Christina Aguilera wants you to see her mom-ass and other news

June 8th, 2010 // 48 Comments

- Kim Kardashian knows Lara Croft is known for the gigantic ass on her chest not her back, right? [PopEater]

- Sarah Jessica Parker is a fashion icon. Think about that for a moment. [IDLYITW]

- Chris Brown in the Feel Good Story of the Year. [Dlisted]

- Jessica Biel continues to reap the benefits of pretending Justin Timberlake still bangs her. [Lainey Gossip]

- Jenna Jameson does a half-ass job wearing a bikini. [DrunkenStepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Kristin Cavallari does Dirrty Glam. [Popoholic]

- Michael Lohan’s opening a nightclub. Smartest. Idea. Ever. [The Fab Life]

- John Stamos will be on that Glee show. [Just Jared]

- Carrie Underwood has strong, virginal thighs. [Celebslam]

- Rampage Jackson loves gay people, hates straight guys who act like faggots when they see him the club. Got it. [The Blemish]

- Tom Cruise wants to make a Les Grossman movie. Of course. [PopSugar]

- Jon Gosselin caught on tape getting stoned? — Oh, right, the guy who bangs fat chicks on his ATV. Now I remember. [Huffington Post]

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  2. Ryan


  3. Luciana

    She has to report the police that someone stole her ass…

  4. Boknow

    Pic #10 looks like the face she’d make when taking it up her mom-ass

  5. Typical

    Typical American slut. How can a mother act like this? Americans are not responsible, classy, or smart. Model yourself on us. Christina is an irrelevant bitch. Why is she still famous. Like most American girls she is an attention-seeking whore. I bet she sexes everybody even black men. Black men can’t have Asian women. We have standards. American women bed anybody. THey are whores. We, on the other hand, are smart, classy, innocent, modest, kind, and skinny. American girls are fat and ugly. You are hairy. I see black American girls with mustaches and white ones with neck hair and Arabs with back hair.

  6. LBees

    Ugh. Trying to be like Ga.

    She’s posing sooo hard.

  7. GeorgeWBush

    urh….what @ss? I’ve seen more back on an 80 year old with hip replacement…..LBees right, Aguilera, Spears, & Cyrus are just GaGa posers now

  8. Gweb

    I tap that mom ass. BTW, you’re all pieces of shit. Please kill yourselves immediately. Fuck all y’all.

  9. I’m having an increasingly hard time telling the difference between photos of Xtina and Lady Gaga. Also; I just peed my pants a little.

  10. cc

    Hey, Christina, it’s 2010. You are no longer relevant. Put another way, no one gives a shit. See ya, it’s been swell seeing you get faker every year.

  11. Liz

    @ 6

    You are so right. But she was always a poser. She copied Britney years ago, then Marilyn Monroe for some reason, and now GaGa. She has never had her own style or identity. She is simply a has-been and a loser. Her career is over. Why can’t she just go out with some dignity and not pollute the world with more of her crap songs?

  12. Such anger! You all need to eat better food cuz you all are angry. I bet if you think about it, everyone of you are experiencing a physical pain somewhere in your body due to the food you are eating! I would gag just thinking about what your guts must smell like!

  13. I dont really mind Christina’s new look. As for ripping off Gaga, didnt Gaga rip off Madonna circa 1991? I say its open season for anyone to take the skanky blonde look.

  14. KL

    ^Yeah that is true. Gaga is a total Madonna wannabe. So’s this chick. All of ‘em.

  15. @4: Pic #15 too.

    By the way, @6: just where in the fuck are you from? France? Brazil? Spain?

  16. Me La Da

    Black men aren’t the ones dying to date Asians. Its white men. But then again, there is Tiger Woods; whose mom married a black man. And Wesley Snipes who is married to an Asian woman. Go figure?

    Anyhow, if an Asian woman marries a white man, she will have American slut girls who will act more white than Asian. See: Olivia Munn. As its pretty rare to find a half white/ half Asian person, loyal to their Asian roots. So, how exactly are Asians so picky? As the craziest white men and black men, are often married to Asian women. Point being Woody Allen, Wesley Snipes, and Richard “Balloon Boy’s dad” Heene. It seem out of all races, Asian women, who date outside of their race, get the crumbs.

    Ah yeah, about Christina Aguliera. No matter what she wears, her hips always look enormous. She’s a good singer. I just wish she quit trying so hard to be sexy.

  17. Kitty

    GAGA RIP OFF. Seriously she has no identity of her own.

  18. Carolyne

    How about all the Vietnamese (Asian) women who fucked black soldiers during the war? Their children were shunned by the people of Vietnam who only like em pure. So #5, black men certainly can have Asian women. Maybe it’s the men lowering THEIR standards.

  19. Typical


    Those blacks rape Vietnam women. Blacks rape every women. All evil U.S. soldiers rape women when they fight. You destroyed Vietnam and TOOK their women. What did you expect? They had nowhere else to go. You ruined their livelihood. They had no choice but to sex American. Of course their children were shunned they were half black with nappy hair and coal skin. They were not pure, not smart or civilized.

    Asian women have the highest standards. We only date the best successful rich and smart people. Asians, Jew, whites, are all we want. They are all that is worthy. Rest are scum and savage. We steal your worthy men from you because we are more desirable. We have more desirable traits like modesty, intelligence, thin, classy, self-respect, and kind. You American are dumb, fat, and slutty. Nobody wants you. Your men want foreign women. All you can get is losers.

  20. Lauren


    When will Christina realise that she would be more relevent by utilising her talents, rather than pushing her sexuality, which she has been pushing for.. 8yrs now.

  21. kristen

    typical, what does christina’s ass have to do with the argument that asian women are better? i’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you aren’t serious and that your only motive is to stir up a petty argument between people who are sensitive enough to be offended by stupid comments on a celebrity gossip site. seriously people? where is your dignity and self-respect? you’re going to waste your time arguing with a 12 year-old who is clearly trying to get a rise out of you? i would go on but it would be such a waste. wake up people. we’re not in high school anymore. save your arguments for people who are worthy of them and let the assholes live in their own ignorant bliss

  22. FrankNfrtr

    Pic #9 – Just what is going on in the front on those shiny red shorts?
    How far up did she pull those things?

  23. Jon

    I am all for a little anti-American banter but what worries is what the it’s always assumed (or it actually is) Chinese/Asians behind the anti-American comments. It’s a worrying trend.

    Just so we are clear.. there are plenty of reasons for everyone to dislike America, not just the Asian countries. Australians and Europeans have just as many valid reasons as the Chinese do.

    And America does have some good points, but the whored out pop industry is not one of them.

  24. Jon

    I am all for a little anti-American banter but what worries is what the it’s always assumed (or it actually is) Chinese/Asians behind the anti-American comments. It’s a worrying trend.

    Just so we are clear.. there are plenty of reasons for everyone to dislike America, not just the Asian countries. Australians and Europeans have just as many valid reasons as the Chinese do.

    And America does have some good points, but the whored out pop industry is not one of them.

  25. stupid

    In pic#9 is where I would like my face buried instead of those very tight shorts.

  26. turd da third

    This is so boring, I have nothing to say..

  27. captain america

    no no no, THIS MUST BE HER FACE.

  28. Badger Bob

    anyone know what brand of shoes she is wearing in these pix? love the red color on the bottom…

  29. Miss Marple

    Why no mention of the ginormous camel toe in pic 9?

  30. gaga or

  31. babejesus

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  32. I love the outfit and high heels, she’s hot :)

  33. Quit feeding the trolls you dingbats.

  34. so fashion. i lilke the article..

  35. moe

    so does this mean Rihanna (or more to the point defending Rihanna re Chris Brown) can be officially added to the list of “stuff white people like”? i’m pretty sure his only defenders are black men and Mel “i-hate-jews” Gibson.


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  37. bimbamboing

    That ass looks pretty fit.

  38. Rhialto

    Slightly more baby fat desired to my own taste.But it doesn’t hurt my eyes.

  39. bksat

    #19 My uncle (we are Irish American) married a Vietnamese woman he met during the war . SHE pursued HIM. He was just a soldier and did not come from money or successful business family or anything. Our family was lower middle class. She was dying to get out of that shithole Vietnam and they are still together 40 years later.

  40. Deb

    What’s wrong with being a MOM and having a career..hummmmm? I’ve always loved Xtina. She’s beautiful talented and sexy. As for copying anyone, who give a F…K. Everybody does it. You go girl…you’re HOT.

  41. Deb

    Black leather..studs…rings on every finger…glitz and glam..screaming Adam Frigging Lambert to me.

  42. Bunny

    She better buck up to keep up with these idiot whores running the show now. Her voice is still the best.

    What’s that smell?????????? Ohhhhh here’s Typical again. Kimcheeeeee!

  43. Olya

    She has no sence of style.. at all..

  44. east european girl

    dear Typical,
    if you are that classy , intelligent, and so on, you wouldn’t post such offensive comments about other countries. There is a lot of slutty Asian women,don’t tell that America is worst!! i am not American, but i hate hearing such shit . I know lots of Asian woman coming to Europe,they meet men on Internet and they come here to marry, just because for a better life. When i was working in Ireland, i met Thai girl,she was very beautiful,but she married an old, nasty ,ugly and fat man,just because of the money.Do you know how it is called? Prostitution. That’s it. So please,shut up your mouth.

  45. Rick

    WHAT ASS? Flashy red shorts don’t give you ethnic features!

  46. cult of personality

    Right… cause Gaga and Britney are SO ORIGINAL, they didn’t rip off Madonna at all… idiots. Probably 12-year-olds too, maybe that’s why they think Gaga is an innovator and Christina, who’s actually been doing Gaga’s schtick BEFORE Gaga came along, is ripping her off.

  47. myself
    Commented on this photo:

    first again!

  48. krraank
    Commented on this photo:

    i honestly thought she had more ass than this. Maybe this was during her slimmer days.

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