Christina Aguilera wears really small dresses

March 26th, 2007 // 104 Comments

christina-aguilera-back-to-basics-10-thumb.jpg christina-aguilera-back-to-basics-12-thumb.jpg christina-aguilera-back-to-basics-13-thumb.jpg christina-aguilera-back-to-basics-14-thumb.jpg


  1. NotTheMomma

    What is it with this skank whore and her makeup? One day she looks like an Oompa Loompa, and the next day she looks like someone slapped the shit out of her on both sides of her face.

  2. PrettyBaby

    Ok, there are basically 2 types of responses by men to Xtina:

    “She looks like a fuckin blow-up doll.” (disgust)

    “She looks like a fuckin blow-up doll!” (boioioing)

    The second guy has been on Accutane for years.

  3. Sheva

    She’s smurfalicious. She’s megahot now that she’s got much better T&A from her genie days.

    Even though I’m no fan of fake ones, she’s making me reconsider.

    C’mon on over smurf girl and bring it!

  4. Chriiiis! Have you seen my turtleneck ?!

  5. veggi

    You’re not suppose to wear your wedding dress again Christina!! duh.

  6. Superevil

    When was the last time she actually did anything other than go to events no one cares about? 2003?

  7. chlyn

    That dress is like gauze. I can read the tag on her bra right through it: “Maidenform 36D, hand wash, line dry”.

  8. jpjrocks

    If you can see in pic 10, she would have an easy job posing as a hooker

  9. Jillia

    Ugh. she comes THISCLOSE to looking really great, but takes it just a few steps too far. I mean, I actually like the outfit and she’s pretty, but she killed it with the oversized bra and tranny makeup. Not to mention the skin and hair color not found in nature…

  10. I am not a Pisstina Hagulara hater! I would be more than willing to pay $15 to bang her behind a trash dumpster in an alleyway…

  11. Celebrities sometimes really have bad taste. Too much make up, too much hair dye and too much red lipstick…she really looks like a clown now, and a hooker.

  12. k naz

    there is a pic taken for every split second. for every little movement. why are you surprised that some poses look weird. LIKE OMG PIC #9 HER LEG LOOKS WEIRD LIKE HOLY SHIT thats cause shes in the middle of moving. if your ass has the cameras all over it i’m sure it’d catch your nasty body twistin up real good.

    if one of you had an invite to an “event no one cares about” you’d be jumpin for joy..of course you wouldn’t admit it though. cause the only TRUE enoyment out of life is from sitting at your bunk ass desk all day.

    i know this is the superficial none of ya have any FUNNY or original comments EVER…so yea i’ll stand up for this bitch she’s hot.

  13. spamfighter

    Oh my lord. I have 10th row tickets to see CA Wednesday night with a woman who has now been officially demoted to second hottest in the venue.

    I think I have a boner. No, scratch that. I know I have a boner. In fact, I have two boners. And now I gotta go vote.

  14. StoneRose

    The bills for blush have gotta be putting a strain on her finances.

    That’s at least half a container wasted there on her otherwise orange cheeks.

    Her make-up’s about as subtle as…help me out here -

  15. Jillia

    Paris’ desperate cries for attention?

  16. imran karim

    makes her look fat

  17. roflmao

    im tired of christina aguilera being on this site. wth is up with her? what has she done lately? who the hell is she now? and most importantly, WHAT THE FUCK.

  18. dontyouwish

    what is with that target-looking granny bra? if you have that much money and you’re going to wear a see-through dress, you could at least buy a hot bra to wear under it…

  19. dontyouwish

    what is with that target granny bra? if you have that much money and you’re going to wear a see-through dress, you could at least buy a hot bra to wear…

  20. iamsosmrt

    So does she have to use turpentine
    to remove her makeup? I see she decided to apply all the blush in the free world with a trowel for this particular outing.

    She reminds me of the chicks you see in a dark nightclub who look hot in they’re tight tiny outfits but then when you see them in daylight you’re really disapointed.

  21. wedgeone

    1. Those hair extensions looks like they were styled with spray on gizz! I’m having a flashback to “There’s Something about Mary” here.

    2. She doesn’t look as orange as in the pics from Friday. How fast does that crap fade?

    3. The majority here have recognized the clown makeup, so I won’t rehash that.

    All in all, she looks as close to an android / half human as you can get. I can’t believe that someone has to get within 6 inches of that face on a regular basis. I’d puke in a second!

  22. Courtney

    Bitch, please.

  23. no1justminda

    Coooooooooooooooool, pantyhose!

  24. no1justminda

    She looks like Bridget Jones at the lawyer’s supper! Whooops!

  25. Truthseeker013

    You shall speak no ill of my future ex-wife.

  26. cecily

    Hey, she’s not orange.

  27. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    73– Her legs look weird because she is fucking BOW LEGGED. Idiot. Only an unbridled twat would come here and actually whine about folks being superficial.

    I agree with 70, Xtina takes it a few notches too far. I usually like her looks but she’s crossed the classy line straight into skanky. I dunno what’s up with the hair; it’s either entirely over-processed or it’s a terrible extension job done with acrylic hair. Maybe it’s both. Maybe she was in a rush. Maybe no one cares. Nonetheless, she should tear that monstrosity off & beat her stylist with it.

  28. love seeing celebs make fools of themselves

    I can totally picture her in a bukkake video.

  29. mwatkins

    she looks fucking amazing..

  30. zuzuspetals

    no one’s pointed out yet that the least attractive thing about this (extremely talented) woman is that she invariably has an expression on her face that says, “I’m so hot. Lookatmelookatmelookatme I’m so hot.”
    *Acting* sexy does not make one sexy. Making faces that look like you are going to sneeze any second is definitely not sexy. All I can think of when I look at her is how much time she must spend practicing “sexy faces” in the mirror. That isn’t hot. It’s pathetic. Same goes for Jessica Simpson. I think both of them should just hire people to carry cardboard thought bubbles over their heads that say, “I’m so hot. You know it’s true.”

  31. silverstar22

    i think her boobs are so huge from her pores enlarging from being clogged with whatever the hell she uses to get her skin that coveted orange glow.

  32. dannielynn'sdaddy

    Yeah Yeah…….. orange tranny. Weird legs, clown slut with weird legs and crispy hair. I completely agree. Now where can I get her handbag?

  33. This is a Rock 'n Roll Takeover

    She must have something against mirrors.

  34. Blogirl

    Too makeup.. hey Girl!! You

  35. kamihi

    HOLY MOTHER OF GOD, she looks like a transsexual, I never saw her looki this bad. Bejaysus, pass the sick bucket.

  36. irapback

    She’s at the stage of her life where she can’t possibly go outside without her make up on. soon enough, she will start smoking coke to kill the pain her insecurity causes. and possibly kill herself.

  37. k naz

    LMAO @ 88 maybe I’m an unbridled twat, but I’m a sexy twat, don’t hate. Maybe you should get on your job. I ain’t complainin about anyone bein superficial, I’m complainin that none of ya are funny anymore. You just statin the obvious. Durrr now go blow your way to the top biaaatch.

  38. supafreak

    2nd to last pic….she’s squeezing one out in relief.

    Last pic…she’s happy the orange cloud didn’t stain her dress.

    Tranzilla, why the long face?

  39. Karen

    She looks hideous. You have to have really low self-esteem to wear that much makeup. I’ve seen 40 year old hookers that look better than that.

  40. Holy hell, she has got to be smothering underneath that thick slathering of makeup. She is a fucking SKANK CLOWN WHORE!

    Anyhow, she used to look pretty good but now eeew. Even the Dirty Christina was muuuch better than this crap.

    Can someone please tell me what’s with the big ol white bra under her dress or turtleneck or whatever it is? A nude bra woulda been more appropriate. I suppose she balanced this street walker outfit by actually wearing a bra. (That probably justified it all in her mind).

    Anyhow, she does have a nice jacket on. Bitch. I want it.

  41. loungechic

    1. ewww to her pantyhose
    2. contrary to popular belief, you’re supposed to wear “nude” bras under white clothes, NOT white… so clearly she knows her bra is like BAMM!
    3. have her boobs gotten bigger or is it me???
    4. WTF is up with her freaky makeup!?!? It looks like she just finished up with a play where she had to have extra to make it show up to the audience from waaaaaaayyyy back in the theater! …Or a clownish prostitute.

  42. hey look, it’s veronica corningstone

  43. sizzy

    Cant she lay off that neonorange stuff in her face, it hurt my eyes!

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