Christina Aguilera wears see through clothes again

July 21st, 2006 // 166 Comments

  1. Courtney

    I could swear this site used to be funny. Oh well.

  2. biatcho

    We’ll all make sure to try much harder for you moving forward, Courtney.

  3. Nice try. (?)

  4. Joe Bivvens

    OHHHHHH Zanna?

  5. DonLes91

    #148 – Are you fucking high? GOD, I hate you!

    Where are the new posts?!? I’m tired of looking at Xtina!

  6. Anyway She probably just washed the piece of cloth too much it wore out and became translucent.

  7. Courtney

    Aw, don’t sell yourself short, biatcho my love. I wasn’t referring to the commentators per se, as the pety infighting tends to be much funnier than the original posts.

    But I appreciate your dedication to trying harder to make me happy, it means the world to me <3

  8. asenath7766

    Poor Britney…her nemesis has clearly beat her in popularity, attractiveness, and simply having her life together. It must really hurt looking at all the online photos of Xtina looking hot.

  9. dimestoredetective

    I love this dirty slut.
    Does she still sing songs? It seems like all she does just walks around in skimpy tight clothing giving me a hardon.

  10. AZchick777

    ok, she’s bangin’ hot and can def. pull off any outfit. LOVE THE SHOES!

  11. hamacus

    Said it once and I’ll say it a million times…Skank-A-Licious.

    Man I’d hit that…hard and often!

  12. A Nobody

    Hey, at least she’s wearing something in it. Though, I kinda miss her boobs. I’m a woman and I can’t help but think she’s hot.

    Fuck you, Angelina Jolie.

  13. jaysaj

    @162 what’s your beef with Angelina Jolie? well i think i can sum up your resentment in one word J E A L O U S Y!

  14. i love you

    i love her so much

  15. I’m really gonna hope that it wasn’t see through until the camera bulbs flashed. But if not, shame on her! What a sad example to show your child. Yes, the human body is a beautiful thing we should not be ashamed of, but that does not mean we should let any and all delight in it.

  16. i actually think she has a nice body. her dress sense on the other hand is a whole different issue

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