Christina Aguilera is cleavagey

September 2nd, 2008 // 64 Comments

Christina Aguilera took her breasts out for a walk today while visiting in New York City. Last night she cleverly used infant son Max Liron to ward off paparazzi. I feel sorry for the kid but not because he’s a human shield. The little tyke must sit around all day staring at his parents, thinking “How the hell do I even exist? These two? Intercourse? Ha! I’m adopted. Oh, shit, she’s trying to suffocate me with her chest balloons again. For the last time I’m lactose intoler- help! Oxygen low… Brain cells fading… NASCAR suddenly more interesting….”


  1. lollero

    well, you guys are just jealous because THAT kid gets his HANDS and MOUTH on those puppies EVERY DAY.

    none of you EVER will.

    goes specially to you mr superpissalla.

  2. gross

    she looks disgusting, like a witch with that big nose and stringy hair.
    her legs are hideous.

  3. that baby is ugly

  4. Cheap and gross

    ……….there are special “homes” for ex-prostitutes?

  6. Neil

    She looks like a whore I picked up on Sunset Blvd.

  7. Wendy

    She dresses like a celebrity with no talent, like a cheap whore, and she has a nice voice. It is too bad she just does not get it.

  8. Randal

    As always Christina, you come out on top, like a cherry on ice cream and no doubt, you go down just as smooth.

    The red of your lips clash well with the green of your dress, accenting other parts of your deadly form.

    Congratulations on the growing family and hope to see you on stage … singing of course … soon.


  9. Prof

    OKAY now this is my kinda MILF! No offense to the post menopause crowd or the men that love them.

  10. sick

    57- what else did you pick up.

    who thinks this rat face with white hair and deformed legs looks good? She looks like she crawled out of a crack den. her kid looks evil.

  11. Beach Bunny

    hahahaha the baby looks like Rodney Dangerfield!!!
    Her husband is a dark featured jew with dark eyes & hair & even though she has blond hair and blue eyes-> she is still HALF hispanic.

    How the hell does this kid not have anything like the father? He doesn’t even have his the BONE STRUCTURE.
    I think this SLUT cheated! You can clearly tell.

  12. Tha Gahbawr

    Not the boobs; the legs.
    She’s got the most unorthodox legs in the universe (not classically shapely, a bit bowed…) but I’d still wrap’em things around my neck without a second thought.

  13. cookiepuss

    she looks classy as always

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