Christina Aguilera wants more babies (Read: Behemoth breasts here to stay)

June 3rd, 2008 // 82 Comments

Christina Aguilera is ready for Baby #2 and plans to turn her uterus into a Sasquatch distribution center, according to The Sun:

When asked if she wants more babies, Christina replied: “Yes, absolutely. Absolutely! Motherhood comes very naturally to me. I think a whole new confidence comes with being a mother. I feel very confident and very sexy as a mother.”

And it’s official: Jordan Bratman’s penis shoots not only sperm but diamond-crusted solid gold bars that also function as a Wii. Ha ha! I knew it! Who’s the crazy one now, field of medicine?


  1. AliCat

    #40- I was just thinking, you know how most new mom’s eventually reach that frazzled state where they just stop wearing make-up? For most people it’s bad but for Christina it would be a huge improvement.

  2. lol@51

    #42/43 titz you wanna try clicking on #20 and re-think that. She got implants a few years ago and now her ‘titz” are even bigger due to pregnancy. SIMPLE FACT.

    #49. Please calm down not hot tranny (ie: Christina Aiguilera herself). I think your shipment of makeup for Wednesday is arriving so you should make yourself useful and help your husband unload those two tractor trailer loads. What am I saying you aren’t useful, you pay people to be useful for you.

  3. dvinedee

    Her tits are fake so of course they are huge. Everyone made such a big f**ckn deal about britney getting implants….well…she got them to and no one said sh*t about it. These celebs are so stupid to think we really believe the bodies they have are actually god given…after these celebs have kids they have their stomach and hips lipo’d …there is no way after having a kid or twins that your tummy is super flat and your tits are nice and full and perky…sorry does not work that way…your boobs will immediately they loose their volume, your tummy muscles are stretched out also…so when u see these stupid celeb moms after giving birth you can thank their plastic surgeons for the way they look. They act like they did it…”oh..I went on a diet” bullcrap…the diet is called PLASTIC SURGERY….

  4. meltedamber

    Who cares! Barbie has fake tits, omg, what a newsflash!!

  5. Barely Stearn

    Between hers and Queen’s I must say that as a breast man this website has fulfilled my every dream. Fish, I love you, man. Now if you’ll all excuse me I am going to take these two posts and the vision of Heidi Montag into the shower to produce my own Mount Vesuvius…

    …and one other thing: Damn you each and every one who bashes the breast implant: In an ugly world filled with strife, hunger, disease, famine, and $4 a gallon gas, and Hillary Clinton, thank God above for the beautiful sight that is a ripe pair of man-made melons that don’t sag, look great in any outfit, and never fail to make me strain at my velcro zipper. In point of fact, I maintain that had Hillary been smart enough to not rely on her innate intelligence, cunning,and gift for oratory and simply gotten a nice pair of perky D-cups she would be in NYC right now getting goosed by Bill whilst proclaiming herself the democratic nominee for President. Apparently Mrs. Clinton failed to read my e-mails and continued to keep counsel with Harold Ickes who told her the D-cups would not be necessary. I’ll bet anyone here a Britney Spears-autographed umbrella that the first woman to win her party’s nomination for President will be sporting a pair of goobs that will make Kim Kardashian look like a flat chested tomboy from the Valley…Are you listening Condi?!

  6. sean

    Just as easy to neglect two, as it is to neglect one.

  7. duckling

    I love her.

  8. yuck yuck

    #55… funny as sh#t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would ask for your hand in marriage except my boobs ain’t much more then a chihuahua’s mouthful..

  9. SIN

    Real, fake, who cares. Just show us your titties!!

  10. Peter

    She is so beautiful!I love her.Maybe many men like her,too.If you want to know her more,you would go to “S e e k i n g R i c h . c o m “.She is also on “S e e k i n g R i c h . c o m “,there are a lot of reports about her.

  11. didyaknow

    Your boobs do grow during Pregnancy -1,2,3 sizes

    No, they dont always turn into flat saggy pancakes after you stop breastfeeding

    You’re allowed to feel sexy and young (glowing) looking when you’re pregnant.

    Some people can afford Sitters.

    How old are you little uneducated boys?

  12. Sex Nuts & Retard Strong

    Why do I feel thirsty all of a sudden…mmm….

  13. Ron

    There is no way she looks at that guy with lust. She doing this to piss someone off. What an ugly bastard with those fish lips.

  14. Mike Rackhabbit

    I wouldnt mind motorboating those E Cups and tossing that sticky salad.

  15. Mike Rackhabbit

    I wouldnt mind motorboating those E Cups and tossing that sticky salad.

  16. pointandlaugh

    I bet it takes her husband 2 hours to change a pillowcase

  17. nikki

    she had implants before morons. and now it’s this plus motherhood breastfeeding breasts that’s why they’re BIGGGGGGGG

    she’s nasty looking now and just looks used because she uses so much make up.

  18. bra expert

    those are TINY Es… she must be wearing a 32 band width.

  19. DR.

    #55. Look good in every outfit, have you clicked on #20? That misshapen nastiness looks good to you???
    I’m all for joking around on this website and while what you wrote is funny, any guy who is all about breast implants is a fucking moron. Do you have any clue about the medical complications they cause; black mould, rupturing, scaring, infection, leaking puss, they can impede breast cancer detection and breast feeding, leaking of the saline or silicone, loss of sensation in breast and they can move around so that you wake up with your fake tit on your shoulder. The breasts can become hard as rocks, women have described the surgery as excruciating and many women still suffer from pain moths after the surgery, children born to women who had breast implants are now having many serious health problems caused by the implants (ex: exposure to mould) and for women with implants there are links to many serious illnesses (autoimmune, central nervous system and systemic).

    So if you want a woman to get breast implants then get a penile implant and deal with the mould, scaring, infection and pain. Because as with breast dicks are never big enough, right?

    This bitch looks like a poor man’s tranny. Click my name.

  20. I'd still take kate hudson over Queen Latifah

    Ladies: stay away from men with breast size OBSESSIONS

    they are likely to :
    be bad in bed
    possible chubby chasers
    have mommy issues.

  21. taint

    #70. Agreed. Men with breast size obsessions are always classless turds. Anyone who doesn’t click on #20 and #69 is a chicken pussy.

  22. taint

    #54. No one would ever make a barbie with such an ugly fucking face. It would scare the shit out of the children. The ant eater has implants and the reason people are harping about it is because some people on the board are stupid enough to think she’s all natural.

  23. whatever

    55 ( hulk hogan or some other idiot white trash )- stop trying to be a writer for the superficial. Only your first paragraph made sense,as Kim K is a full D cup thanks to implants, and with all of her makeup and grooming could never be called a tomboy. I guess you were just kidding.

  24. TITTY Lover

    Christina A makes me want to beat my dick like it owes me money!

  25. Barely Stearn

    #69: Are you kidding me with the medical lecture? Come on pal: I can google botched medical procedures from now until Britney Spears regains her sanity and find page after page of medical procedures gone bad. Procedures that have absolutely nothing to do with breast implants. While you’re bitching about the plague of breast implants infesting our planet PLEASE stop and think about the countless number of women who have had to have breasts removed in fighting breast cancer and were able to have implants that restored their self confidence and their identity as women (THEIR thought process NOT MINE!). What people choose to do with their bodies is THEIR business NOT YOURS. If a woman chooses to get implants and she’s smoking hot then you’re damn right I’m going to look and admire (And most likely DROOL. Full disclosure: I can also be found drooling at girls with hard bodies sporting b-cups!). You realize of course that people like you are the “thought police”: I love a great D-cup so that makes me a bad/shallow person… I love slim, hard female bodies so that makes me hate fat broads… Okay, gotcha’. You know what? Bash me all you want and please feel free to go picket a breast implant manufacturer. But you know what? I resent being called a fucking moron: I prefer the term fucking drooling moron.
    …and here’s something else: I’m hung like a chipmunk – when they perfect the penile implant the way they have perfected the breast implant from what I can see on Christina, Pamela, Heidi, Kim et al you’re goddamn right I’m getting the implant! And I’m going to march right into that doc’s office and asking for the “Christina” model!!!
    #73 – so that you don’t feel left out: Your post indicates a stupidity that defies logic. BUT: Maybe I’m just kidding.

  26. dude

    man he is one lucky troll gettin to motor boat that shit

  27. imagen

    I used to respect her. USED TO. She has a good voice and has always been straight up about being a whore..eerr..I mean not afraid to share her sexuality with people..same difference. I even actually had a tiny girl crush on her, the kind like if I were a guy I’d fuck the shit out of her, put it in her pooper and then kick her out of my bed and never call her again. But I lost all respect for her after I read her article in “People” after she had the baby. She CHOSE to have her son 3 WEEKS PREMATURE just to ensure she could have a c section so her cooch wouldn’t get any bigger than I’m sure it already was. WHAT A SELFISH FUCKING CUNT! There is something that happens when you become a REAL selflessly love your children and would never put them in harms way even if that means putting yourself on the line. These celebretard bitches who get knocked up and then get c sections a month premature so the can avoid stretch marks, getting any bigger and damaging their precious vaginas, only to leave their babies to go clubbing and to make sure they lose all their baby weight in 3 weeks don’t deserve children. Give your children to women who can’t have any and who would be real mothers to them.

    Xtina, please do me some favors:
    -Start being a mom to the baby you already have and if you plan on reproducing again, don’t put your innocent baby in danger because of your own disgusting vanity.
    -stop trying to pretend that you’ve lost your baby weight by breastfeeding alone. Anyone with common sense knows that it is a crock of shit. Yeah, you may be breastfeeding, but your not eating either, and your not doing your baby any favors.

  28. Mutton Chop

    Hmmmm, nummie nummie!

  29. Motherhood looks good on her alright!!!!

  30. I like her so much. She’s so beautifull.

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