Christina Aguilera wears short shorts in SoHo

June 23rd, 2006 // 113 Comments



  1. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Who would you rather see naked: Christina Aguilera or that lead girl from the Pussycat Dolls? I’d rather see the Pussycat Dolls girl naked. Because she’s hot. I’m just saying.

  2. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    It isn’t what you would call a ‘brainteaser’.

  3. spatz

    i’m thinking cankles too. and she bowlegged. yuck.

  4. YouWannaBMe

    @50- No, but I can arrange for you to toss my salad… I hear it tastes like fruit? Haha

  5. chanel_bear

    see the thing with christina aguilera is is that she’s the jan brady of the pop world. it doesn’t matter how much talent she has, or how much less of a mess she is then britney spears, people are always going to want to hear about britney. britney and christina kissed madonna, and everybody made a big deal about britney doing it and mostly forgot that xtina did it too. britney got married (twice) and everybody went berserk trying to get photos, analyzing said marriages, ect. christina got married and nobody cared. it’s always britney britney britney. the hooker shoes and short shorts is like jan brady putting on the afro wig, a lame attempt to get people to pay attention to her.

  6. TaiTai

    Wouldn’t you hate to be that girl sitting on the bench in the background? She sneaked out of work for a smoke and a quick call on the cell phone, and the next thing you know she is plastered all over websites and magazines. And her parents didn’t even know she smoked! And her boyfriend wants to know who she was talking to! And her boss thought she was working! Damn, Christina Aguilera ruined her whole day. Bitch.

  7. rori

    @54 Jelly or syrup? I prefer syrup.
    (Slightly old pop culture reference…)

  8. YouWannaBMe

    I have to agree with you 100% Chanel- Now I’m just hoping she does the same thing her “role model” Marilyn Monroe did, and just kill herself already. She’s so damn un-interesting it’s ridiculous. She’s a midget with the body of a boy. She put fake tits on her chest and now she thinks she’s hot?

  9. YouWannaBMe

    @57 I like syrup too, and if you’re good I’ll put some whipped cream on there, too… :P Mmmmmm!!!

  10. spatz

    yup, barbituates administered up the ass. thats how xtina should go. just like marilyn.

  11. stevie is a girls name

    looks like orange is the hottest color for summer, what the fuck if you have millions of dollars you should at least be able to get a decent looking fake tan?

  12. YouWannaBMe

    @61- True… but I also believe that if you’re willing to undergo plastic surgery and put silicone and shit inside your chest, you shouldn’t be weary of a tanning bed, either…

  13. stevie is a girls name

    yeah but tanning beds dont make you look orange, cheap ass spray on tans do

  14. biatcho

    #56: The only reason I would hate to be that girl sitting on the bench is because she is fucking butt ugly, her hair color is atrocious and her shirt is embarassing. I don’t even want to touch on the fact that she’s wearing black slacks with what appears to be white flip flops.

  15. YouWannaBMe

    Right, which is why I can’t understand why these “superficial” plastic surgery gung-ho assholes aren’t afraid of putting foreign objects and botox into their body, but God forbid they step into a tanning bed and get a REAL looking tan instead of this Bozo the Clown shit. If you can stand for artificial materials in your body, you should be able to handle some artificial rays!!

  16. jane's eyre

    I was trying to figure out what she looks like in that second picture, and I’ve figured it out:

  17. YouWannaBMe

    ROTFLMAO Jane.. nice.

  18. justme

    Fake boobs, orange colored skin, fake colored hair, and an attitude.. I’ll pass..

  19. TaiTai

    @64 I thought it was some kind of uniform. Only she obviously does not have enough “flair.”

  20. biatcho

    69: That is certainly no uniform to be worn at the Soho Grand Hotel. They don’t hire the ugly, either. Someone really looked in her closet & said “hhmm, I’m gonna wear this today & take the world by storm!” I bet she’s related to meganharris.

  21. Tha-Flash

    She’s hot.

  22. Tha-Flash

    But the thing you’ve gotta realise is that she is beautiful, no matter what you say… Words can’t bring her down.. oh no. So don’t you bring her down today.

  23. No relation. dumb ass.

  24. @59 wont syrup stick to the “salad” and make more dingleberries like that? ewww


  25. biatcho

    I’m sorry meganharris but I really think that the girl on the bench is a relative of yours. Wow, what a bitch you are. Denying the fact that you know someone that is a family member just because she’s as ugly as you are? Even I wouldn’t stoop that low.
    You’re even more of a bitch than I originally thought. that’s cold and downright rude.

  26. A

    her legs are small but her skin tone is beautiful.

  27. ESQ

    She looks great. I’d hit that!

  28. Nikk The Templar

    72: But the thing you’ve gotta realise is that she is beautiful, no matter what you say… Words can’t bring her down.. oh no. So don’t you bring her down today.

    I can’t breathe, I’m laughing so hard.

    That is the Comment of the Week.

    She looks doll-like and cutesy.

    And I’m digging those shoes. I’d be digging them even more if they were waving in the air and her cute little toes were curling in them while I……*censored The staff*…..and…*censored The staff*….


  29. RichPort

    Definitely the monotonous hotness… you say silicon, I say money well spent. Posh, you taking notes?

  30. jane's eyre

    Yes, that’s a beautiful combination of yellow #5 and red lake #7.

  31. jennah

    why the fuck do people tan orange & them dye their hair a wicked shade of fucking blonde? ex; paris, xtina, kelly ripa….smh.

  32. BarbadoSlim

    Yuck, this bow-legged midget hooker thinks she’s hot. She needs to lay off the pancake make-up, pronto. She also needs to find a way to look less greasy.

    She looks greasier than the driveshaft on a ’74 Pinto.

  33. jane's eyre

    Her skin is close to being Day-Glo.

  34. biatcho

    oh the driveshaft of a ’74 Pinto. Whew, that brings back memories. That was good times. Greasy, sweet times.

  35. RichPort


    Actually the whole reason she looks looks hot is because of the whole greasy bow legged midget hooker thing. I’ve seen parts 1 – 9 of Greasy BowLegged Hooker Midget Sluts and I like the way they don’t have to bruise their knees to unwrap the package. That, and the whole orange skin thing makes me feel like I’m fucking an alien.

  36. The Editrix

    This is the second Xtina posting in a row where she’s juxtaposed with people or vehicles that cause her to look, like, 3’4″.

    Is she photoshopped into every picture, or is she actually an Ooompa Loompa?

  37. yuckyfresh

    she looks awesome.

    who was it accusing us of saying bad things about everyone?? assholes.

  38. YouWannaBMe

    74- Dingleberries? Mmm sounds tasty! The more fruit in the salad the better! hahahaha… no waxing necessary, good luck with your jungle of dingleberries since you sound so familiar with the subject….

  39. ESQ

    Another one with a penchant for Christain Louboutin shoes. Victoria Beckam likes them too –

  40. polypam

    These girls try to act like they hate the paparazzi following them. But you know, if you dress like THAT just to go shopping, then expect to be noticed because most girls who live in NYC do NOT wear short shorts and stilettos on a daily basis (unless they work on the corner of 45th and 10th, that is).

  41. shankyouverymuch


    For putting the enticing picture in my head, I hail you as my newest fav… thank you biatcho… please, tell me you are a woman, that would only make it sooo much better…

  42. shankyouverymuch


    BIATCHO… more pictures!!!… I

  43. LL

    Christina does have a rockin’ bod and she can sing (but jeez, enough of the shrieking 500 notes before you utter an actual word – tiresome) but this picture makes her look like an Oompa Loompa hooker. What is it with white chicks and orange skin? Jebus, I’d rather be as pasty as Queen Liz than orange. And with white blonde hair? Yikes. Christina, wash that orange crap off and then get to a colorist who doesn’t hate you.

  44. biatcho

    issues, too many issues…


    I would like to be her personal slave, you know, clean the bathroom and the tub kitchen floor etc. all the while being locked in a chastity tube and she only lets me have an orgasm every 8 to 12 weeks. that’s the hottest idea ever on the superficial. thanks for agreeing everyone

  46. KegelMaster

    No #12 nobody missed you. Megan Harris has been feeling froggy and she’s getting gang banged.

  47. Depraved22

    They do look like cankles in the first photo. I just can’t get past the orange skin with her weird hair color. It clashes.

  48. SeedyAl

    I’d buy meat in that.

  49. PrincessMuMu

    Well I don’t need to post anything really coz #94 took the words right out of my mouth. Fuck Xtina is ugly. She looks like a damn cartoon.

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