Christina Aguilera has a birthday party

December 19th, 2008 // 61 Comments

Christina Aguilera went with A Clockwork Orange theme for 28th birthday at Osterria Mozza last night, and remind me to thank her for letting Jordan Bratman play dress-up, too. I was just thinking to myself the other day “It’s been way too long since my retinas burned with an intense white-hot hellfire.”

On that note, Katie Holmes’ birthday was also yesterday, but she didn’t have cool guests like Paris Hilton with douchebag date and Nicole Richie. Instead, Tom Cruise brought a cake onstage during the curtain call of her Broadway show. If that’s not boring enough for you, she also turned 30 and might as well be a man at this point. Which is probably the best marriage advice anyone’s ever given her. So, hey, Happy Birthday!

Photos: Flynet

  1. White Male


  3. bop

    So paris hilton’s legs look nasty! Kind of like a skinny 80 year old man dying of smoking too much and emphysema.
    And when did she get a boob job? She had nothing before now she like got fake tits….along with her fake eyes, hair, lips and nose. .. great
    Not to mention her ridiculous stupidity and narcissim…..ugh afk throwing up

  4. Looks like she’s gotten it one too many times from behind.

  5. Kobe

    Yall are a bunch of haters.

    She does look kind of crazy but, chill out.

    She’s still wonderful :) And she looks great after having a child. Do you talk about your friends that put on weight after they have babies?


  6. Erin

    Not sure Nicole Richie got the memo, but at least she’s wearing orange, right?
    Good effort there, Scooter.

  7. Poop

    she must have been running late because she forgot to finish her make up. WHAT A HAG!

  8. Fuck You

    She definitely looks great you idiots. not only is she bold enough to be different by having a clockwork orange theme party but she also looks great and unlike some other new star moms out there, she was back in shape a couple months after having the baby. talentless people always hate on the talented

  9. I :heart: Christina. She happy with her body while she nurses her son and isn’t willing to put her weight before her child’s health. I applaud her. Plus she’s very talented as a singer and songwriter.

  10. gigi

    hey clockwork organized, ease up on the ‘esoteric’ CO info……I highly doubt if even 3 readers/commenters have even seen the movie, much less know the name of the droogs lol, rest assured tho, you’re very very special… awww…

    Very cool party theme Christina! did I miss the codpieces? also wish they were drinking milk, or at least white russians…. perfect! lol This movie rules & Kubric is the man. Also love that Nicole came as a mod devotcha AND in orange…. brilliant actually…

  11. She certainly looks great fool you. Only A Clockwork Orange theme party, she is very bold to be different but she looks great and unlike some other new star there mother, the child shape after a couple months back came. Silly people always hate on the talented

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