Christina Aguilera wears see through clothes again

July 21st, 2006 // 166 Comments

  1. hopeless_screenwriter

    Who needs trolls, when I am a fucking regular? I don’t insult, offend, OR entertain. I just post 200 times a day without saying a fucking thing! Not one fucking thing!

    I am amazing! And gay.

  2. hopeless_screenwriter

    I’ll shut up now, before you all pull out your teeth in despair. But don’t worry, I’ll be back tomorrow, endlessly pretending to be funny, while you shave your flesh with cheese graters to numb the pain of my goddam rants.

    Remember, I suck, literally!

  3. hopeless_screenwriter

    Die, you pretentious homo.

  4. @32 – thanks for the link. i dont hate her anymore. she seems nice. that’s one less person….(crosses vanessa’s name off list with lipstick, a la steve buscemi)

  5. Vas Deferens

    Holy jeez I wanted to lick ‘em.

  6. Right now I’m just hoping someone stole Papa’s alias….because I’d find it hard to believe he’d “come out” on line. And even then it wouldn’t be his style. But that’s just my impression.

  7. oh, and if you want to see masturbation…just check out today’s post. It’s disturbing. so, enjoy.

  8. Getitstraight

    on a totally UNrelated subject, TMZ has Parisite Hilton on video talking about what people are saying about her on “certain” websites, listen to it, it’s fucking hilarious one “quote” is straight from “THESUPERFIACIAL”, I cannot fucking believe Superficial Guy missed this. I should take over this website, this guy is getting to slow…….

  9. justlikehoney1

    #65 – “I bet that pink little ass taste like honey.”

    yep, justlikehoney ;0}

  10. diamondprynzez

    hiii ummm jrzmommy,

    I’m glad you volunteered for a while… I spent three months there (not quite as long as you, I know) but I did grow an attachment to the people, at least enough to think twice before degrading their “stinky” culture. Glad you got so much out of your volunteer experience.

    It’s stupid of people (namely, you) to try and ever–so-subtley disclose their (your) income over the net.

    you’re probably old and have had to work your entire life for your mediocre-class bimmer and and that sorry excuse of a chevy with chrome wheels.

    Before you go all menopausal on me, I can’t spend a year out of the country while attending UC Berkeley… and I drive an Infiniti G35… not too shabby for an 18-year-old’s first car.

    ((you mean to tell me that WASN’T subtle??))

    I <333333 Jrzdaddy.

  11. diamondprynzez


    Jrzmommy, is that you??

  12. MyWellRehearsedMistake

    106. I don’t think you have anything to worry about in terms of Papa’s sexuality. He’s fighting a troll on the ‘Colin Farrell’ thread or possibly fighting with himself, I’m not too sure.

    100-3 Go away Fake Hopeless. The real one is much funnier.

  13. MyWellRehearsedMistake

    89. Why would Christina be partying in a see-through dress with her grandma? Weird.

    I think you are right #74 – I blame that stupid cunt of a mouse for all the evils of this world.

  14. Joe Bivvens

    Ok so whoever is going from thread to thread and impostoring me well all I have to say is that you have no life and what hopeless said about himself or herself applies doubly to you.

  15. metini

    K what exactly is the point of wearing see through clothing with underwear?? If you’re going with the see through skip the underwear. It makes no sense I tell yah!

  16. My last post yesterday the was # 75. Every other post after that i.e. 99, 100, 101, 102, 103 was not me. I guess this means I’m pretty fucked, unless I put in my URL, which is under construction.

    Thank you @112 for seeing that it was not me. It’s funny really someone who gets so envious they have to try to bash you by trying to become you. I have confidence that the people who know my style would know that it was not me.

    I really like this site alot, and I think you all rule.

  17. Sheva

    She’s being way to coy unlike these other Hollywood starlets who always wear nothing under the invisible wear.

    Okay, so she wears the coverup undies. Oh well, we can get those off in short order. Hmm, she’s so plowable I’d take her with those nice fake tits and all.

    C’mon you smurfy genie let’s go.

  18. cmon her figure’s good, just let her be.

  19. Yes, thank you 112, for shoving your head so far up my ass that I actually felt it. It’s been a while, as I’m not too sensitive down there since I started volunteering as a prison outreach lay minister.

    Those guys are so cool, they even gave me my own nicknames, like “punk”, “bitch”, “fuck hole”, … I have learned a lot from working with the guys, and gotten in touch with my feminine side.

    What was I saying? Oh, break out the cheese graters and start shaving your shins, becauase I am sure to post another 30+ times today with all kinds of pain inducing mindless rants.

    Why? Because I am an annoying pretentious git, who is deluded enough to think that others are interested in the least in the lame shit that I spew, which I sadly believe is actually entertaining. Fucking shoot me now, please.

  20. BarbadoSlim

    @119…aren’t you a bit of terrific!!!

    you have truly lowered the bar for all annoying board spammers.

    I wish you well on all your future endeavors, including your certain sodomization at the hands of several large Samoan men sometime in the future.

  21. biatcho

    Why are there so many annoying fucking retards on here all the time now? Whatever happened to just being a dick instead of an annoying asshole? I blame in on the parents.

  22. biatcho

    or maybe I blame it on the parents.

  23. Tha-Flash

    Woah. Sexy

  24. biatcho

    Why do I seem to have an annoying fucktard itch that I just can’t scratch all the time now? Whatever happened to my deep rectal probe and KY that I use to tame my annoying asshole?

    Fuck me. Seriously, that was an open invitation. Fuck me.

  25. BarbadoSlim

    #124 I’d hit it.

    But then I give tongue massages to hopeless_screenwriter’s ‘nads.


  26. BarbadoSlim

    I don’t do tongue, I do full rectal penetration, leave you all clean and shit, you can call me the health inspector.(virtually, since this is the internet)

    Amazing how you took time out of your busy weekend to register all of our nicks.

    oh, and fuck you, you stoopid loser you’re just fucking up the site.

  27. BarbadoSlim

    Yeah, I’ve wasted enough time on you ass clowns, but with all the mindless shit posted on this site recently, you fucking deserved a taste of your own feces.

    You must be the last fucking person on this site not to understand that you can easily change your display name with at typekey. Even Iambananas does it all the time. Five seconds, no registration, and no guarantee of unique registry. Retarded? You betcha!

    Have fun with the butt sex, fucktards.

  28. biatcho

    Wow. I feel like some kid from the set of “Real Genius” has way too much time on his hands. Go back to building a super atomic laser that will kill all people who don’t watch Monday Night Wrestling and leave the Superficial to the not-so-nerdy-and-clearly-homosexual people.

  29. biatcho

    and by clearly-homosexual I meant not-so-clearly homosexual, but it clearly didn’t come out right. fuck.

  30. biatcho

    wait, what? forget that last line, hangovers are dickholes.

  31. BarbadoSlim

    So now you have all you want.

    What’s your next move bubba?

  32. BarbadoSlim

    Well? we are all waiting, no feces coming outta this keyboard (Alienware gaming portable btw).

    DO SOMETHING JACKASS, or is that all ya have?

  33. hopeless_screenwriter

    @132 Barbado? Is that you? I’m afraid to post. I heard there was a troll in the room, and I’m fresh out of live frogs. This will be my last post until Monday on any thread.. Have a good week-end all.


  34. BarbadoSlim

    @133…it’s me, on 131 and 132, but this shit sucks all ass. *Sigh*

    I apologize if the troll offends anyone using my nick.

    That’s not how we are supposed to roll here, this site is gonna go down if they they don’t come up with some authentication or something.

    have a good one, I’m off to enjoy some puertorrican poosey.

  35. LilRach

    Damn girl – you are HOT! She looks fucking great!
    To all yous who are mocking her you got a problem with your eyes man – or you gay, or your ten and think she got girl germs, or you are an ugly bitch!

    #12 – she has a massive rock on her finger! Just cos she married does that mean she can’t leave the house without her hubby?

  36. hopeless_screenwriter

    i am a fucking faggot i’m afraid to come out look at me i’m so scared of the troll you guys all suck, come out and play with me.

  37. Joe Bivvens

    See what I mean I was over in the Colin Farrell thread and because some sicko didn’t like what I had to say all of a sudden there were impostors posting using my name and saying things that I would never think of let alone type so you aren’t alone and I agree that if this site doesn’t find a way to make sure everyone who posts here is honest and trustworthy then it sucks.

  38. Weez_theunemployable

    All stars should be this glamorous on their lil entourages of the town

  39. vanity666

    ohh gunna get dirtyyyyyyy
    sweat drippin over my bodayyyyyy
    gunna get dirtayyyyyy
    do do do doo do ded doo


  40. @137…it’s a form of identity theft and i would think they would at least try to find a way to authenticate or at the VERY least, that the SF post a public service announcement. I mean, they posted one to tell peoople to stop FIRST all the time. C’mon, SF….keep the site something fun for us to come to….

  41. Joe Bivvens

    It is theft and it is much worse than first or second or eleventeen so what does that tell you about some of the people who post here with no regard for the feelings of others and since I am new here and I see it like that I can just imagine what someone who has been here a long time thinks.

  42. 141 – I can assure you that most of the people that come here, are good people just having fun. I’m pretty sure it’s only one or two people who steal nicknames. But either way, yes, there are quite a few “regulars” that don’t post anymore, or as often because of the bullshit.

  43. Joe Bivvens

    Well #142 I believe you are sincere and you think people here are so nice and everything but not too many have spoken out on this issue so that might give the rotten eggs encouragement to continue their being bad. Maybe if more people said this was wrong it would stop.

  44. biatcho

    The reason nobody speaks out about it is because if you ignore it, then it will go away. If you can’t ignore it then at least try to rip the shit of the person in a humorous & derogatory way to keep things interesting. Incessant whining about it won’t make it go away – it only adds more fuel to the fire.
    The whining has gotten just as, if not more irritating than the little fuck who jacks people’s names.

  45. biatcho

    By the way, regarding the pictures above, not sure if anyone else noticed since I didn’t read all the comments but look at the top row, 3rd pic from the right. That guy’s ginormous hand looks like he’s ready to fingerbutt her.

  46. vicki17xoxo

    She looks good….but….whats with the makeup? And why cant her hair ever be a “normal” color???

  47. pop

    if i wasn’t so gay i’d totally hit that…

  48. herbiefrog

    hi guys :) [woah sunny]

    i’m supposed to reply to
    #78 #48 and #119
    but i have no idea why
    and i have a soft female upstairs
    so you will just
    have to play with yourselves
    and your fame

    ]btw its not actually sunny[
    ]it was just an incredible[
    ]amount of light that was around us :) [

    wasnt going inwards
    if you know what we mean
    and i think that you probably do

    ps dont be mean to frogs
    were starting with them
    if we have to go back

  49. Kate&Tina

    #148 – WTF

  50. biatcho

    Pay no attention to herbiefrog/lamebananas – It’s the type of being who tries to be different for the sake of being different & fails miserably at it, i.e. it loves The Cure, The Smiths and Hanson.
    It also likes to hear the sound of its own voice, even though it makes others cringe whenever it opens its mouth.

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