body types for women become a choice between “anorexia” and “other”?

  14. wow...

    I’m just saying…

    this is absurd. She’s not, the end. I know I’m 5’6″ and weigh 140 lbs, with a very similar body shape, and I’m still 20-21% body fat, which is definitely referred to as ‘athletic’ and beyond what is considered healthy by doctors.

    And honestly, unless you have an hourglass figure yourself, you don’t really have any judgement on someone’s weight. Every single time I go to a new doctor at the practice I go to, they put me at about 115, 120 lbs… and look in amazement as the scale goes up. It’s called muscle. It’s just ridiculous to have people ‘eyeballing’ her weight, because you *can’t*.

    Get over yourselves.

  15. Ashley

    She is so beautiful. I can’t believe how many people are so obviously jealous of her, or extremely immature. Is she everyone’s type? Probably not. Not everyone is not attracted to the same features…but theirs no denying that she is gorgeous. Long live the hourglass!

  16. Brittany

    I am so happy that Christina Hendricks won Esquire’s best-looking woman for 2010! She is not only a great actress, but a real woman. I didn’t get to reading all of the comments about her, but I did see a few negative ones & don’t quite understand why.

    Everyone has different body types, I used to think that on my 5’8″ frame that I had to try to be a size 2 & would make myself sick constantly working out and not eating to do it. Unfortunately Hollywood, and warped minded people think that all women have to fit into this screwed up standard, but we don’t!
    I am now happy at a size 6 and healthier now than I was when I was forcing myself to be too thin. I lift 3 times a week and run 5. I just ran a 5K in 24 minutes…tha’s 3.51 miles…bet you couldn’t do that and I bet you don’t work out at all.
    Christina, like everyone else in Hollywood, I’m sure has a personal trainer and a chef. It is quite obvious by looking at her arms, calves, back, and legs that she lifts weights at least. She has a very thin face, which is a dead give away that she is quite thin for her body type. If she had a double chin then I might agree that she is overweight.

    It’s people like the jerk writing on here that anyone who isn’t a -2 or a 0 that give poor impressionable girls, like I used to be, eating disorders.
    You need to shut up. You obviously have WAY too much time on your hands to be constantly updating on here & arguing with complete strangers that are saying nice and positive things.

  17. missfortune

    My baby just saw this picture from across the room and did sign language asking for milk.

  18. emma

    let’s face it, ladies. this woman is beautiful. whether she’s made up, touched up, fat, skinny, in a beautiful gown at the oscars or in sweatpants, she’ll always be gorgeous.

    anyone that is calling her ugly and fat is just jealous, and that just makes me sad for women. she is not only stunning, but very talented and actually very sweet in interviews. being a curvier redhead myself, i really look up to her. so let’s all stop being assholes and appreciate a beautiful person!

  19. me

    She’s not hot but it is good to have her around to keep all the fat chicks from bitching. You see, fat girls with no shape and jelly rolls identify with big girls like Christina Hendricks because this is probably the closest Hollywood will ever come to calling an obese person sexy. Basically, she is shaped like a pigeon. Seeing as how most Americans are overweight or obese, they need role models like this to justify their lifestyle. How to make your own Christina Hendricks look alike:

    1) Find pale overweight white chick with no distinguishing facial features.
    2) Squeeze said chick into girdle and other fat minimizing undergarments
    3) Dress in outfit that lifts and draws attention to huge boobs
    4) Dye hair red to add interest and detract from otherwise average face.
    5) Wait for exclamations: “A pin- up! This is what beauty was 100 years ago! Real women have curves! ”

    That being said, her fake red hair and average face bother me more than her matronly body.

  20. He saddlebag thighs and a broad but like Jennifer Love Hewitt – flat ass, needs to develop. Then the normal and to be healthy … Will (fat) girls will be all her emotional rescue.

  21. Photo shopped….so sad. The amount of Photoshop dieting they gave her is great. She is not that small, she is really a big girl. Unfortunately, just like many other photoshopped images, you never see the real person anymore, or the true bodies these people have. It’s an illusion. If you saw her in person, many guys would be disgusted with her, um, fatness, and be disappointed all at the same time. Sad but true.

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