Christina Aguilera won’t confirm pregnancy, will shop for cribs

October 31st, 2007 // 93 Comments

Christina Aguilera has yet to publicly confirm her pregnancy. Of course, she doesn’t really need to when she’s constantly photographed with an increasingly large belly, and, oh yeah, shopping for cribs. All that aside, seriously, what is the deal with her husband Jordan Bratman? I don’t get the point of this guy. It’s like she brings him along just to help her into the car. I bet afterwards she makes him ride in the trunk. Because what could these two possibly talk about? She’s a high-powered musical talent and he can probably recite the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy – in Elvish.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

  1. ssdd

    So sick already of seeing any pic’s of this fat clown bitch and her monkey face husband.

  2. *Sigh*

    Okay, so what’s with all the crazy drag-queen makeup? It’s not like she’s ugly or anything. Every time I see this chick, she reminds me of that movie Mi Vida Loca. Hey Christina, Sad Girl called, she wants her look back.

  3. BunnyButt

    Where are all the people saying her husband must be sweet, nice, intelligent, etc. because he’s so damned ugly? We usually have a few of those people who equate appearance with personality posting by now. You know, the ones who think ugly people must be wonderful human beings … I guess because ugly people would have nothing going for them if they weren’t wonderful. Which must mean attractive people are completely shitty, mean and stupid.

  4. Riotboy

    She looks so HOT!!!

    /I’d hit it
    //prego sex rules!

  5. PunkA

    If her baby looks anything like the father, I fear for its life. I think the hospital staff might have impulses that would be scary, ya know?! And who wants to go through life named Bratman? Seriously, drop the R already, and become Batman. You’re rich enogh now to buy cool gadgets and fight crime with that huge nose deflecting bullets and knife attacks.

  6. daddas


    This what is called a “Closed Racist” just dare say that out in public. Perhaps you should educate yourself. How about not judging people because of their race.

    But then Ignorance is more of a sickness.

    Anyways Christina looks like Elvis here.

  7. bob

    I want to lick her asshole…christina…I WANT YOU>>

  8. she looks the best ever!! we all are supporting her!

  9. u guys just kill me with those comentaries aahahhHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA

  10. mamadough

    you know, he may have been dropped on his face a lot as a child, but there is some fucked up mysterious reason she’s with him. i bet his cock reaches his knees and he gives multiple orgasms 20x daily. christina, for the love of God buy him some tanning sessions!

  11. Kay

    oh c’mon she doesnt look that bad. Besides im sure after the baby she’ll get back to her normal self and the rest of you hillbillies are just going to stay trailer trash fat asses…

    why confirm when its obvious??

  12. Julie

    I think she is just getting FAT!!!!

  13. Makemepuke

    I dont get it, i’m not a bad looking guy and some mutant like that lands a babe like Christina. She is seriously hot…what the fuck is going on…hang on a second, I think I figured it out, he is a loser and knows it so he is willing to put up with all of her spoiled whiney diva shit day in and day out that why he is still er…what a fuckin loser he least my self dignity is intact even if i am partnerless.

  14. bla-dee-bla

    OMG its britney ALL OVER AGAIN

  15. Mama Pinkus

    I like her shoes but the rest of her outfit really sucks.

  16. Cindy

    Is it allowed to wear that much makeup, wear nail polish and high shoes when pregnant?

  17. Kimberly

    I think she’s waiting to hit 200lbs. until she publicly reveals her pregnancy.

  18. weirdo

    She’s starting to look just like Paula Dean in the face and the body. Hey Y’all inyone want some friiied chicken!

  19. OOOOH YAK!! When I see her, I have this istant feeling of throwing up my breakfast because this girl is mentally sooooo witched, well…………….SORRY, I HAVE TO PUKE AGAIN!!

  20. Spock (Doctor)

    That’s gonna be one ugly, annoying baby.

  21. scooby

    i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again: she looks like BOY GEORGE. wtf. i used to think she was hot… does that make me gay?

  22. amy

    the funniest post i have ever read on here. thankyou superfish i am actually pissing myself x

  23. Fluffy Butt

    hideous make-up! akkkkkk

  24. John

    Her body won’t recover from this. Those wide hips and stretch marks won’t go away.

    Oh well…. I suppose we’ll always have the Dirrrty video ;-)

  25. Shallow Scowl

    God, she’s ugly….

  26. Dave

    She’s so gross. Looks like a rodeo clown!! If you look at her scalp, you can clearly see that she’s wearing a mask of makeup. Nice orange skin, you muppet!

  27. mabbo

    Donatella Versace: “Ahhhhhh, OMG, you’re big as an house!” Why does xtina follow whatever Britney does? Britney got married and had kids, now xtina gets married and has kids. She is always trying to catch the same publicity Brit Brit has. Unfortunately for Xtina, nobody cares about her…only Britney. And why does she wear drag queen make up. Yeesh, she must have ten layers. See that way she doesn’t have to wash her face ever. One layer strips away, she got more on her face to keep her “beautiful”. Ugh.

  28. me

    damn. it looks like the Latina Curse has hit her earlier than most.

    For those not in the “know” the Latina Curse is the sad fact that latina women age horribly. No matter how hot they are, when they reach a certain age they hit the wall going about 90 mph. its a shame really.

  29. Shallo Val is a bitch, I know......w/e

    She’s got that ugly Ecuadorian mug. I’ve met very FEW cute Ecuadorians and she ain’t one.

  30. Shallo Val is a bitch, I know......w/e

    78 me –

    It’s not a Latina thing, it’s a hick thing. Most Latin hicks spackle the makeup on, don’t eat properly, and rely on surgery for everything. I’m talking about the “hicks.” Now the educated Latins know what’s what. Jennifer Lopez is a hick. That’s why she looks and dresses like shit. Hicks don’t know when to stop trying to dress like teenagers either.

    But that’s just the opinon of an American Spic (not hick), ie, moi.

  31. Amanda

    Why does she have to “confirm” it. She might be a celebrity but, shes a person too.

  32. mamadough

    you are all right. she has put some weight on. especially in that uterus area. hope she gets rid of that immediately.

  33. kitty_kat

    #45- Get a fucking education.

  34. Eye-Dish Lass

    Christina….this is not a “Suri” move….hiding a pregnancy past 14 weeks or “showing” is useless (and mind-numbing). At this point, it’s just annoying….because by not announcing it, it just seems you want MORE attention. Congratulations! TRY to embrace it!

  35. yukadoozer

    She looks like a giant cabbage patch kid.

  36. blizzy

    @83 – Didn’t you know, they stop schoolin em at 3rd grade…then its time for them to work the mines with dad, grandpa, and cousin jeb.

  37. RCA

    If she REALLY wanted to hide it she’d stop with the acorns!

  38. Herr Doktor

    Roommates and fellow vegetarians, UC Santa Cruz, Class of 2030: Chandra Selina Aguilera-Bratman, Skye Paris Richie-Madden, and Sally Hemmings Berry-Aubry.

  39. They look like a happy couple, her husband even held her hand as she walked up the stairs. That’s very sweet and considerate. Of course she’s pregnant, are you folks blind? Stop the hate and spread the love. The only complaint that I have is that the photographer took so many lousy pics. Why can’t the paparazzi take good pics? All I see are lousy pics of beautiful people… Doesn’t anyone know how to use Photoshop? If I wanted “warts and all” I’d go to the craigslist personals. Maybe if the photogs asked her to stop for a moment and pose a bit and then if she did, they’d just leave her alone… I guess that’s asking for way too much.

  40. Well good voice maybe, but no good songs, let’s see; whiney circus video, the horrid Jo Baker rip off and Candyman is maybe the worst abomination this year with a vid to match, horrid…

    As The Simpsons comic book guy might say “scariest___ pic___ ever!”

  41. Fairy

    # 77 So because Britney has gotten married and had kids means Christina can’t because that would be copying Britney, So if I get married and have kids I’m copying Britney too right? wtf. Grow up
    Look she doesn’t have to confirm it because its so obvious, how is saying yes I’m pregnant gonna make a difference she probably wants to keep some kind of privacy. Least she’s not talking about it at every opportunity like Halle Berry that woman won’t stop talking about being pregnant.
    I think she looks good she’s only tiny so she doesn’t need to wear maternity clothes.

  42. selina

    she is cool in this style, i heard that she has a acount on a celebrities & millionaire site called , i do know it is true or not.

  43. joe schmoe

    did the husband ever learn how to shave…i dont think his father ever taught him cause this dude always has some ugly ass beard on at all times

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