Christina Hendricks does Esquire

August 4th, 2009 // 123 Comments

Here’s Christina Hendrick posing for Esquire to coincide with the season premiere of Mad Men. Just to prove how insane of a bombshell Christina is, I’ve managed to turn several female coworkers into lesbians just by showing them these pics. Though some might say seeing me lick my monitor in the process may have been a factor. But, seriously, how else do you set the ambiance? Michael Bolton music?

Photos: Esquire

  1. firecrotch

    Actually her fiance is stick thin. His natural instincts are propelling him towards a fatty so that their kids will be NORMAL.

    Ah the anorexic comments strike again. Only a fat person would think you have to starve and purge to be slim and toned.

    Why is it then that 1% of Americans are anorexic and 63% of Amricans are FAT. The obese actually now outweight the overweight. o clearly fatness is the big problem not people beig too thin. The girl needs to slm down and tone up plain and simple.

    Oh and only fat girls have boobs now? Better tell Marissa Miller that.

  2. anon

    @44 hahahahaha

  3. damn right

    Hey #40 and other aliases, better watch that blood pressure before you give yourself a stroke. This woman is hot and I’d hit it. End of story. Keep coming up with excuses as to why I shouldn’t jack off to her if it makes you feel better.

  4. farles chew

    51, er “firecrotch” (you trolling for lohan references there?) I can’t thank you enough for continuing your spastic-fantastic semi-public meltdown.

    This is better than watching jr. high girls freak out when you tell them Taylor Swift has hair extensions.

  5. Childe Herald

    #53, Seriously, I’ve never seen so much effort expended trying to convince men to ignore what their cocks are telling them.

  6. wtf

    Christina Hendricks is gorgeous and has a bangin’ body. A brick house. End of story.

  7. Gobo

    Another problem with plus size women is that they are against dating men who are plus size or have noticeable flaws. You can list every plus size women in hollywood and they are connected to a thin guy. If your going to promote fat acceptance and love being big campaign, shouldn’t you accept men who are also “big”?

  8. wtf

    Christina Hendricks is gorgeous and has a bangin’ body. She’s a brick house.
    I guarantee all of you haters aren’t even remotely good-looking and could never bag a woman this fine. Keep hating, suckers.

  9. Wow she’s caused quite the controversy.

    Christina used to be a model and weighed 115 pounds and by her own admission still had big boobs and hips back then so clearly she let herself go.

    She’s attractive, but there way better out there. Without the boobs she’d be nothing. Katy Perry is way hotter and has better boobs, more perky=more tasty.

    She’s cute though, her even her chin has clevage.

  10. Wow she’s caused quite the controversy.

    Christina used to be a model and weighed 115 pounds and by her own admission still had big boobs and hips back then so clearly she let herself go.

    She’s attractive, but there way better out there. Without the boobs she’d be nothing. Katy Perry is way hotter and has better boobs, more perky=more tasty.

    She’s cute though, even her chin has clevage.

  11. to 60

    Katy Perry has a nice body, but her face is a poor man’s Zoey Deschanel. Christina has a gorgeous face.

  12. Jess

    I love how these screeching harpies think that the ultimate expression of how beautiful someone is is if they look good in a bikini. Fuck, dude, Nicolette Sheridan looks amazing in a bikini, but she’s a 2 in most books. They also say that the ultimate measure of beauty is seeing whether you still look good when you shave your head. So the most beautiful girl in the world is someone with a shaved head, thighs that don’t touch, no cellulite, and a visible ribcage? That’s the description of a Holocaust survivor.
    This woman is hot. Damn hot. Hot in all lights and mediums hot. What these biddies can’t wrap their heads around is natural beauty, the fact that regardless of how much you rub orange tanner on yourself to even out your face and body of all descriptive characteristics, how thickly you line your eyes to make them stand out from your pan face, how much you straighten your blond hair, or how much you starve yourself, there are just women who will ALWAYS be more beautiful than you. You’re terrified that you can’t control your beauty…and you can’t. Not everyone deserves an Ivy League education and not everyone is drop-dead gorgeous; we just think we can all be because we live in a “can-do” society, a consumerist Pandora’s Box we can’t keep closed because we want that edge over everyone else.
    The truth is most of us are normal.

  13. chuck

    whats going on with her shoes in the 3rd picture? Ps anyone?

  14. she pretty

    #60. She actually said “Oh my God, I looked beautiful” about some pictures of herself . I find that kind of crap anoying, it’s a turn off to hear girls brag and talk about how much their men love their boobs or whatever, but all these celebs are annoying and vain, but they are for looking at not marrying or dating, no normal person will be with them and it’s a good thing thy’re ll crazy trainwreck gold diggers who can’t cook. Every time I read or see an interview with an actress she says she can’t cook. Can’t or won’t? Every able boddied person can cook, people are just useless and lazy, but that’s anoher story.

    The point is who cares what these people are like in real life, they are probably all freaks, the point is to enjoy the packaged producted for what it is and move on. This girl clearly has hangups about her weight and never being given dresses for events so you don’t want to date that or hear the constant am I fat crap. All actresses and models are 100 times more insecure than regualr women, if ou can imagine that.

    For that and many other reasons they are simply meant for sensory pleasure. Sure there are lots of real life girls who are just as hot, but with them you have the urge to talk to them and try to get them to go out with you which is exhasuting since so many are bitches, so it’s nice to have women to just look at that you kow you have no chance with because of the famousness barrier.

    The same ges for women and famous men I’m sure. Except those Twilight fans I really think those acne covered tweens think they will marry Edwardo someday or whatever his name is.

    Also Katy Perry is a total butterface imo. I don’t know if this girl has a face, I haven’t loked up yet.

  15. Graceland

    #59-60 (and most other troll-hits), actually you and you alone are causing a “controversy” (the tweener douchebag term for “being a wad of duck jizm in a little-known comments section), the rest of us are happily fapping to those amazing life-affirming religion-spawning tits and ass.

  16. me likey

    She’s 34 how old did you guys think she was??? I was surprised by that, she looks younger to me and usally with curves even really nice oens like hers make you look older than your age cause you look like a woman not a child.

    Funny that Lindsay is more than a DECADE younger than her.

    There should be more girls like her on television so that people could enjoy the full spectrum of women, one isn’t better than the other, you can like all kinds of women you know.

  17. haha

    62 just laid the smack down. Owned.

  18. Chris

    OMFG is this for real? I’ll get on a f-ing plane to the US right now and purchase a copy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There is a God after all

  19. fair

    Ah fair skin when will fair skin come back in style for white women, porcelain skin is so beautiful.

    I’m so sick of fake tanned girls mocking fair skin. Ah well us fair skinned girls who take care of ourselve and stay out of the sun will age better anyway.

  20. jlylec

    i love this site. i really really do. buncha fat weirdos commenting on fat(?) celebrities i’ve never heard of and getting all mad at each other is the BEST! man you guys rock. comments are the best part when there’s no nipple to scope out.

  21. Leda

    Photo 4/5 is definitely my favourite. Gorgeous rear bumper, and I adore redheads of both genders. GIMME!

  22. inkua

    #62. True, but some girls are drop dead gorgeous, vain,snobby, critical and mean to the bone so you really shouln’t value beauty so much as though it is so elusive and you have to earn it, like a great education.

    Plenty of stunning girls are just vicious cows and as much as you’d love to say that they aren’t physically gorgeous they just are,without any fake crap they simply look amazing and a lot of free stuff and opportunities will come their way. That’s life, until we value more.

    Some beautiful women are kind and humble and some are horribe cows. It’s pointless to project your reality onto everyone else, people always do that online and it’s annoying as fuck. In fact I know a natural looking beauty who is more angeic and sexy than this goddess and she is the biggest bitch alive and men will do aything for her and women want to look like her even though she is so horrible. I know plenty of blonde spray tanheads who are sweet as pie too, so it goes beyond. I know you were just using examples, but it’s not going to drive the point home to girls who look nothing like your desription and who are physically beautiful just cuel hearted.

    This is the world wide web sadly some beautiful girls do congregate adn spread their vanity hate here. Assuming everyone is plain just tells us that you are plain.
    Beauty is not goodness and you simply have to accept that some women have been blessed in the looks department even if thy don’t sem to deserve. What matters most is character and anyone trashing a celebrity who neve hurt anyone has no character.

    This lady is lovely and beautiful and seems so sweet and she gives men and women a new(actually old) ideal to vaue. In Victorian times she would have been the clear vsion of perfection. So many varieties of women are beauiful it doesn’t need to be a war against this or that.

    I do agree that women need to stop needing to be beautiful not every woman can be and that’ a good thing.

  23. Galactus

    I’d devour her world.

  24. Ryn

    It’s beside the point to bring “goodness” and “virtue” of a woman into a discussion about Joan Holloway’s jugs.

  25. nunayobizness

    “I LOVE her character and I LOVE Mad Men. Everybody — ya gotta watch it. ”

    I agree w/ Giggles. Best show on cable.

  26. Jess

    I never meant to imply that natural goods was the most important quality in a woman; I’m rereading what I wrote, and it does sound like I’m writing a guide to The Survival of the Hottest. It is, however, besides the point to bring in “Yes, she’s hot, but hot girls are sometimes bitches.” It has nothing to do with the conversation and it is insulting to suggest that women fall into the archetypal “Hot Bitch” and “Sweet Homely”, or that beauty is often mistaken as virtue.
    People are all even, given different gifts to make us about equal competitors. Sometimes, hot’s what you got.

  27. testingto

    Fantastic, one of the hottedt women in the world

  28. testington

    #27. – Christina still looks 100% fuckable in your link to “what christina hendricks really looks like”. Yeah her outfit isn’t that flattering but she still looks awesome

    Also her appearance at the Emmys last year was so fucking hot just google image hendricks emmy 2008. Hot damn!

  29. uh

    Why were those girls freaking out and calling her fat? Usually, if I see a fat person, I feel more comfortable because I feel better looking. So if Christina Hendricks were actually unattractive in any way, they could just chill out.

    Instead they’re mind-bendingly jealous. Ha.

  30. Guy Rossi

    Note to self: Fill Christina Hendricks with man goo.

  31. daisychain

    Great pictures, but clearly someone has photoshopped the shit out of them, any recent candid photos will show she is actually a fair bit bigger than this. They do this with the Mad Men promo shots too, don’t know why, they can’t edit it out on the show and she still looks amazing

  32. Jessica

    Why on earth would a photographer take photos of this porcelain skinned, fire red haired siren in black and white? And why position her in completely curve-minimizing poses? Why is her hair hiding her face in every shot? What a fucking amateur.
    She is smoldering hot but she looks like she’s waiting for a bus.

  33. inkua

    #76. Well said.

  34. Jello

    Would Leonardo Dicaprio do her??? Methinks not. Would Clooney do her? NO. Why??? Too thick. Clearly she isn’t every guys cup of tea. I know lots guys who only like slim model chicks so while she’s hot don’t figh over it, she isn’t every man’s type. Some guys only like brunette’s or blonde, some guys only like asian women. So men like all types. The less guys lke her the higher chance you haveo getting a womanlik this. Just make sure to work her out dailas these types get the fattest as they age.

  35. Mk

    I have met her, interviewed her, and worshipped her up close. Yes, her boobs are real. Yes, there’s been some photoshopping (she’s also wearing a corset). In person, she appears to be a size 10/12, mostly because she’s tall and b/c of her boobs.

    For all you haters – she’s still thinner than the average American woman and much much hotter.

  36. Nikki

    idk she doesn’t really do it for me. i’m not into see-through skin i guess. i dig darker skinned girls like adriana lima and kim kardashian.

    nice tits tho.

  37. JDM

    Oh, my goodness! I love her boobs! I want to know what kind of undergarments she’s wearing so I can have boobs like that. It’s like putting them up in a platter, similar to how I looked when wearing a corset.

    Want to look just like that. Yup, yup.

  38. Serenity


  39. Miguel Francisco

    I would totally let her poop on me.

  40. Jess

    dat assssss

  41. Lisi

    The person saying her BMI puts her in the unhealthy weight range, could you please tell me her height and weight and exactly what you’ve calculated her BMI to be? I doubt you can. If you could, you’d have said ‘her BMI is –’ rather than just tell us she’s “BMI fat”. You’re just invoking a buzz term to try to sound authoritive. There is no way she has a BMI outside the healthy range. If you are implying you are such an expert, you can tell her body must have a high BMI, you are immediately outing yourself as no such expert because hers is far from what a high BMI body looks like (and yes, I’m talking about un-airbrushed and un-corsetted). Instead, you betray the skewed perspective you and others who see ultra-tiny girls with low BMIs as normal, and anything above that as overweight.

    Go Christina! You look soooo beautiful!

  42. qtpie

    Could you contradict yourself any more??? Half the women that you call fat on here are smaller than this woman. Yes, I agree that she is beautiful. So perhaps you need to rethink some of your consistent criticism of women such as J.L.H, J.Lo, Kim, Jessica Simpson, Rosario Dawson, and Brit!? They are all beautiful women with real bodies.

  43. Sabrina Lee

    I’d die for her, but killing’s so much more fun.

  44. Be My Idiot

    #91. What uneducted hick retard doesn’t know what BMI stands for? Are you fucking serious??? I work in a clinic and have a very good eye for peoples weight. She is 5’7″ according to celebheights where they list the celebrities actual height not the plus two inches hollywood height on every other website. I’d say she weighs 160-165 on a good day and that puts her at 25.1 to 25.8

    BTW 20 is ideal. The Body Mass Index according to most doctors is far too lax so when girls who are 5’5″ for example are satisfied and feel healthy at 140 pounds unless they are all muscle deinitely need to work out and eat better.

    She needs to loose weight period.

  45. victor

    Troll, you are one of the dumbest humans … That they’ve ever come out with. I think you ‘loosed’ some brains. She’s lighter than you say, dunce, and hotter than any animal you’ve ever begged to fuok you with pathetic successlessness. Die very soon.

  46. Lisi

    Wow, #94… where exactly did I say I don’t know what BMI stands for? I love that you so confidently label me an ‘uneducated hick retard’ while misreading my comment in such a bafflingly stupid way. Why would I ask for a BMI figure calculated from her height and weight if I didn’t know what it stood for?! And you have waaay overestimated her weight. I suspect your amazing eye for people’s weight is as good as your reading comprehension skills and your manners. People who have met her say she’s absolutely tiny and unlikely to be any more than a size 4.

  47. #96. Moron obviously I was talking about your presumption of me. How could you even assume I didn’t know what BMI stood for unless you were assuming that I was some kind of uneducated hick retard. Do you understand now? I am asking you what kind of person does not know what BMI stands for, as in are you fucking serious, REALLY, you are actually asking me to prove such basic knowledge. Only an uneducated hick retard would think that BMI is some sort of fancy buzz word, so why even use that as an argument.

    Sounds like hooked on phonics didn’t work for you and yes this woman weighs at least 160. Even if she weighs less due to her doughy and untoned muscle free physique she is still way too high for optimal health. Being at the high range of a healthy BMI is nothing to be proud of, it does not at all mean that you shouldn’t strive for 20, there is NO NEED to carry excess fat. Women who are still within the so-called healthy range are often told they need to loose weight by their doctors because the BMI is merely a guideline and depends very much on the individual. Even women who have a BMI of 20 can look doughy if they have no muscle tone. Again she needs to loose weight and work out regularly, plain and simple. She is carrying plenty of excess fat and likely has a poor diet with few limits being set. People eat pure garbage today and those sugar, salt, fat and preservative filled choices carry a lot of health risks. I would guess that her cholesterol is not what it should be.

    This weight requires attention:

    If you want to believe her weight is healthy than you are likely in bad shape yourself. Health is not something to be taken lightly, why not be at your best to keep your body as strong as possible. She’ll never be build like Ali Larter (who is the same height) because they have very different figures, but she should absolutely loose some weight and gain some muscle tone. Can you picture this woman hiking or jogging? Not so much and that’s not a good thing.

  48. ha

    It’s really honorable of you to care so deeply for her weight and health, but the bottom line is that she’s beautiful and guys think she’s hot. I’m sorry that you’re so jealous that you have to pretend to be some sort of doctor (even though you probably got a nursing license from your local community college).

  49. ashley

    Yeah, she has got it, a big ones! –

  50. diva88

    She looks beautiful! Although she’s just as cute on Mad Men.

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