Christina Aguilera wears see through clothes again

July 21st, 2006 // 166 Comments

  1. bunnyhugger

    LEAST. the thought alone got me so excited i can’t type straight!

  2. bunnyhugger

    and on topic, i actually like her. i can’t get her out of my head singing in “mulan” when she was just a kid. and she is nicely put together.

    oh, also to hopeless: how many years of latin did YOU take??

  3. hopeless_screenwriter

    @Bunnyhugger Is 15 too young for you? Can I call you mommy? I mean ‘mommy mistress’? I once had an erection that lasted 3 days. It continued even as I slept. You probably have no use for anything that lasts 3 days, like 3 days of….. hmmmm???? It’s not like you wouldn’t get a chance to eat ;0 .

    Have to get back to my game of Chutes and Ladders.

    Think about it.

    Your little baby bunny,

  4. bunnyhugger

    oh, i imagine i could think of something to do with that for 3 days (you naughty boy!)!

  5. herbiefrog

    lol you guys

    …all over
    …move along
    …nothing to see :)

  6. qico

    I’m beginning to see a pattern hire…

  7. bunnyhugger

    well said, herbie!

    movin’ along ‘fore i gets meself in trouble!

  8. Saucie

    #48 hahahahahhahahahahahahah MLAB

    PS in Espanol el hahhahahahahahahahahahahah Yo soy en fuego privatos.

  9. Fugurself

    It is raining in Boston……

    I masturbate in the shower so much that I have developed a Pavlovian response, I get an erection whenever it rains…and now Christina Aguilera?

  10. bunnyhugger

    i shudder to think what happens when you get stuck in a rain storm.

    *shudders with glee*

    oh fuck. did i just say “glee”? i AM losing it. guess i’ll go see if ren and stimpy are on (happy, happy joy, joy, happy, happy joy…).

  11. bunnyhugger

    #56 what pattern have you hired?
    personally i am a fan of stripes.

    guys, i am soooo sorry! i’m going to check for a gas leak.
    i suck today!

  12. nbk

    I say thank goodness it’s not Britney wearing see through dress… or else I would think twice about clicking on those images.

  13. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh


    I am good to be hearing you are on private fire!

    Que fantastico! Aguilera is una nombre con mucho queso y tacos bell grande!

    Por favor, comes mi culo con mucho gusto y darle me, hija. Andele andele, mami, Eeya eeya, uh ohhhhhh.

    Saucie Out!

  14. JoBOO

    She looks like a walking piece of yellow asparagus with a wig!

    Still–I’d hit that!!


  15. Equalparts

    S-M-O-K-I-N HOT.

    Any questions?

    I bet that pink little ass taste like honey.

    Fuck Jordan Bratman. What a fucker.

  16. I love her classic look… I have always worn bright red lipstick and can say that you have not seen talent until you can keep it on while giving oral sex!

  17. Fugurself

    #60, I once got stuck in the last row of a bus on a rainy day in Boston. Remember the kitchen scene from American Pie? Well, I had a bucket of chicken wings…..and I was the only person in the last row…..

  18. LoneWolf

    I’m not lovin the Marilyn Monroe affectation (nothing looks worse than bright nail polish on short nails – looks like she’s bleeding from her stubby finger tips), but Daddy likee those shoes – you know she wears them in bed. And there’s nothin wrong with that.

  19. scoos

    I’d hit it. Repeatedly.

  20. hopeless_screenwriter

    @48 Osh I think you are ejaculabrilliant. Can’t stop laughing. And who knew you were multi-lingual? Just how many tongues do you speak? I believe I am on the verge of another 3-day……..whoa….. Yes should be a very erectifying week-end.

    @57 Definite trouble

    Down Boy! Down!

    I Lick You All,


  21. diptutod

    You know, no matter how trashy she’s ever been, I’ve got to respect her for knowing what body size looks best on her frame and just leaving it be, as opposed to starving herself just for its own sake. I would say she’s definitely qualified to be wearing see-through clothing…

  22. lomies

    Hey, flaunt it if you got it is what I always say. And keep it covered if you don’t *cough*Britney*cough*

  23. Well when you’re a whore, you’re supposed to dress like one. That’s common knowledge people.

  24. ValeWolf

    Mickey mouse fucks up people, you guys. He’s the one to blame, that asshole. First Britney who ended up marrying Cletus and ended up having the exact same life she would’ve had if she hadn’t left her hillbily town for hollywood: popping out the kids of her unemployed husband.
    Then Christina ended up being a 24 hour whore, blowing executives now. Not just mouseketeers. Looking like she’s on her way to her real job. The one that pays the records.
    Then Justin with all the drugs and homosexuality…

    I’m telling you. It’s that bastard Mickey. You keep going to Disney World.

  25. hopeless_screenwriter

    @63 I would be happy to eat your grand taco and quickly cum in your ass before you mom gets home.

    Later all

    See ya tomorrow

  26. BarbadoSlim

    I’d hit it,

    with an aviation grade barrel of industrial degreaser.

    nasty ass skank.

  27. ChickenScratch

    I don’t think there are enough pictures of her on this one…do you have anymore?

    Is it me, or does she just seem angry all the time? If I had her body and voice, I would be smiling all the time.
    Maybe it’s because of her ugly husband. Not only do I frown when I see him, I also gag a little…

  28. bunnyhugger

    hey, 72: that’s exactly what my mama always told me!
    (flaunt if ya got it). somehow, my neighbors don’t always agree.

    oh, hopeless, you’re not leaving this early? no, you crave the bunny lovin’. you will always be my #2 baby bunny–

    as long as you behave.

    (sorry about #2, dude, but somebody here claims # 1. and he’s probably way more fluffier than you)

    damn, almost forgot @ fug #57:
    wasn’t that terribly uncomfortable? personally i prefer the hot tub with …………………………….

    this has been waaaa-y too much fun today.

  29. Moriarty

    I was there — for all of your bitching, she looked fantastic, and I had the benefit of seeing this –> afterwards. Incredible.

    I know you lot hate me for using your ‘American’ site, but hey…

  30. Moriarty

    She’s beauutifullll.

  31. Joe Bivvens

    I think she’s ugly, but that is because I’m gay and I prefer a hairy ass. Please read about it in the Colin Farrell thread. Support your local gay.

  32. Moriarty

    I support my local gay, but he is Kevin Spacey (local candidate for Labour MP in the Borough of Hampstead).

  33. Joe Bivvens

    I’m sorry, Moriarty, I’m stupid and I don’t know what that is. Please explain, my brain isn’t functioning quite well off my diet of ejaculatory emissions.

  34. bunnyhugger

    i don’t hate.

  35. Joe Bivvens

    I’m also busy arguing with myself (I have a split personality disorder) so my brain is really shortcircuiting.

  36. Lankey Limey

    Damn, the Koko Club is a regular haunt of mine. I wasn’t there that day though.

  37. um…and i give a shit why, again?

  38. funkygoldmedallions

    This is why God created CELEBRITY. God Bless CHRISTina. Life would be so boring if we did not have gloriously self-involved, gorgeous, talented and ridiculous people like her.

  39. jFp

    This will be painful to many…it is for me.

    See the last photo in row 3 (pic 4)???

    That old woman is her grandmother.

    It’s gonna take alot of porno tonite to get my wood back in working order.

  40. I used to have a dress just like that, except originally it wasn’t see-through. Someone mistakenly threw it in the dryer on high heat, and while it shrunk in terms of skirt length, the sleeves easily stretched back out. But then it had all those fuzzballs on it. So I used one of those battery-operated sweater-shavers on it, and once de-balled, the dress looked just like Christina’s.

    But I couldn’t wear my dress like that. For one thing, I get out of a car just like Paris and Mischa do — I spread my legs far enough apart to mount a horse. Christina is probably much more graceful getting out of a car in a skirt that short. Too bad we will never know, since it looks like no one took her picture at that crucial moment.

  41. krwlng54

    haha binkerstocks!

  42. BarbadoSlim


    thanks a lot buddy.

    *unsuccessfully tries to revive flaccid genitalia*

    thanks a fucking bunch.

  43. PapaHotNuts

    #81 Mmmmm, butt sex, and I got just the hairy fella’ you been lookin’ for, laddie! He’s a bit large, but plenty o’ room to maneuver, m’boy!

    Ah that Colin Farrell. You know, I got a little Irish in me too. His name is Fergus, and he’s about 5’3″, with the cutest wee beard that tickles me neck while he pile drives me bunghole. Good times.

  44. PapaHotNuts

    Oh, doe’s eat oats.
    And mares eat oats.
    And little lambs eat ivy.
    A kid’l eat ivy too.
    Wouldn’t you?

  45. PapaHotNuts

    Oh, doe’s eat oats.
    And mares eat oats.
    And little lambs eat ivy.
    A kid’l eat ivy too.
    Wouldn’t you?

  46. PapaHotNuts

    Mmmmm, bunghole!

  47. HairyNipples

    I’m not an ass person myself. I prefer another hairy orifice.

    I do so love to eat me some spunky cunt. Sorry Papa, but you don’t have the right equipment to satisfy a fine piece of cow flesh like me.

  48. bunnyhugger

    i don’t hate, i masturbate, a lot, a whole lot, a bunch.

  49. hopeless_screenwriter

    Fuck, I am an annoyingly gay waste of sperm. It’s OK though, ’cause I’m also a sperm repository. Like Paris Hilton, I take all comers.


    I suck, literally.

  50. hopeless_screenwriter

    And I know that if I force you to listen to another god dam gay uncle story, you will each track me down and remove an organ of your choice with a butter knife, a can opener, and an ice cream scooper.

    Did I mention that I suck, literally?

    I did, well it bears repeating, like my endless stream of conciousness shit that rivals only lame ‘nanners for it’s ass munch factor.

    Nope, lame ‘nanners wanted a recount, and I won. I am the gayest poster on this thread. Thank you everyone. You love me, you really love me.

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