Christina Aguilera won’t confirm pregnancy, will shop for cribs

October 31st, 2007 // 93 Comments

Christina Aguilera has yet to publicly confirm her pregnancy. Of course, she doesn’t really need to when she’s constantly photographed with an increasingly large belly, and, oh yeah, shopping for cribs. All that aside, seriously, what is the deal with her husband Jordan Bratman? I don’t get the point of this guy. It’s like she brings him along just to help her into the car. I bet afterwards she makes him ride in the trunk. Because what could these two possibly talk about? She’s a high-powered musical talent and he can probably recite the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy – in Elvish.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

  1. D. Richards


  2. she’s pregnant and she can’t hide it
    wake up christina everyone knows you’re pregnant
    if you didn’t want everyone then you should have got married!-duH

  3. me

    she got fat in her face

  4. iburl

    She’s can’t say she’s pregnant, because no homo sapien woman has mated with a neandrathal since Ringo Starr and Barbara Bach.

  5. Stop eating frybread

    She is blowing up just like every other mexican woman that has a baby

  6. lulu

    #4 correction: she got fat everywhere :p

  7. Ice

    her husband is so ugly

  8. Frankly, why should she.

    It really is nobody’s business but her family’s.

    Respect her wishes, this is a magical time for her

  9. meowmeow

    she looks huge.
    when i get pregnant, i’ll stay super thin and beautiful. not really. though women sometimes have problems staying healthy

  10. starship

    Wow. She married that dweeb?

  11. emily

    i think all of the makeup she wears is just making her look even bigger. she shouldn’t cake it on that much. although she does pull off the double chin pretty well. can’t argue that the girl can sing her ass off though. what a voice!

  12. D. Richards

    People magazine says the reason that Aguilera has extremely, incredibly bowed legs is because when she was a child, and living in the heart of the Ecaudorian Rain Forrest, she became overrun with rickets. This, coupled with an already bowed set of legs made-for the grotesque pair she now sports today.

    People also says that Christina’s family was responsible for harboring Nazi war criminals. Before it was fashionable, mind you.

  13. veggi

    @9- You crack me up. All the things you say are so weird.

  14. pissy skank

    they’re both FUG.

  15. liz

    God her face looks fat!

  16. ugh

    her legs are damn ugly, kinda like her natural rat face
    she is ALWAYS in drag

  17. Well, veggi, you know pageant winners are never very bright…

  18. my comment

    Jordan looks prego in pic #10.

  19. spanky

    Apareantly she also won’t go out without the clown make up.

  20. veggi

    Oh, Come on FRIST! We all know that The Africa and The Iraq need maps, and such as, in my opinion. hahahaha snort snort snort!

  21. devil face

    xtina is ugly.
    she should lend britney some makeup and help her pull her hair back

  22. ruperticus

    she’s getting a new nice wide hips ;)

  23. Crotch Kicker

    I hope she’s not pregnant. I hope her metabolism completely bailed on her and she has absolutely no self control when it comes to cheesecake. I’m also hoping that she is so embarrassed that she shops for baby cribs in an attempt to fool us. It will be great when she gets to her 17th trimester.

  24. kELLY

    IF Shes not pregnant someone should tell her ass, arms and thighs that cause she got fat

  25. Crotch Kicker

    Oh yeah, pic #6, so f-ing hot.

  26. Texas Tranny

    Looks like she has one of my butt-plugs up her ass.


    it’s not that serious everyone.

  28. @29
    Thanks Tranny my lunch is now on my desk.

  29. ICk

    Damn, he is one nasty looking beast….he looks like he is drooling in pic 10…..what was she thinking when she met him??????? hey, maybe he has a big penis or something…… frightening I know.

  30. mkell

    Picture 10 is hilarious. The looks of dread and worry on their faces, as if instead of a short curb, they’re attempting the summit of K2!

  31. gotmilk?

    i don’t get why people feel that celebrities should “confirm” that they’re pregnant. are they suppose to hold a friggin press conference? and honestly, why is it that important that some celebrity is pregnant? i could care less.

    #3, i don’t thing she’s trying to hide the fact that she’s pregnant. and the rest of your post doesn’t even make sense. wtf are you talking about?

  32. Feckless

    Did she confirm that fugly asshat shirt or the double chin? Did she confirm that she got her makeup tips from Bride of Chucky? If she doesn’t confirm anything, how are we supposed to know it? Maybe if she’s required to sound a warning Klaxon when she backs up she’ll finally say whether she’s retaining water or not.

  33. IFuckingHateYou

    She’s not knocked up!!

    She’s just been taking dieting tips from Britney lately and can’t figure out why she’s putting on extra weight, even though she’s strictly sticking tot he Cheetos and Starbucks diet. It’s a compelte fucking mystery.

  34. Bitchy McBitchington, III

    #6, You idiot prick…she’s 1/2 Ecuadorian…which is not even remotely Mexican. Pick up a book, asshat.

  35. IFuckingHateYou

    #37 – get over yourself – a wetback is a wetback is a wetback, doesn’t matter if they’re Mexican, Spanish, Ecuadorian, Salvadorian or any of those other fucked up nationalities – they’re still wetbacks.

  36. LL

    Maybe she’s not confirming that she’s pregnant because she thinks it’s stupid that someone who’s obviously pregnant has to announce that she’s pregnant. Maybe she thinks that looking pregnant is announcement enough and doesn’t think (unlike most chicks, apparently) that the entire world wants to know that you’re knocked up the very instant the sperm fertilizes the egg. Most of the world doesn’t give a shit that any particular chick is pregnant. Any female who’s reached puberty (and isn’t infertile) can get pregnant, it’s not a huge accomplishment.

    And yeah, now she looks like a pregnant clown hooker.

    What’s an “asshat shirt”? Is that a new clothing line from Diddy? Ba-dum bum! Thanks folks, I’ll be here all week. Don’t forget to tip your waitress.

  37. frybread

    oranges and apples.
    shes a cholo ho main! ( main is how they pronounce man )

  38. frybread

    oranges and apples.
    shes a cholo ho main! ( main is how they pronounce man )

  39. sicasso

    career over.

    there is no surviving pic #6. not even an asshat could survive that embarrassment, right asshats?

  40. frybread

    although #38, why do I feel like the spanish are superior?

  41. jd

    I like her but these pictures are bad. It looks like her blush is silver-ish. And in the last few pics you can see her natural pencil thin brows through the fake ones painted on.

  42. Rabbi Schiller.

    At least with a Jewish father the kid might get some brains. That was a shrewd move for Christina. For a while there I thought she’d end up with a negro like that foolish Klum shiksa. Oy gevalt.

  43. Jimmy Bones

    Who the hell cares? Everyone knows she’s pregnant. So what if she won’t confirm it? Stop your bitching.

  44. Jimmy Bones

    Who the hell cares? Everyone knows she’s pregnant. So what if she won’t confirm it? Will your pathetic lives change that dramatically if and when she announces it. Stop your bitching.

  45. Shep

    Man, how does a guy who looks like a retarded David Blaine get Christina Aguilera, ridiculous

  46. Yukiko

    @ D. Richards

    i think i love you

  47. Me

    I guess it’s true that true love is blind, clearly it is in this case…but you know what else? I would lay money on this couple actually staying together.

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