Christina Aguilera wears short shorts in SoHo

June 23rd, 2006 // 113 Comments



  1. SoupaSarah

    She looks like one of those skanky hoes in your PE lesson who think theyre too cool for school. Some one needs to get christina’s head out of her own arse maybe then she won’t walk so funny.

    “I give money to deaf people so they can get hearing aids. more people should hear me sing”.

  2. mymindspeaks

    You know I think she looks cute. Tiny girl. She must live in heels

  3. FecalPellets

    Christina looks great. She can pull off the hooker look really well. Seriously, she is hot!

  4. frenchie

    Enough with the immitation of Marilyn Monroe.

  5. becca11

    that orange rat is really desperate for attention…if she styles herself to look like a prostitue or cheap porn star maybe no one will notice that she has an ugly face, a pear shaped body, and parentheses for legs.

  6. Hey, I was just in Soho. Why didn’t I see her? Wop…wop…wop… oops, I mean whomp

  7. DaNiGuRl

    You know, everyone on here makes a good point. So i guess the only thing i’m gonna say is…to me, this is the best i’ve seen her in a long time. I think she’s pretty, but only cuz she’s got the money to make herself look even THAT good. But if i saw her walking down the street, i’d think she’s average to below average…actually pushing ugly. But hey…that’s just MY opinion.

  8. fre

    she is gorgeous and tbh she can pull off anything and looks fab! and i lurve her new song im a dancer in all types of dance and i new it was a gd song straight away as after i had listened 2 it it was still in my head ages after !

  9. Danni

    She definately has the legs for them, go Christina! at least she is not all skinny ans skanky looking like anorexic posh spice.

  10. Simply Unique

    OMG, Y’all need to get over it! Christina has an AMAZING body! No cankles, no orange skin, etc. I know millions of people who would kill for a body like that. Christina can wear short shorts!!

  11. Christina is like many extremely talented, young and over-exposed stars of the future. She will most likey become more beautiful, more talented, more self-aware and more fabulous with time…..Not is spite of the negative so-called friends and fans, rather in the spirit of the same…..I think Christina shows incredible strength and promise.

  12. SpecialK

    She should gain some weight; her legs are scrawny like whoa.

  13. Oh dear

    Wow shes the same colour as the guys boots… ouch
    And whats with the feeble little legs?

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