Christina Aguilera, what in the hell?

Christina Aguilera performed for the final show of the “Africa Rising!” event at Royal Albert Hall in London last night. She also apparently showed up wearing my grandmother’s quilt as a turtleneck. Thanks, that wasn’t a family heirloom or anything. Anyway, the night eventually got boobified when Christina took the stage and made her trademark faces that left me surprised she didn’t birth a baby brother for Max Liron right there on the spot.

CHRISTINA: OOOOoooooooOoo Aaaahhaaahao oOOOoo!
STAGEHAND: Ma,am, you just gave birth.
CHRISTINA: OooooOOO! Aaahaahah!
STAGEHAND: No, really, lady, it looks like a Sasquatch. We know it’s your husband’s.
CHRISTINA: Heeeeey a heeeyeey OOOooo AAAHH!
STAGEHAND: Ma’am, there’s an entire audience of witnesses.
CHRISTINA: Put it by the druuuhuuh druhuuhuhuuuuh drums!
STAGEHAND: There’s another one coming isn’t there?