Christina Applegate is single

December 7th, 2005 // 4 Comments

capplegate_divorce.jpgAfter four years of marriage, vintage piece of ass Christina Applegate and


  1. If she would have gotten naked her career would never have died. This should be a lesson to you..Jessica and….Hmmm…. Jessica? Why are all girls name Jessica teases. Damnit Alba and Simpson get nekkid before Hillary starts looking!

  2. Twitchy

    Christina Applegate is an under-rated actress. She has also been smart enough to stay out of the Hollywood rumor mill. Jennifer Aniston, another under-rated actress never got naked, and her career lives on. Why? The rumor mill liked her from the start. Limelight = attention = work in Hollywood.

  3. Sarcastikus

    Christina is gorgeous, even more than when she played Kelly Bundy.

    Who the hell is Jill Sandrock?

  4. roofie

    Pfft. Who knows? For all we know I could be Jill Sandrock.

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