Christina Aguilera wears really small dresses

March 26th, 2007 // 104 Comments

christina-aguilera-back-to-basics-10-thumb.jpg christina-aguilera-back-to-basics-12-thumb.jpg christina-aguilera-back-to-basics-13-thumb.jpg christina-aguilera-back-to-basics-14-thumb.jpg


  1. She has to wear tight dresses to distract from her butt-ugly face.

  2. Newlab

    Jesus..When did she hire a Mortician to do her make-up? She looks like a corpse. I’d still do her though.

  3. Hemlock Queen

    Jeeezus. Scrape off the makeup, take off all of those stupid accessories, and then she’d really be hot.

    And do I see TWO layers of hosiery? Maybe she really is all made out of plastic, and all the extra crap is there to make her look “normal.”

  4. ChicagoEric

    Honestly, if all street walkers looked like that, I’d be broke and probably have various STD’s. She is an anomaly, sometimes she looks Orange, sometimes like Bozo the clown (as seen here), and sometimes she looks classy and hot.

    She must be addicted to COSMO magazine and tries all their beauty secrets at the SAME time.

  5. Pointandlaugh

    1. what the F is up with that turtle-neck thingie that is eating up her neck? horribly ugly.

    2. Also, that belt HAS to go. yuk.

    on the plus side: she can’t take a bad photo — she is HOT. wow.

  6. PrettyBaby

    She’s doing a great job of erasing any doubt that her daddy molested her.

  7. kinah

    I think it’s creepy how her hair doesn’t seem to reflect light anymore. It looks kinda dusty all the time.

  8. leezastudio

    it’s officially retarded to wear a white bra under a white shirt, especially when it’s too freaking big for her tits, stupid dumbass. and hse looks like she rolled around in orange paint , stupid whore

  9. ellie

    Those are actually circus nets. They bottom layer is shimmery and the top layer are skin colored’s so your legs look pretty under the circus lights.

    kinda funny, seeing as mr fish mentioned how good she’d be in the circus..apparently she already has the hoisery down.

  10. appolloblu

    Hey Fish ~ what’s this I hear about Carmen Electra coming out of the closet today?

    Pic #4 shows she has no ass, just one big gapping see-thru hole; hummm inquiring minds ~ anyone?

  11. dirt chicken

    If she’s a prostitute I only have one question …. how much ? I’d split that biatch like wet pine.

  12. YouRang

    Nice tits, whore.

  13. ^Jenna^

    # 18 – yeah, her hair looks plastic. And yellow – but that just matches her skin tone. And what’s with weird brownish-reddish blush. Doesn’t she have a stylist? I look better and I don’t have that much money.

  14. shanonorato

    I think it’s become quite obvious that this girl didn’t get enough attention as a child, or else got TOO much of the wrong attention, as #17 stated. I believe this is a cry for help. All she needs to do now is fart out 2 kids like Britney and she’ll be a has been whore in no time.

  15. daηielle™↵

    Where to begin?

    Ok, first of all, why is her skin the color of a golden retriever?

    2nd, why does her makeup look like she got it as a prize from the inside of a CrackerJack box?

    And 3rd, is that hair on her head, or did she outbid some scumsucker on ebay for Shitney’s leftovers?

    I’m just sayin..

    Oh and lastly, she looks like a used condom. The whole turtleneck thing isn’t working for her.

  16. bedbugsandballyhoo

    She should never wear white. You know that dress will be covered in make-up when she takes it off…and that oil-based caked-on shit never comes out. Just ask any tranny.

  17. cookiepuss

    two words.. Clown Whore

  18. sikofdis

    I’m with #15 & #22. The day she is officially considered to be a whore is the day that I’ll run out to the bank for a second mortgage.

  19. whitegold

    She’s like a really slutty clown, which is very confusing to the senses.

  20. sikofdis

    I’m with #15 & #22. The day she is officially considered to be a whore is the day that I’ll run out to the bank for a second mortgage.

  21. sikofdis

    oops! sorry for the double post…my connection is fucked up today.

  22. BarbadoSlim

    WE GET IT! WE GET IT!!!!, you like living the life of a prostitute, you eat your cereal with jizz in the mornings, you use vaginal fluid to moisturize, you have dildos all over the house WE GET IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Binky

    The last pic in the second row is a bit tacky.
    No one likes their pic taken when they’re waiting in line for the rest room.

  24. Manistoned

    Agreed, clown whore. A tiny little brunette with pale skin and no breasts has become what you now see. Clown whore.

  25. veggi

    crunch crunch crunch, my hair goes crunch. la la la la la de da.

  26. Negatrice

    Two levels of hosiery, but still worst calves and knees.
    Hard to trick your skeleton.

  27. jus'stupid

    She’s hotter than a two dollar pistol.
    She needs a good spanking. Or is it me that needs to spank…

  28. julyper

    picture 9: OMG, her leg is weird…

  29. HughJorganthethird

    She’d be hotter if she were a human.

  30. veggi

    Her legs look like bendy barbi things. benda benda benda.

  31. cookiepuss

    #18. you’re so right. Its like she has plastic muppet hair. classy

  32. DrPhowstus

    C’mon people, how would you feel if your husband looked like a Hasidic Dumbo and made you have sex with a hole cut in the sheet? She’s merely sexpressing herself.

  33. suzy

    her bra is too big for her lol

  34. flavio

    used to just think she was nasty and annoying, but as time has gone by i9′ve come to see that man that chick is fucking HOT! nice ass, jeeeeeezus!

  35. .
    You know, what bad can I say about here when I compare her to Brittney Spears? Might have said something about this outfit last year, but compared to Brittney this chick is the height of Class.

  36. biatcho

    What is with the ginormous cross your heart bra? Fuck, that’s foul. She looks like a caricature of herself.

    Diane Keaton called… she wants her turtle neck back.

  37. jrzmommy♠

    Her poor pores. What?

  38. lovescontroversy1

    it’s just TOO much.
    on the other hand… we really don’t ever see her walking around gas stations without shoes… or shaving her head while picking out tattoo designs from a coloring book… xtina’s problem is she tries too hard.

  39. MrSemprini

    I don’t care what any of you say. I just want to find where she gets the pills that make her look that way. Then, I can slip them into my wife’s bowl of Special K in the morning and I’ll have my own Christina by nightfall. Yeah, baby! That’s the American way!

  40. God she looks whore-able.

    Who decided it was time to bring 80′s hooker back?

  41. veggi


  42. veggi


  43. Hemlock Queen

    ach! I didn’t even notice her bendy barbi legs until #41 said something. I was too busy staring at her bizarro face to then notice the giant hooker heels she’s sporting as well. Eeew.

    Got to agree with #49. She tries too hard. So sad.

  44. Blog Lurker Guy Man Dude

    Hottest Tan in a Can model ever!!!

  45. FRIST!!!

    #7, you are correct. Only I can be FRIST!!!
    All of you can be first.

  46. TheKat

    WoW, those pictures make her look like some cheap hooker waiting on a street corner!!

  47. hdroadkng

    I’d lay my six inches of man meat to that faster than you can say Vienna Sausage

  48. Lowlands

    Hang her a stethoscope around her neck and give her a nursehat to make this outfit complete.Those healthinsurance companies are really doing their best to please the customer.

  49. She looks slutty, yet superB!

  50. bungoone

    yeah, that shirt could be longer to make it an official dress, but at least she’s wearing a bra. otherwise, we’d be telling her to put one on. these celebrities just can’t win!

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