Christina Aguilera wants more babies (Read: Behemoth breasts here to stay)

June 3rd, 2008 // 82 Comments

Christina Aguilera is ready for Baby #2 and plans to turn her uterus into a Sasquatch distribution center, according to The Sun:

When asked if she wants more babies, Christina replied: “Yes, absolutely. Absolutely! Motherhood comes very naturally to me. I think a whole new confidence comes with being a mother. I feel very confident and very sexy as a mother.”

And it’s official: Jordan Bratman’s penis shoots not only sperm but diamond-crusted solid gold bars that also function as a Wii. Ha ha! I knew it! Who’s the crazy one now, field of medicine?


  1. havoc

    Them’s some tig ole bitties!


  2. JimmyBachaFungool

    I never cared for her until she had the baby and her body filled out. I’d lick her feet after she walked her pee pee.

  3. Bigheadmike

    Oh Yes!!!!!!!!!

  4. Holy Hellmans

    Jordan Bratman is probably hung like a Sasquatch. Or John Mayer. Or Me. That is the only explanation for Aguilera to marry and have sex with someone who looks like the offspring of a Mon Chi Chi and Walter Mathau.

  5. #4 can I get your phone number??

  6. Niptuck...

    Why is this website pretending that she didn’t get those huge ass implants bolted on post-pregnancy? Are we in denial on this site now?

  7. Jumpin_J

    I’ll say it again because it never gets old… YAAAAY BOOOOBZ!!!!

    (though if she gets any more Botox it’ll be more than just her booobz that won’t move)

  8. Forrest Fordutreese

    Where is their baby?

  9. aja

    Think of how sexy her enormous crusty gummed out salami blotchy purple nipples are…and the stretch marks too!

    I bet her tits sag to her belly when the bra comes off. If they don’t now…give it until she stops breastfeeding and they deflate and die.

  10. hacksaw

    I’d hit it.

  11. IMPLANTS!!! She just wants to preggs again because her boobs grew without the help of a surgeon during her pregnancy. Those GIANT boobs you see are made up of 3 things; small a-b cup natural boobs, a silicone shell and breast milk. Fat, silicone, and milk. YUMMY… *vomits*

  12. Auntie Kryst

    Their kids and its future siblings are so lucky. They get to celebrate Christmas AND Hanukkah..

  13. JKR

    I hate how she acts like her boobs just magically grew because she got pregnant. Give me a fuckin break!!! Your boobs do not grow 4 cup sizes overnight because you have a fucking baby in your stomach. Once you start breastfeeding, they should go down like pancakes. But of course hers are still perfectly perky. GIVE ME A BREAK! Just admit it stankuilera…. YOU GOT A BOOBJOB!

  14. snarky

    she’s so tacky and disgusting. and why doesn’t she cover up that ugly fake rack of hers once in a while; I’m so sick of seeing it out on display! she must really think everyone thinks her nasty purple veiny barney boobed bust is hot; blech!

  15. deacon jones

    Wait a second! Her Jewish husband looks like a Jew..

    1. Short in height, physically weak….check
    2. Small, beady eyes, big nose, lips and ears….check
    3. Self-loathing expression….check!

  16. coming from the mom who schedules when she would like a csetion so her vagina doesn’t get abnormally bigger then it already is

  17. He always looks like he has gas.

  18. eh

    some people like me are lucky i have great size boobs after having my baby yeah they look like hers and mine stayed liked that i was dd be4 baby e while with baby huge while feeding baby, as long as u keep feeding and the milk comes in they keep shame and stay nice. min are still great and i dont have strech marks or purple nipples i have nice pinkish nipples. so just because u say this or u know some one or most people are like….that doesnt mean for every one.

    she looks great with or with out help of a knife

    but he is one ugly mo fo and i wonder what he does to keep her

  19. This woman appears to be the ROLE-MODEL to our dutch PROSTITUTES!!

  20. Here is more proof of undeniable implants. She got implants a few years back, she got preg and they got even bigger end of story.

    Click my name for Christina’s 100% obvious implants.

  21. Randal

    This is certainly good news and not because her natural breasts will remain their current size but rather, because she’s a good person and a good mother.

    Her children will be raised in a loving and musical enviornment, which may certainly spawn some new Aguilera’s for the music industry.

    One is never enough.


  22. 18 Hey girl! I wit u on the commints. My titties still look good. This XTina story funny cuz I want another baby too.

  23. Ted Mosby

    She looks great but imagine her with natural breasts.

  24. Conscience_Found

    The cans are great but her nose appears to be made out of Silly Putty.

  25. Ted from LA

    Mrs. Potato Head.

  26. TO 18.

    Well hun since you are bragging so much about your great breast, do you mind posting a link of some sort for us to view them?

    It would be a nice treat

  27. slushy

    Looking at her is hotter that looking at porn!

  28. Jennifer Hammond

    #18, my breasts were a B cup before baby,after pregnancy I now have D cup. So many women keep bigger breasts after having a child like you and I, but come on, Christina’s rack is obviously fake. And she goes around acting like her milk jugs are the sexiest most natural things in the world. Take a look at her when her career first started, she was barely a B cup if that, then after her Dirrrty era, they magically grew . They look hard fake and gross. Why cant she just admit they are fake? She thinks she is so great, her C section was very vain and she cared more about her va jay jay being stretched out and her husband leaving her for a tighter hole than the safety and health of her baby. She is not that hot, she looks ridiculous with that nasty fake bleached hair and orange skin. I cant stand the rat nosed bitch.

  29. I hate her more than any other celeb

    she is an ugly rat-faced piece of scum. Why is she so disgusting and obnoxious. She reminds me way to much of drag queens that decide to change their sex… only not as sweet and desperate to be accepted by society…. for some reason she feels her freaky, uneducated, trampy, crooked lookin self is better than everyone.

  30. I hate her more than any other celeb

    wow. I swear I am not number 28, but we kind of think a like… but I thought she admited to the breast implants during her stripped tour. A portion of the tour was post poned due to her plastic surgery.

  31. Father of the Smear

    #15 you forgot

    4. 10x richer and more successfull than me with a hot big titted wife…check!

  32. VA Jayt Jay


  33. well

    big tits. if thats all it takes to be a prize, surely dog the bounty hunter is more blessed than jordan bratman.

  34. tiffany

    Why? She can’t even stay out home with the baby she already has! And on top of it, she needs to go home and wash her face! And those boobs are disgusting and were fake to begin with, so that is just enhanced silicone right there! Throw away the flourescent makeup and be natural! Stop looking like a hooker and respect yourself Xtina. Looking like a tramp doesn’t make you sexy. So stop trying!

  35. Trover

    This chick sucked off Carson Daley and Fred Durst at MTV studios and started a fight over it. I mean, classy. Glad to see she hasn’t changed. She just added more trashy to her collection is all.

  36. Casey

    Yeah, because she already spends so much time with the kid she has now.

  37. Sofia

    Hi looks like a normal dude… what does he see in her?? She’s like a really bad sex doll (one with an annoying voice!!)

  38. VANITY

    Oh I just love these vain bitch celebs and by love I mean HATE like a bastard. No matter what question they are asked they find a way to make it about how so called attractive or sexy they are or somehow about themselves, their ego’s need constant stroking, it’s pathetic.

    Hey Xtina do you want more children?
    Of course motherhood makes me feel so sexy.

    Hey Alba how do you like being pregnant?
    I love it my face is so full I look like a 16 year old again. (she said that)

    All the guy who got Megan Fox to say she wants to have sex 24/7 and never leave the house asked her was if she was having a nice evening.


    These bitches cannot speak one sentence without complimenting themselves and EVERYTHING somehow related back to themselves “I’m voting for sure because being informed makes me feel sexy”. “I’m working on a new album and it’s going to be so sexy”, “I’m in a new movie and I play this super sexy woman” “I’m going to the bathroom because relieving myself makes me feel sexy”. FUCKING GET OVER YOURSELVES YOU VILE WHORES.

  39. A sasquatch distribution centre LOL, you mean she’s making the mascots for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, awww that’s nice of her way to support the athletes skank.

    Seriously one of the mascots for the 2010 Olympics is a sasquatch called Quatchi. I hear he was designed after Xtina’s hubby, but they actually made the mascot cute as to not scare the kids, the same thing could not be accomplished with Bratman for the sake of Xtina’s poor child. The plastic surgeons who tried are still in mental institutions screaming “make it go away”.

    Click my name to see the little sasquatch mascot.

  40. cookie

    It’s amazing she has any time left over for that kid , with the hours she must spend on her makeup alone .She looks like a tranny

  41. LL

    She looks like a clown hooker. Or a hooker clown. Not sure how that goes, exactly.

    And I also love how celebrities talk about how “confident” they feel after having a kid. You know how regular (ie, most people, who can’t afford nannies) chicks feel after having a kid? Tired.

    Also, why do celebrities (well, it’s not only celebrities, but they do say it a lot) think that being “confident” is some super duper accomplishment? If I thought most celebrities were capable of it, I’d think they deliberately come up with dumbfuck answers to the dumbfuck questions they get asked just to amuse themselves.

  42. titz

    i grew 2 cup sizes with pregnancy and I am a skinny lanky BIATCH, just like she was. those ain’t implants. although once she stops breastfeeding, they may turn in to flapjacks :(

  43. titz

    i grew 2 cup sizes with pregnancy and I am a skinny lanky BIATCH, just like she was. those ain’t implants. although once she stops breastfeeding, they may turn in to flapjacks :(

  44. butterfly

    I just don’t like her very much. She comes off as such a snooty biotch. She’s like 1/3 woman, 1/3 clown & 1/3 scarecrow.

    Even with her bad attitude & scary appearance, the girl can SING. I just wish we could only HEAR from her and not have to SEE her.

  45. “I feel so sexy as a mother.” Or whatever she said. I’m not scrolling back up!

    What a great reason to breed.

  46. “I feel so sexy as a mother.” Or whatever she said. I’m not scrolling back up!

    What a great reason to breed.

  47. my comment

    Look at their outfits. Imagine they are your parents.

    His t-shirt with a rabbit on it. Her leggings, blue pumps and leopard bra. Not to mention the screaming pink lipstick, orange skin and neon yellow hair.

    I like Christina. I think she’s cute, implants and all. But darling, ditch your stylist please!

  48. liz

    i have the same bra as her :)
    from victoria secrettt
    just noticed that haha

  49. not hot tranny


  50. 1hotmama

    i think that she is a bad mother leaving her baby at home while she gets her drink and party on that just amazes me i have a 5 month old and i love him so much and i could never just leave him to go out to a club i dont think she should have anymore kids

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